September 19, 2008

If… you're drinking Bacardi

Between about 1985 and 1995 or so, I went to the cinema a lot. Like, every week, and twice a week as often as not. After ‘95, my circumstances and those of my friends started to change, and my enthusiasm waned. But one thing I remember as clearly as any one of the hundreds of films I saw is this:-

It had an extraordinarily long run, and while I started out indifferent to its charms, the endless repetition eventually seared it into my consciousness, and, more weirdly, my affections. It’s presumably intended to be aspirational, to tantalise its audience with the possibility that one day it might be them on a tropical island sitting in a bar with the sleeves of their white jacket rolled up, prior to leaping into their speedboat back to their, er, other tropical island.

That’s Nicholas “Hazell” Ball doing the voiceover, and even before I eventually tracked down the video, I could recite it word for word:-

Peckham, on a wet Saturday afternoon…
Next door’s budgie…
Auntie Beryl…
The Dog and Duck, down the high street… (or more accurately, “dahn the ‘igh street”)
Catching the last bus home…
If… you’re drinking Bacardi.

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  1. Kithran

    There were different versions as well – the uni film socitey managed to get hold of the scottish version (things like auntie morag).

    09 Oct 2008, 18:06

  2. milo

    I loved these adverts, reminds me of my youth, sitting in the cinema. Great advert! Thanks for the memories.

    22 Oct 2008, 08:26

  3. Jonathan Cowan

    Hi there

    I was sitting looking out at the dreary weather and thought of this ad. A google search took me to this site. How brilliant you put it up! Only problem is I can’t open the ad – central spinning logo ad just keeps going around. Do you have another link atg all?

    How about the Silk Cut one – black tribesman – ’ and for those really stubourn stains!’

    Kind regards


    01 Nov 2008, 16:08

  4. John Dale

    Not sure what I can suggest if the video doesn’t play, I’m afraid; it works fine for me. Perhaps you need Flash, or a newer version of Flash, installing on your computer?

    03 Nov 2008, 12:08

  5. Bernie

    The music and the style of this ad brings it all back; lost days thanks for the nostalga

    03 Dec 2008, 23:01

  6. Tim

    Hi – I’ve been intermittently banging on about this advert to my wife since it left our big screens and have been sad enough to google ‘bacardi dog duck’ and found this link. I hate Bacardi – it just makes me want to go to the cinema. Classic. Is this from Youtube? Can I download it from somewhere?
    Thanks again.

    03 Dec 2008, 23:06

  7. Derek

    HI Tim – I had the same problem – here’s the youtube url:


    13 Feb 2009, 06:53

  8. Jacqueline Hodgson

    Aaaah, that 1980s sophistication, I love it! Something about that slow motion white linen dash along the jetty…! Good call!

    24 Mar 2009, 15:47

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