July 14, 2006

Heat Vision and Jack

Writing about web page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lWgXDOAJ5s

What if I told you that there was a TV series starring Jack Black as a super–intelligent renegade astronaut and Owen Wilson as the voice of his talking motorcycle? If I added that the villain of the show was played by Ron Silver playing himself as a dual–identity bad guy and that the whole thing was written by Ben Stiller, well, I'm pretty sure you'd want to see it, right? I mean, talking motorcycle? Owen Wilson? Jack Black? If you aren't the least bit curious about what it would be like then modern culture has passed you by and you should move along.

If you haven't moved along, here's the 30 minute pilot. Enjoy: it's clearly the greatest pilot ever made, with easily the best opening credits of all time. Oh, and Mat, if you're reading this, cancel your vacation, come back and implement the [media] keyword right now so I can have this piece of wonderment here on my blog so that people can gaze in awe upon it.

And remember: it's okay to be frightened, aroused, or even entertained.

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  1. Nick

    By "implement", you mean "wait for Nick to write it on SiteBuilder and then steal the code" :)

    15 Jul 2006, 00:01

  2. Nick

    I just watched it; it's ace. Like the American "Garth Marenghi's Darkplace".

    15 Jul 2006, 00:35

  3. Now, I would argue that large parts of modern culture have in fact passed me by altogether – I just get scraps from the table of contemporary cultural cross–references. However, this time Mr Dale you have picked an absolute winner. Just outstanding from start to finish! And Ron – as Ron! Inspired.

    15 Jul 2006, 08:08

  4. John Dale

    steal the code

    Aha. Posted in nice time to catch the "just back from the pub" crowd, I see… ;–)

    15 Jul 2006, 10:07

  5. John Dale

    Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

    It's true, and what tickles me about that slightly is that one of the things that's sometimes said about GMD is that it's very English; you wouldn't see an American show like that. Of course, in another sense that's absolutely true; the show never got past the pilot stage, because the executives who saw it hated it from start to finish.

    15 Jul 2006, 10:09

  6. John Dale

    Ron – as Ron!

    I think Ron should always play villains; he's a natural for them. Whenever I see him in West Wing I can't help remembering the Ron from Timecop and Blue Steel and I feel like I want to warn the other characters that even if he seems charming, he's certain to pull out a gun and shoot one of them in the head at an unexpected moment.

    15 Jul 2006, 10:12

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