February 19, 2006


Writing about web page http://www.despair.com/viewall.html

Click to visit Despair.comYou know those supposedly motivational posters that say things like "You will never know what you can achieve unless you try" and "If you are not living on the edge, you are taking too much room"? At best they're irritating, at worst a waste of space.

Fortunately there is an antidote: Despair.com makes posters and other stuff with what we might fairly call demotivational messages which are much more appealing. As well as the example shown here, some other quotes I enjoyed included:-

  • Incompetence: When you earnestly believe you can compensate for a lack of skill by doubling your efforts, there's no end to what you can't do.

  • Meetings: None of us is as dumb as all of us.

And in a nice pop at the market that they're satirising:-

  • Motivation: If a pretty poster and a cute saying are all it takes to motivate you, you probably have a very easy job. The kind robots will be doing soon.

Amusingly, I notice that this brand of anti-motivational material is now so popular that if you do a Google search for motivational posters then Despair.com rather than any of the designers that they're lampooning is the first result.

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  1. Hehe I enjoyed them. But Something Awful went there before and came up with even better gems :P. In fact, the sign at the top of their page with the slogan:

    Potential: Not Everyone Gets to Be an Astronaut When They Grow Up seems to be directly lifted from Here

    But some of my favourite ones are:

    • Famous scene from Empire Strikes Back. "DENIAL: Because if he's not really your father, you can keep doing your sister."

    • Razor blade hanging over a wrist. "DEPRESSION: Make it all go away"

    • A picture of Einstein: "GENIUS: If he was so smart, then how come he's dead?"

    • A picture of Hawking: "PRIORITIES: If you're so smart, why can't you make yourself walk?"

    • Someone going through physio. "DETERMINATION: Just keep trying. And maybe one day, just like Christopher Reeves, you will be able to move your finger."

    Anyhow go to Something Awful for the full whammy :D.

    19 Feb 2006, 22:51

  2. naz

    "Leaders are like eagles. We have none of them here." Just makes me roll in the aisles. My mate and I printed a few long ago from despair, for the walls of our business school.

    21 Jun 2006, 13:14

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