June 10, 2004

Big Cook, Little Cook

Writing about web page http://www.richardherring.com/warmingup/warmingup.php?id=572

Those readers with young children who like (or are unhealthily obsessed) with the children's show Big Cook, Little Cook should read Richard Herring's surreal, rambling, deeply funny review of the show immediately. Are adults really allowed to mock children's entertainment this heartlessly?

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  1. Perhaps small cook is actually merely the next step along from BonsaiKitten. BonsaiCook!

    10 Jun 2004, 21:21

  2. Steven Carpenter

    As I said in my blog entry recently – it's crap. Excellent review though…

    10 Jun 2004, 21:33

  3. Likkle

    Excellent review! Leave off Big Cook Ben though…he's the only bit of 'talent' on kids tv for us mums! I see he has moved his marvellous acting ability onto Hollyoaks now..maybe he'll kill them all off while singing the 'clean up tidy up' song…..we can only hope.

    26 Aug 2004, 19:57

  4. John Dale

    > he's the only bit of 'talent' on kids tv for us mums!

    You might think that, but it turns out that mums spend a surprising amount of time discussing such matters

    27 Aug 2004, 10:05

  5. donna

    does anyone know where i can buy a big cook little cook dvd or video my nephew who is 2 is mad on the program please email me

    13 Sep 2004, 09:29

  6. lisa

    my son connor absolluty loves big cook little cook he dances at all the songs they sing and he does all the actions. please let me know of any dvds aswel

    17 Sep 2004, 16:21

  7. laura

    i would like you to send me an email to see if you can buy big cook little cook on dvd or video

    20 Sep 2004, 16:15

  8. Michelle Olden

    I want a Big Cook Little Cook Video/DVD too – So if the BBC haven''t made one yet they'd better hurry up!!

    PS it's fab viewing – wish I didn't have to rush off to work!!

    30 Sep 2004, 17:02

  9. Noel

    please reply as to wether you can buy big cook little cook on video or dvd.

    08 Oct 2004, 12:28

  10. John Dale

    There are no Big Cook, Little Cook DVDs or videos available right now.

    08 Oct 2004, 13:00

  11. Linda Smith

    I'm not looking for the videos or DVD's of Big Cook Little Cook, but I am looking for the big Cook Little Cook Cookery Book. Would like to know if they're on sale in the book shops. If so, where. Can't seem to find them. My son would love one, as he loves the recipes.
    Many thanx and kind regards.

    13 Oct 2004, 15:07

  12. John Dale

    I don't think there's a book you can buy, but there is a page on the CBeebies web site which lists the recipies. You could print out the ones you like and bind them up into a book if you liked, I suppose.

    13 Oct 2004, 15:50

  13. bert

    i think big cook is hot hot hot…but little cook is way hotter in a ginger elf sort of way…his elf shoes and his dancing…wow….hot!

    20 Oct 2004, 17:59

  14. lauren

    I think little cook was cloned from my RE teacher! It's a great show, i watch it every day!

    29 Oct 2004, 23:04

  15. laura ~C~

    i met big cook and little cook when i was on holiday they were really nice and friendly an they are both very nice looking aswell i even had my picture taken with them i would buy the dvd and the cook book if they brought one out

    30 Oct 2004, 18:20

  16. Dee

    Hi, Big cook little cook is possibly the best t.v programme out. I am very pleased to hear other mums are finding them attractive to, i thought it was just a weird phase i was going through.
    Again please if anyone hears where we can buy dvds and vids pls e mail me.

    30 Oct 2004, 20:45

  17. Paprika

    I luv big cook little cook!!!i watch it like all the time!

    01 Nov 2004, 13:29

  18. Saint

    I'm good friends with Little Cook, him and Big Cook are two of the funniest guys you will ever meet. Check out their stand-up comedy gigs under the name of "Electric Forecast". Also see them on Soccer AM on saturday mornings.

    02 Nov 2004, 19:32

  19. paula

    hi i also need to find big cook little on dvd my little girl is 18 months old and watches it every time it is on its repeated 3 times aday and she still watches the repeats so please bbc get this programme out on dvd and video so all us mums can get it for our children thanks Paula

    03 Nov 2004, 16:29

  20. Andy

    I am a student at university in Wales, and whether or not young kids like "BCLC", my housemates and i think its great enterttainment.
    Cleverly filmed, bright, colourful, and fun.
    By no means is it crap.
    Its amazing.

    04 Nov 2004, 17:32

  21. sharon

    have any dvds or videos been brought out yet? or the cook book? its fun for everyone!!!! Thanks

    10 Nov 2004, 00:42

  22. Ben


    15 Nov 2004, 08:30

  23. Ben

    Sorry, little fell onto "enter" before I could tell you the above link is for a DVD!, the little monx! ho ho ho

    15 Nov 2004, 08:31

  24. Julie

    Thanks Ben. Unfortunately this DVD is not released until March 2005.

    16 Nov 2004, 13:09

  25. deb

    I too am looking for the DVD as my little one adores the programme. I decided to look on Ebay and there is a seller on there selling 3 for £11.00 each. I was tempted to buy but I am not sure if they are original as I cant find them in any well known retailers.

    16 Nov 2004, 23:06

  26. Lauren

    me and my mate jeanette here in german! we wish we were watchin big cook little cook!

    17 Nov 2004, 15:07

  27. linzi

    hey im 14 and me and my mate LOVE watching big cook little cook! we never miss an episode! Just for you to know, its not just mums that think that big cook and little cook are attractive, so do us teenagers! If anyone has any tidy looking pictures, please could you send us a link? Thnx!!

    17 Nov 2004, 22:46

  28. gus


    the dvds on ebay arent official releases they are most likely just recorded straight off the tv. I know that a dvd of this series is really sought after but the person selling these dvds is breaking the law. It'll be better waiting for the official dvd to be released than buying a poor quality pirate copy.

    18 Nov 2004, 10:14

  29. Lauren

    hey linzi! Im 14 too, such a shame i have to run off to school and cant watch all of big cook little cook! Its on in the afternoons, thank goodness! I have been looking for pics of them but all I can find are those freaky cartoons from cebeebies. If i see one ill send a link. XXX Lauren XX

    19 Nov 2004, 12:21

  30. deb

    Thanks Gus

    Will definately wait until March I think and buy the real thing.

    19 Nov 2004, 23:13

  31. Will Ed Smith


    Yeah!!!!! DVD release, amazing! Preorder now. Dude, Big cook Little cook RULES! I'm 16 and me and my friends watch it with some munchies. Perfect

    21 Nov 2004, 17:16

  32. Sarah

    We all love Big Cook Little Cook in our house (although, I have to say I find Little Cook very disturbing).
    The prog is very entertaining and it encourages my 2 kiddy winks to tidy up the bits and bobs, the things that help us do our job. And our pots and pans don't smell!!!!!

    22 Nov 2004, 14:19

  33. Lauren

    DVD power!!!! Its out in March right? My bday is in April, I know what's on my wishlist!

    22 Nov 2004, 18:34

  34. Nicola

    My son is 2 and he luv's big cook little cook I am quite entertained with the programme as well.

    22 Nov 2004, 22:02

  35. Sal

    Ben may be so named as he is BIG Ben as opposed to Small..just a thought!

    25 Nov 2004, 12:03

  36. Lauren

    Did anybody see todays episone? it was freaky

    25 Nov 2004, 21:44

  37. daniel

    this is freaky! my sister told me i liiked like little cook, i thought nothing of it, but 2 weeks later, i went to wales, and people said the same! so i have threatened to get a yellow shirt, l.brown dungarees and a blue overoat, ant to grow my hair ling, and dye it red :)

    ill show them! calling me little cook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26 Nov 2004, 09:40

  38. Emma

    I've read all emails and am waiting til March for the DVD for my daughter, in the meantime, does anyone know where I can get ANY 'BCLC' merchandise from for Xmas??

    28 Nov 2004, 23:26

  39. Cas

    Just to add my bit. All 3 of my kids are crazy about Big Cook Little Cook. Even myself and hubby hum the tune. At work the other night I found myself singing to myself "Big Cook, LIttle Cook, welcome to our cafe la la la". Help.

    30 Nov 2004, 11:01

  40. Sal

    Humpty Salad, as fed to Humpty Dumpty by the cooks, contains…..EGGS! Surely this is not only cannibalism but endangers the future health of eggs in the light of BSE?

    30 Nov 2004, 15:39

  41. Gemma

    hey all, my son who's 2 loves big cook little cook, we sit there and wath it 3 times a day (8, 12 then 4) cant wait for the dvd!
    what was you on about above saying big cook has moved to hollyoaks? has he really? does that mean no more new episodes of big cook little cook :(
    Gem x

    03 Dec 2004, 15:45

  42. emma

    Me again, any clues on any sort of merchandise before xmas???

    03 Dec 2004, 21:05

  43. sharon birch

    Ive been looking for it on dvd,can someboby tell me were i can get it from,please.Me and my son Joshua love the show.Also would like to buy the cook book.

    05 Dec 2004, 17:26

  44. JOANNE

    I have also been looking for Big Cook Little Cook merchandise. Where can we buy it

    08 Dec 2004, 11:25

  45. A.J

    It ain't just u mums who fancy big cook Ben, even me a Gay man take a fancy to him.

    08 Dec 2004, 23:21

  46. emma

    Still no luck with merchandise b4 xmas.
    Why not wrap up a wooden spoon, I could not wait til xmas, my mum had a giant one from algarve, 2yr old daughter riding it around the living room, loving it! what a great stocking filler! Add 2 jayclothes for cleaning, who needs the marketing experts hey!

    09 Dec 2004, 20:44

  47. Donna

    Wow! I'm so pleased that other people love this show as much as I do! :-) Yes, I know, I'm a 23 year old woman, I should be doing something more productive, but hey! ;-) I don't even have a child to use as an excuse for watching it, but my cat enjoys sitting down with me whilst I do all the actions, so that's how I justify myself….

    I'm forever singing the "Tidying Up" song and never miss an episode, these guys rock and I can't wait for the DVD next year. I do find "Ben" a little disturbing and often quite rude to "Small", but it never fails to entertain me! Feel free to get in touch to chat about it more ;-)
    Little cook to the rescue!! xxxxx

    09 Dec 2004, 23:23

  48. laura s

    i think Big cook is heightist, small cant help his growth was stunted, opressors like Ben should not make him feel inadequet

    10 Dec 2004, 20:33

  49. mickey

    i love big cook little cook, and i do agree with the comments made by the report, but i find the show good fun and i watch it every day through chioce, it is on like 4 times a day and i watch 3 of these in a day because one of them is on at 3 in the morning and i cant get up that early, hehehe.

    10 Dec 2004, 20:37

  50. candice g

    i love big cook ben and little cook small-they are fantastic
    i would love to go to their cafe so if any one knows where it is e-mail me
    p.s im 13 years of age- LOL

    14 Dec 2004, 19:35

  51. Sal

    Perhaps we should all get together and do a Big Cook Little Cook flash mob for Christmas. Sing all the songs, do all the actions, then maybe go to a caff somewhere?

    15 Dec 2004, 12:45

  52. fi

    u can get big cook little cook books and dvds from the bbc shop

    Big Cook, Little Cook: Welcome To Our Cafe
    Details to follow… more this is £9.99

    go to the site and type in big cook little cook in the search box my 2 youngest love the programme

    15 Dec 2004, 23:06

  53. Lauren

    can u buy big cooks big cook book?

    17 Dec 2004, 13:15

  54. karen

    My son is 2 and he is addicted to Big Cook, Little Cook. Where can I buy the video, is it out now?

    20 Dec 2004, 14:16

  55. Emmy

    Big cook little cook rocks!! Its a great programme for little kids and adults, im 16 yrs old nd im hooked i love it, i get called sad for liking it but i see now i ent because theres so many people out there that love the programme too.
    I love Small i think hes so funny, both small and ben make a great team.

    20 Dec 2004, 16:42

  56. carey kallagan and georgia gillard

    tidy up the bits and bobs the things that help us do our jobs…..................FANTASTIC!!!!!my 18 month old son kallagan loves the show but i must admit i think i like it a bit more than he does!ha ha

    23 Dec 2004, 20:03

  57. rebecca and micky

    it is not good because it don't tell u how to make omlettes please can u ask big cook and little cook to say how to make omlettes on there next show PLEASE WITH CHERRYS ON TOP

    29 Dec 2004, 17:14

  58. bob and julie

    do you have a cd album out on sale

    29 Dec 2004, 17:18

  59. secretbecca

    i think big cook little cook rocks because i love therer song after they have cooked i love BIG COOK LITTLE COOK

    30 Dec 2004, 09:54

  60. Lauren

    My cable broke and I couldn't watch on cebeebies!! It was hell but jeanette told me it was on channel 2 at 7am! Thanks loads and loads Jeanette!!!

    01 Jan 2005, 20:26

  61. rocky

    i love bclc

    11 Jan 2005, 18:50

  62. rocky

    i certinly agree with anyone who thinks big cook benis hot hot hot i watch bclc all the time its the best program in the world

    11 Jan 2005, 19:07

  63. Jim

    big cook little cook is amazin. But why does ben have to say "The oven is HOT HOT HOT" every few minutes. still great though

    15 Jan 2005, 00:20

  64. John

    Phew!! I thought I was odd, watching bclc as a grown adult with no kids – but stumbling accross this forum I'm reassured that I'm not the only one. My girlfriend is pleased that I now wash and scrub the pots and pans – ready for use another day (although she wishes I didn't have to sing the tidying up song while I did it…)

    This show reminds me of all the kids programmes that were around in the 70's… Pure Genius!

    I think big cook Ben is justified in being rude to Small – especially when he is being naughty…

    15 Jan 2005, 15:56

  65. rocky

    if anyone has a question like can ben and small say how to make omlettes they can ask at
    ben and small
    big cook little cook

    po box 1234
    w12 6wx

    15 Jan 2005, 19:36

  66. madnat

    could anyone tell us where we can find photos of big cook little cook when they are not in there outfits we also have a secret fetish for the ginger ninja and his giant friend

    18 Jan 2005, 16:41

  67. rocky

    Try searching for Electric Forcast.Ther'es probably some photos of Ben and Small when they're not in the act.

    18 Jan 2005, 19:21

  68. Dave

    I have hours and hours of BCLC on DVD if any one needs some we could sort something out I'm sure.
    I use it for the DVD player in the back of the car, its brilliant its like driving a two seater now there is not a sound from the back ha ha

    18 Jan 2005, 19:49

  69. farren

    we love big cook ben!!! he is absolutly goregeouse. but we cant find any pictures of him :-( xx

    19 Jan 2005, 09:17

  70. rocky

    I agree

    19 Jan 2005, 19:01

  71. rocky

    While everyones waiting for a BCLC DVD, you can record it straight from CBeebies.As for pictures,you could photo the TV if Electric Forecast fails.

    19 Jan 2005, 19:06

  72. becky

    BIG COOK LITTLE COOK IS THE BEST PROGRAMME EVER! The continuity is really bad though! Has anyone made anything from the show? i have ! Clown cheesecake , gingerbread men and a couple more , quite delicous! I think its goood how they make children explore different foods , like the tiger sushi ! My mum watches it aswell before i go to school ! My cousin watches it all the time !

    22 Jan 2005, 16:39

  73. Lauren

    I showed big cook little cook to my cousin who is german and she was singing the songs for days even though she had know idea what they meant! They should subtitle/dub BCLC and show it all round the world.

    23 Jan 2005, 15:56

  74. Bexter

    Hi Has anyone made anything from the show?

    23 Jan 2005, 16:00

  75. rocky

    Not yet.I might do soon though.they all look nice,especially Pumpkin Pie.Every else says it looks horrible,but only because they think i'm sad watching it.

    23 Jan 2005, 19:04

  76. Bexter

    I know they all look soooooo nice! i have tried the clown cheesecake it was really nice ! I made it with my cousin! she actually ate it ! hehe

    23 Jan 2005, 19:44

  77. Bexter

    If u want pics of ben and small in real life then go onto google and type in Electric Forcast

    23 Jan 2005, 20:02

  78. Bexter

    Sorry to keep posting messages but i found out that on Mondays on Channel 5 their is a programme that they are on its called 'so last week ' on at 11pm or summin lol to late for me !!!!!

    23 Jan 2005, 20:05

  79. rocky

    Cool. I might stay up for it.Thats one of the reasons why people call me'Crazy BCLC Fan'.I can't get enough of Ben and Small.

    24 Jan 2005, 19:10

  80. midge

    At last!!!! www.bbcshop.com are releasing Big Cook, Little Cook on the 21st March 2005. You can pre-order now, and the DVD alone is under £11. The VHS £9.99.

    Im putting my order in now…cant wait

    26 Jan 2005, 10:52

  81. rocky

    I'll buy it.Might be waiting outside a shop in the middle of the night to get it first.

    26 Jan 2005, 19:01

  82. Jade

    I love little cook Small.. He is the icing on my cake :P

    28 Jan 2005, 15:59

  83. rocky

    The icing on your cake!It must be orange icing,like his hair.He's got very unique hair…..okay,I know I'm being an idiot…

    28 Jan 2005, 20:22

  84. spinny

    big cook little cook is fab,,love watching it with my kid,and love big cook ben ,,,
    thing is i been a fan off these 2 b4 i saw big cook little cook,both a comedy act duo called
    electric forecast,,has any one seen em.

    28 Jan 2005, 21:10

  85. Bexter

    I must say i really fancie trying that tiger sushi!!!!! anyone have any favourites they would like to try ?

    29 Jan 2005, 15:38

  86. yvonne

    my 3 and2 year old boys love big cook little cook so much that they dance 2 all there songs 2.my 10 month old baby girl also dances 2 there songs so ill have 2 get the dvd i love the program 2.it's good when little cook wizzes off 2 find something it shows the children and the parent how something is made.

    30 Jan 2005, 01:04

  87. Lauren

    Did you know that Big Cook was in Hollyoakes a bit ago? How cool is that?!?!

    30 Jan 2005, 16:16

  88. Bexter

    that is cool! check out on google electric forcast

    30 Jan 2005, 16:23

  89. SARAH


    30 Jan 2005, 17:29

  90. rocky

    As I said before, that's true.

    01 Feb 2005, 19:52

  91. rocky

    I'd love to see Ben and Small's comedy act.
    Best BCLC recipes:
    Pumpkin Pie
    Moon Rocks
    Duck Dippers
    (I think)

    01 Feb 2005, 19:58

  92. Looby

    My 10 month old daughter LOVES Big Cook, Little Cook, but not as much as me. They are hilarious! I can't get their cheesy songs out of my head. I do think Big Cook is a little bit camp I have to say. Easily the best programme on TV!

    02 Feb 2005, 12:58

  93. Rachael

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find pictures of Big Cook, Little Cook? I have triplet nephews who love the show and their birthday is coming up soon so I wanted to make them a card with pics of the show!

    02 Feb 2005, 15:52

  94. clare

    I have just searched on the internet for big cook little cook as my son watches it all the time and i thought i had seen them before.
    i was watching Soccer AM on sky sports and i saw them on there for the yorkie advert.
    my partner does not believe me that its them.
    has anyone else seen them on it. (i said to him little cook is actually bigger in person)

    02 Feb 2005, 16:46

  95. rocky

    Looby, what's so camp about Big Cook Ben? I'm acting in his defence…..
    By the way, it is Ben and Small on those adverts.

    02 Feb 2005, 19:33

  96. Sophia

    Well, you CAN get a Big Cook Little Cook DVD it comes out March 21. link

    I just wish it was coming out before my visit to the US, so I could bring it with the portable DVD player. My 2 year old loves the show.

    05 Feb 2005, 09:08

  97. Bexter

    hi i can't get over that when i switched on bbc2 today for BLLC that it wasn't on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    whats up with that :S

    07 Feb 2005, 15:58

  98. Rach

    Wow! I love this show, i watch it all the time!! I think its great for kids but even better for us mums who watch it! I been looking for some pictures of them but i cant seem to find any :-( any ideas anyone? I tried the cbeebies site but the pics are rubbish lol

    07 Feb 2005, 16:27

  99. paige

    ive been on the web and i cant seem to find the song words even though i no them or the pictures i think the webs are crap other ppl that are looking for thenm click on images then type in ok bye

    07 Feb 2005, 16:37

  100. bev

    he yall im from newyork i can still wathch but the web needs a bit more thing added on to it who agrees 'n' any way love yall see yall later peeps

    07 Feb 2005, 16:41

  101. rocky

    You can find pictures of Ben and Small on Electric Forecast, or by photoing the TV.
    BCLC shows on CBeebies at 8,12 and 4.
    The theme tune words are:
    Big Cook, Little Cook
    Welcome to our caf'e
    Big Cook, Little Cook
    Want you to come and play
    Meeting all the friends we cook for,
    Sharing stories, trips and fun
    Big Cook, Little Cook
    We'll cook for everyone!

    07 Feb 2005, 19:10

  102. jenny

    Hi all I have seen these guys doing stand up and they are fantastic, to find pics of them google mirth control,as that tells you where they are performing next. Big cook is Hot!

    08 Feb 2005, 16:02

  103. rocky

    You're right.

    09 Feb 2005, 19:06

  104. JadeyBaby

    Hehehehe! I'm here watching BCLC as we speak. My little girl is upstairs playing in her room! Of course I am watching it strictly for educational purposes….. all them loverly recipes and what not….. :)

    10 Feb 2005, 16:21

  105. rocky

    Why be ashamed; you can watch it just for fun.
    But the recipes are really good….

    10 Feb 2005, 19:04

  106. anaisa

    I think big cook little cook is really good because i love to cook.
    And i think it is very fun to watch.

    11 Feb 2005, 19:32

  107. simon

    Hi: im a 36 year old bloke and me and my son jake love big cook little cook i think its very good my son just wants to do the washing up all the time big cook ben for priminister i say

    12 Feb 2005, 10:24

  108. JadeyBaby

    Big Cook Ben for Prime Minister? What a marvellous idea!! And Small as his deputy! Wouldn't this country be so much happier! Hehehehehehe….. Fantastic idea I say….... :D

    13 Feb 2005, 12:21

  109. rocky

    If Big Cook Ben was Primeminister, I'd spend every day at 10 Downing Street.

    13 Feb 2005, 19:02

  110. Lauren

    Big Cook Ben has my vote Little Cook Small can run for USA President,together they'd sort it out!

    15 Feb 2005, 18:47

  111. JadeyBaby

    Hehehehe! The terrorists in the world would take one look at them and say "Awwwww, let's stop blowing things up now…. Come on guys! We've got cakes to bake!" Yes, Ben and Small for Prime Ministership and Presidency! Together they will bring peace to the world!

    15 Feb 2005, 20:47

  112. Lucy

    i am 14 and i would just like to say that i think big cook little cook is amazing!!the cleaning away song with the j-cloth dancing is genius!!me and my friends watch it!!Its so cheesy that i am in love with it!!
    i'm not ashamed with my new love and me n my frendz n little sister love it!!!!

    15 Feb 2005, 21:06

  113. bexter

    i could quite see little cook small fly over to england on his spoon mobile to get the country sorted out !


    16 Feb 2005, 10:23

  114. Stina

    I think Big cook is gooooooooooorgeous. Especially his lovely dancing, which J9(my sister) loves to dance to. She knows all the words (I haven't told you she's 23) I can't wait to watch him on Five's 'That's so last week' because he looks even hotter. yum yum.

    16 Feb 2005, 16:16

  115. hothothot

    HAHA…I can't believe all the fans for bclc…...my 6 month old LOVES these guys. Extremely odd pair though….to say the least. Jelly boats and pirates gold? I mean what's that about? Mind you,Iwoludn't mind a quick blast on ginge's spoon! BUT…it has to be said,The CHERRY ON THE TOP….has to be Big Cook Ben's tidying up dance….PURE CLASS!!

    16 Feb 2005, 16:16

  116. Bexter

    i really really hope there is a new series of BCLC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16 Feb 2005, 19:00

  117. rocky

    There's been a new series of BCLC.
    Anyway, the song is:
    Jelly Boats and Pirates go Princess Pea Pies,
    Carrot Cakes and Fruit Smile an Envelope Suprise.
    Big Cook Ben can't look hotter.

    16 Feb 2005, 19:35

  118. hothothot

    Are there any more fans of Big cook Ben's dancing? ;-(

    16 Feb 2005, 21:26

  119. Bexter

    i thought that was a old series !!! was there one before that then ? God im getting confused !!!

    Anyway i hope they make some new episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    big cook ben can dance like that disco dancer they cooked for !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17 Feb 2005, 10:19

  120. joan

    actually it isnt 'Jelly Boats and Pirates go Princess Pea Pies.' that wouldn't fit in with the song as they're all foods, not actions.

    18 Feb 2005, 14:11

  121. Bexter

    it is – jelly boats and pirates gold and princess pea pie – because they make a dish called pirates gold

    18 Feb 2005, 15:42

  122. hothothot

    So I was right HA HA! Jelly boats and PIRATES GOLD lol

    18 Feb 2005, 19:19

  123. hothothot

    AND princess pea pies….................not GO princess pea pies…..

    18 Feb 2005, 19:22

  124. rocky

    You're all wrong!
    The song is:
    Jelly boats and Pirates go Princess Pea Pies
    Carrot Cakes and Fruit Smile an Envelope Suprise, after the recipes:
    Jelly boats and Pirates(short name,Jelly Boats)
    Princess Pea Pies
    Carrot Cake
    Melon Smile(Fruit Smile)
    Postie Parcels(An Envelope Surprise)
    You see!
    Anyway there is a dish called Pirates Gold which they cooked for Percy the Pirate.

    18 Feb 2005, 19:33

  125. Rock2

    You're all wrong!
    The song is:
    Jelly boats AND pirates gold, Princess pea pies,
    Carrot cakes and fruit smiles, an envelope surprise

    18 Feb 2005, 21:11

  126. Bexter

    ok now im just getting confused , it doesn't make sense !!!!!!! jelly boats and pirates go ?? why would pirates go, princess pea pie???

    weird hehe


    18 Feb 2005, 21:12

  127. Bexter

    yea rock2's rite hehe

    out of the two suspects which would u try – i would have the jelly boats to be honest


    18 Feb 2005, 21:14

  128. hothothot

    ho ho ho…I thought I was correct. Just spent every episode listening hard to the words!!! Where do bclc get their clothing advice? Perhaps they need a makeover…..I'll measure 'em up! Anyone got any links to other websites rearding bclc…or the actors?? I can't find any, apart from the bbc website…

    19 Feb 2005, 21:01

  129. bob

    im a huge fan 2. i cant get enough of this show. im 31, though

    19 Feb 2005, 21:12

  130. Anika

    hallo. Ich liebe grossen Koch wenig Koch. Sein mein Lieblingsprogramm in der Welt! Felsen an

    19 Feb 2005, 21:13

  131. anika

    bonjour. J'aime le grand cuisinier peu cuisinier. Son mon programme de favori dans le monde! Roche dessus

    19 Feb 2005, 21:18

  132. me

    me and my mates all love the show. we watch every single episode over and over again. its fabulous. can we be in the show please?

    19 Feb 2005, 21:35

  133. R

    i know some people who love the show: K,L,T

    20 Feb 2005, 12:50

  134. star

    my cousin loves the show; always watching it!

    20 Feb 2005, 15:11

  135. Moriam

    My disabled brother wants to meet them buy his face but he cant talk and he likes to watch the shows

    20 Feb 2005, 15:41

  136. Moriam

    Just want to say i want ot be in it and both of you are kind and i looooooooooooove your shows very much so as my brother. we never missed even 1 single inch of a episode.
    your sincerlly

    20 Feb 2005, 15:44

  137. stina

    my 6 month nephew loves the show! its one of the only show that shuts him up! thankyou big cook ben and little cook small for the many hours you've entertained him!

    20 Feb 2005, 17:21

  138. ellie

    my 66 year old nephew loves the show. he always watches it. everday. without fail. its ace

    20 Feb 2005, 17:36

  139. ben

    does anyone know if bclc have ever been actors on any other shows?
    has anyone found any other good links about bclc?
    i love the show and i just think the web could have more about the two dudes!

    20 Feb 2005, 17:48

  140. Bexter

    Ben- did u know that ben nd small are actually comedy partners called ' electric forecast' they are also on a programme callse so last week on a monday at like 11pm or summin!!

    check it out !

    20 Feb 2005, 18:05

  141. hothothot

    Ben & Bexter….look on 'comedycv.co.uk/electric forecast'.I've now found a few sites with them under their comedy name. ho ho ho, who'd have thought it?!

    20 Feb 2005, 19:37

  142. hothotoht

    …..monday night @ 23.35–00.05 on channel 5 watch 'so last week'.....!

    20 Feb 2005, 19:41

  143. rocky

    How can I explain clearly enough the words to their cooking song!
    Pirates Gold isn't mentioned,because Ben says Jelly Boats and Pirates(swaying and moving his hands around).
    Then he says 'go'(putting his hands behind his back).
    He doesn't say gold, because what he says ends with a vowel (o)
    so that Small can immediatly come in with Princess Pea Pies(putting his hands next to each side of his head, like he is sleeping)
    Jelly Boats and Pirates go (say) Princess Pea Pies
    Carrot Cakes and Fruit Smile an Envelope Surprise.
    It makes sense.

    20 Feb 2005, 19:47

  144. pal

    Just to say that I am a friend of Big cook Ben and told him all about this site, and he checks up on it whenever he can and he is over the moon about the reaction its getting!!

    21 Feb 2005, 12:44

  145. Bexter

    Well in that case then

    Hi the real Big cook ben!!!!!!!

    21 Feb 2005, 15:42

  146. sam

    i agree with HotHotHot Bexter and Rock2 the words make sense if they are jelly boats and pirates gold,as in the programe Big Cook Ben he mimics shovelling,and that as we all know is what pirates do to find gold.

    Hello to the real Big Cook and Little Cook.I hope you do another series as you keep my step-daughter very happy.


    21 Feb 2005, 16:44

  147. mr 7toes

    I would like to also agree with sam HotHotHot Bexter and Rock2. they are obviously correct, indeedy absolutely! i absolutely love the show as it keeps my 4th cousin very entertained! howdy to the real Big Cook and Little Cook. Make sure you make more shows!

    21 Feb 2005, 16:51

  148. Bexter

    Thankyou mr 7toes!!!!!

    21 Feb 2005, 17:14

  149. mr 7toes

    thats quite all right!!! we're right, rockys wrong!

    21 Feb 2005, 17:34

  150. amy


    21 Feb 2005, 17:35

  151. Bexter


    p.s mr 7 toes ur rite!!!!!!

    21 Feb 2005, 18:43

  152. big cooks cousin

    yo every1. i am big cooks cousin. he wants to say hi 2 every1 and keep watchin the show. rock on. sorry i stole that from the german person

    21 Feb 2005, 18:50

  153. anika

    wie trauen Sie meine Wörter stehlen

    21 Feb 2005, 18:54

  154. big cooks cousin

    sehr sorry

    21 Feb 2005, 18:55

  155. fluffy

    i love this show…puuurrr…. i want some milk… miaow…...rock on…..purrr

    21 Feb 2005, 18:57

  156. rocky

    I can assure you all the words are 'pirates go'.
    All last night I was listening to a taped video, checking.
    I'm right.
    You just have to listen carefully.
    By the way, hi Big Cook Ben.

    21 Feb 2005, 19:07

  157. Bexter


    ( i bet we will be rite)) !!!

    if the REAL big cook ben see this please please say wat the rite answer is !!!!!
    This will be a rite laugh !!!

    21 Feb 2005, 19:20

  158. mr 7toes

    thankyou. i'm pretty sure its pirates gold though!!

    21 Feb 2005, 19:28

  159. mrs 8 fingers

    i totally agree with u mr 7 toes

    21 Feb 2005, 19:32

  160. 2heads

    i totally agree too.

    21 Feb 2005, 19:34

  161. rocky

    It will be a right laugh, because i,ll be right and Bexter,Mr 7toes,Sam,Hothothot and Rock2 will be wrong!
    (Rocky laughs loudly)

    21 Feb 2005, 19:37

  162. producer of bclc

    it is indeed pirates gold!

    21 Feb 2005, 19:40

  163. songwriter

    i can confirm, it's pirates GOLD

    21 Feb 2005, 19:42

  164. Klint

    Well thats cleared that up then. Thanks producer!

    21 Feb 2005, 19:42

  165. rocky

    Yeah' but Ben says 'Pirates go'.

    21 Feb 2005, 19:43

  166. songwriter

    no he doesnt

    21 Feb 2005, 19:44

  167. rocky

    It sounds like it.

    21 Feb 2005, 19:47

  168. songwriter


    21 Feb 2005, 19:48

  169. mary

    this could go on for ages so to stop any further embarresment i think we should agree that the words are pirates gold

    21 Feb 2005, 19:49

  170. songwriter

    ok mary,thank you for your support

    21 Feb 2005, 19:52

  171. rocky

    I know that's the words, but he doesn't put much impact on the 'l' and 'd'.
    Sorry, except I can't stop being a defiant person.

    21 Feb 2005, 19:59

  172. rocky

    The way he says it, it sounds like 'go'.

    21 Feb 2005, 20:02

  173. rocky

    Recently heard it again. i listened,but sorry,i just couldn't hear the 'l' and 'd'.I can't admit to something I don't believe,even if you did write the song.

    21 Feb 2005, 20:11

  174. mr tidyup

    does anyone know the words to the tidy up song?

    22 Feb 2005, 09:30

  175. hothothot

    Wash,wipe,scrub and clean….etc.etc..I'm not getting into it all again!!
    anyway.. HOORAY…and there was me doubting myself!!!!............may i proudly say;'jelly boats and pirates gold..(.thats GOLD),princess pea pies'.....LOL…...HO HO HO!

    Hi to Steve and Daniel..you both are wicked,in your own sort of cheesy-happy-go lucky way! My boy loves you,well it keeps him quiet anyway!x

    22 Feb 2005, 09:56

  176. Steve

    Hello to you all this is steve who plays big cook ben, a mate of mine told me I had to see this website and I honestly can't believe how many of you love the show. I will make sure I check it regularly from now on. Keep watching and if you have any questions ill do my best to get back to you.

    steve x

    22 Feb 2005, 12:26

  177. Jackie

    Hi steve (aka big cook)
    i love your show! it's amazing! i think it should be on more often because my nephew loves it,( and so do!) Please say there will be another show!

    Jackie x

    22 Feb 2005, 13:52

  178. amy

    so whats the songwords?

    22 Feb 2005, 15:06

  179. Bexter


    wat r the songwords to ur cooking sond me nd rocky r trying to find out what they are! he says it's pirates go and i say its pirates gold!!!!!!



    22 Feb 2005, 16:09

  180. hothothot

    Hi Steve…if that is really Steve…well u can't be too sure on these things!!!! Well if it is really you…hello, I hope you and your tangerine candyfloss covered friend well. As I'm sure you can see, you have quite a cult following! Slowly but surely my friends are becoming obessed too…lol….so with that, and this website, I know I'm not doolally in thinking you too are kinda cool! xx

    22 Feb 2005, 16:18

  181. Bexter

    Yup steve u do have a cult!

    me nd my mates luv the show nd we r only 13 !!!!!!!!!!!

    still please tell us all the real words to the BCLC song , the one with the jelly boats!!

    22 Feb 2005, 16:21

  182. BEXTER



    what was that rocky , we were right and you were wrong !!!


    22 Feb 2005, 16:23

  183. pal

    I can assure you that was Steve!

    22 Feb 2005, 16:24

  184. Bexter

    only joking rocky

    22 Feb 2005, 16:24

  185. hothothot

    Though its sad to say….me and my mates are everything from 16(my sis)to 26! What's the world coming to?!

    22 Feb 2005, 17:01

  186. s

    really? lol cool

    22 Feb 2005, 18:00

  187. Bexter

    i think steve you and daniel should get a DVD out on your comedy duo electric forcast! so all us crazy BCLC fans!

    22 Feb 2005, 18:37

  188. Bexter


    SORRY that was so totally spelled wrong !

    you nd daniel should get a dvd or video out on electric forecast or have ur own site for all us crazy BCLC fans!

    22 Feb 2005, 18:55

  189. rocky

    Hi Steve(Or Big Cook Ben)
    Big Cook Little Cook is the best show ever and i watch it every day.And you're the best cook ever (and the best comedian)
    I was watching Big Cook Little Cook today (with my little sister) and she said that the swiss role in your Choo Choo Train was a loaf of bread.
    I said"no Maddie, it's a swiss role," but she wouldn't beleive me.

    22 Feb 2005, 19:39

  190. hothothot

    I have recently read, from the' most recent entries' list; 'when blogs mutate'. I can honestly say I had to read it a couple of times, due to the fact that I was laughing so much. I need firstly to say thankyou to John Dale, in bringing up the subject of BcLc, in a round-about way.

    If it wasn't for this site, we would indeed have nowhere to 'chat', as it would seem to the outside world; complete nonsense. It would be a fabulous idea to have some sort of forum purely for us; 'the insane cult following of BcLc'

    Thanks for reading

    23 Feb 2005, 14:44

  191. Bexter

    We should all set up a website that has a forum for all us BCLC fans!

    23 Feb 2005, 17:34

  192. make a website

    i think someone should make a website dedicated to the stars of BCLC. there isnt much on the world wide web about them… there should be more!

    23 Feb 2005, 18:29

  193. rocky

    True to my name, I think rocky recipes are best.
    Moon Rocks and Rock Pool…well…rock!

    23 Feb 2005, 19:03

  194. rocky

    I think the funnist bit of John Dale's account is when he said:
    "Apart from deleting the odd pornographic troll, discussing the cooks in way too much detail…"
    Who posted a pornographic troll?"
    Good on John Dale!
    It might be a bit embarrising for Steve, though….

    23 Feb 2005, 19:11

  195. rocky

    Steve, when are you going to post another message?

    23 Feb 2005, 19:13

  196. mr 7toes

    maybe steve can tell us whether it's pirtates go or pirates GOLD.

    23 Feb 2005, 19:34

  197. Steve

    Hello all, first of all it was swiss roll in the choo choo train. Myself and Dan finished filming bclc early last year, they have asked us to do another series in the summer. We are currently working on other things at the moment but hope we will have time to do another series. DVDs and other merchandise such as dolls and cook books could be on the way later this year. Somebody said to me that we should make a spin off called "Big cook Nights" in which we cook for ladies and solve crime.keep your eyes peeled.
    speak to you soon
    Steve x

    23 Feb 2005, 19:39

  198. rocky

    Mr 7toes, don't start on that again.
    Songwriter said it's Pirates Gold, so you're right.Don't gloat.
    And don't start bothering Steve about it.
    We'll just reach an agreement,yeah?
    Now we can start all over again!
    Wash,Wipe,Scrub and Clean
    Make the Kitchen Sparkle and Clean!
    Not Really!

    23 Feb 2005, 19:45

  199. swinny

    I'm 11 and think big cook little cook is the best programme ever released. I watch it with my little brother. I know all the songs and actions off by heart and really annoy my friends by singing them all the time. I'd love a dvd and can't wait till it comes out.

    23 Feb 2005, 19:57

  200. rocky

    Thanks for assuring Maddie that it was a swiss role, Steve.
    She's not very clever.
    Good luck with the new series of BCLC and Big Cook Nights.

    23 Feb 2005, 19:59

  201. bilbo baggins

    I really like big cook little cook,but i don't understand why the customers never order what they want to eat. Surely you go to ''the best cafe in the world'' so that you DON'T just get any old rubbish to eat. Still with customers like daniel the dragon and terry the train driver what do you expect.

    24 Feb 2005, 16:14

  202. hothothot

    link ,this has on it all their previous and upcoming t.v appearances and some other stuff about them

    24 Feb 2005, 16:19

  203. Bexter

    i checked it out wicked!

    Can u give us any clues to what might be happening in the new series! ?

    24 Feb 2005, 16:54

  204. rocky

    There food isn't 'Any old rubbish', Bilbo Baggins.
    Bexter, I know what will be happening in the new series:
    A customer will come in and they'll cook him some great recipes,(I hope there's lots of rocky ones)
    What more would you expect from the best cafe in the world?
    Steve might tell you more though.
    Theres a really freaky girl at my school.
    Every day she comes up to me and says "Big Cook Ben"
    Then she whispers something to her friends and starts giggling hystericly.
    I say "Yeah, what about him?"
    But she says "Nothing,'"and runs off laughing

    24 Feb 2005, 19:14

  205. fabulentastic

    has anyone seen that's so last week? it's wicked!

    24 Feb 2005, 19:26

  206. rocky

    Afraid not.
    Are Ben and Small in it all the time?
    I saw it in a 'What's On' paper.
    Apparently it's "Aided by a team of young comedians"
    Is that them?

    24 Feb 2005, 19:39

  207. hothothot

    I've not seen it yet….need to record it, too late at night(work early) heard it's funny though, if you've an odd sense of humour…

    24 Feb 2005, 21:12

  208. Bexter

    rocky – at my school no one laughs cos i like it ! every one says oh my god big cook little cook rules! and we all start singin to annoy my teacher!! hehe! But my sister doesnt she just laughs and calls the programme very rude names! WHICH IS SOOOO WRONG!

    IT RULES !

    25 Feb 2005, 15:58

  209. fimbo

    big cook little cook totally rule at my school too! All the teachers watch it too!

    25 Feb 2005, 17:27

  210. mr 7toes

    it totally does rule! everyone should watch it!

    25 Feb 2005, 19:27

  211. rocky

    I'm not so lucky.
    Everyone hates me for liking it(even the teachers)
    And everyone is permenently insulting it.
    It's not fair!
    Everyone at my school is so mean about it.
    You're right Bexter.
    Big Cook Little Cook rules!

    25 Feb 2005, 19:49

  212. Tash

    I watched bclc for the first time 2day and i loved it. All my friends recomended it 2 me and now i can c wat the fascination with it was. I cant wait 4 it 2 b on again! wash wipe scrub and clean,make the kitchen sparkle and gleam woo hoo

    25 Feb 2005, 21:53

  213. mr 7toes

    woo good 4 u! everyone should watch it and it should be put on at least 20 times everyday. i cant wait for the next series to come out, and when the merchandise comes i'm going to buy my nephew a big cook doll! its totally rules. thankyou callum 4 introducing it me!

    25 Feb 2005, 21:59

  214. Tash

    Thank u 4 introducing it 2 me mr 7 toes. Without bclc my life would b incomplete

    25 Feb 2005, 22:00

  215. mr 7toes

    thats ok tash. i'm glad ive helped spread the joy these 2 amazing people have given

    25 Feb 2005, 22:03

  216. Tash

    yes. O i cant describe how happy i felt 2 see little cook ride that spoon 4 the first time, so touching.

    25 Feb 2005, 22:04

  217. mr 7toes

    oh sooo touching. i remember the 1st time i watched it, exactly where i was and what i was doing.

    25 Feb 2005, 22:11

  218. Tash

    Yeah i think what i have experienced 2day wil stay with me throughout my life

    25 Feb 2005, 22:12

  219. mr hairdye

    who else thinks lil cook should have a hair cut and dyed?

    25 Feb 2005, 22:15

  220. Hippo

    noooo i think lil cooks hair looks sexy

    25 Feb 2005, 22:17

  221. mr 7toes

    i totally agree with hippo. his hair is almost like a trademark and if he got rid of his lovely golden ginger locks it would be like ruining his trademark!

    25 Feb 2005, 22:20

  222. Oh no

    yeh i agree with u again mr 7toes it reali is his trademark so if we got rid of his trademark then he woundlnt have a trademark. Omg hed br tredmarkless!

    25 Feb 2005, 22:23

  223. mr hairdye

    but wouldnt you like to see him in a different point of view? his hair is so stupid. he should get rid!!!!

    25 Feb 2005, 22:30

  224. oh no

    i cant beilve you said that, i personally feel the point of view we see lil cook now is perfectly fine. If we were 2 changed this view then lil cooks impact would be ruined.

    25 Feb 2005, 22:34

  225. mr hairdye

    ok. i see your point and i'm awfully sorry. maybe it is part of bclc and without it it could destroy the whole bclc tradition. i wonder whether in the nxt series he'll be riding a fork instead!

    25 Feb 2005, 22:38

  226. oh no

    thank u. Yes that could be posibble although i think a fork would be rather uncomfortable 4 lil cooks bottom and we wudnt want that now!

    25 Feb 2005, 22:40

  227. fimbo

    my mum fancies little cook small,she thinks he is little and all cute eeeeeeewwwwwwwww

    26 Feb 2005, 12:00

  228. hothothot

    We all need to start brainwashing the world into watchin bclc…..not enough people know about it! SPREAD THE WORD PEOPLE…............................lol

    26 Feb 2005, 12:04

  229. mr 7toes

    wash wipe scrub and clean the world with bclc

    26 Feb 2005, 12:05

  230. hothothot

    Go Mr.7Toes, you got it! Go tell all your 6 fingered and 4 legged friends!!!!!!!

    26 Feb 2005, 12:09

  231. Bexter

    i think little cook small should fly around the world and make every1 watch BCLC!!

    rocky – its rite its not fair every1 hates you for watchin BCLC it rules!!! well my house actually !!!! i

    mr 7toes – i remeber wen i first found BCLC and i thought it ruled so i watch everyday everytime like its on !!

    bexter x x x

    26 Feb 2005, 18:05

  232. rocky

    Thanks Bexter.
    I agree with Oh No. Small needs his orange mane.

    26 Feb 2005, 19:14

  233. rocky

    Steve, i was watching BCLC today.(The Carrot Cake episode)
    You're good at jumping.

    26 Feb 2005, 19:17

  234. Bexter

    Very very tru its his trademark

    26 Feb 2005, 19:18

  235. rocky


    26 Feb 2005, 19:21

  236. oh no

    thanks 4 agrein with me

    26 Feb 2005, 19:25

  237. Bexter

    i missed it today arrrrrrrr !!!

    But i have like seen that episode 10000000000 times!

    i sooooooooooo cant wait for the new series !

    bexter x

    26 Feb 2005, 19:30

  238. rocky

    I've seen it 10000000000 times too.
    I love Small's hair.
    You know, if at school I have to draw some king or queen, I always give them bright orange spiky hair…...

    26 Feb 2005, 19:35

  239. Bexter

    i am laughing rite now!!

    i'd be making them jump and sing !

    26 Feb 2005, 19:38

  240. rocky

    I wonder what Steve's up to.
    He hasn't posted on here for a few days.
    He's probably busy filming the new series…

    26 Feb 2005, 19:40

  241. Bexter

    Rocky have u played the BCLC baking game on the cbeebies website ? i was doin it one day wen i was bored !!!!

    26 Feb 2005, 19:41

  242. Bexter

    i hope he is making the new series !

    26 Feb 2005, 19:42

  243. rocky

    You've given me an idea, Bexter.
    I could draw one of those kings mixing some Princess Pea Pies, or making the kitchen sparkle and gleam…

    26 Feb 2005, 19:46

  244. Bexter

    i really want to see a preview of the series of BCLC i am to excited and i cant wait !


    26 Feb 2005, 19:46

  245. rocky

    What's the baking game like?

    26 Feb 2005, 19:48

  246. Bexter

    that is a good idea rocky !!!!!!!

    i would draw small on a golden spoon !! hehe !

    26 Feb 2005, 19:48

  247. Bexter

    play it rocky !

    26 Feb 2005, 19:49

  248. rocky

    Bexter, you could ask Steve if he can show you any previews.

    26 Feb 2005, 19:50

  249. Betxer

    good point rocky !

    steve can u show us any previews please x infinity !

    26 Feb 2005, 19:53

  250. rocky

    I'm going to play it now, so I'll be posting again in a sec.

    26 Feb 2005, 19:53

  251. rocky

    By the way, can I see a preview as well, Steve.

    26 Feb 2005, 19:54

  252. Bexter


    26 Feb 2005, 19:55

  253. Bexter

    we should set up a website really ! it should be called BCLC fans of the world !!

    26 Feb 2005, 19:56

  254. rocky

    That was really easy, but he seemed to need loads of flour.

    26 Feb 2005, 19:58

  255. Bexter

    i no !

    26 Feb 2005, 20:00

  256. Bexter

    I am so bored wat else is there to talk about BCLC i think we covered it all anything weve missed rocky ?

    26 Feb 2005, 20:04

  257. Bexter

    i gtg !

    be postin later !

    26 Feb 2005, 20:10

  258. rocky

    Well, we could see who knows the most recipes.
    Or we could ask Steve to post a message. That might give us something to talk about.

    26 Feb 2005, 20:10

  259. mr 7toes

    i missed bclc today grrr… thankyou lord for letting it be on cbeebies many times a day!

    26 Feb 2005, 20:15

  260. holy

    I think we should thank lord for creating these 2 talented people!

    26 Feb 2005, 20:17

  261. rocky

    I watched it 3 times today, on CBeebies.
    Hard luck, Mr 7toes.

    26 Feb 2005, 20:20

  262. rocky

    I think we should thank Mrs Marsh and Mrs Wright for creating these two talented people.

    26 Feb 2005, 20:24

  263. TaSh

    thanks Mrs Marsh and Mrs Wright!

    26 Feb 2005, 20:26

  264. mr 7toes

    i tottally agree theyre just AMAZING!!!!

    26 Feb 2005, 20:52

  265. jen

    i dont agree

    26 Feb 2005, 21:43

  266. la la la

    how dare u! this is for bclc fans and when they read this they will be hurt and sad… and you will be responsible for many people who kill themselves through depression all because of what you said!

    26 Feb 2005, 22:21

  267. Bexter

    i am crying now! :( :( :(

    rocky yes we could talk about the different recipes i must admit i have made a couple.

    26 Feb 2005, 23:25

  268. Bexter




    27 Feb 2005, 09:24

  269. la la la

    do you really think there will be new songs!?!

    it wont be the same without the old ones!

    27 Feb 2005, 14:53

  270. Bexter

    i think it will cos if u remember that they sing about the recipes jelly boats and pirates gold nd so on.

    i think they will keep the washing up song the same !

    27 Feb 2005, 15:01

  271. sarah

    Ive just seen Big Cook Little Cook is coming out on Video and DVD at the end of March, finally!

    27 Feb 2005, 15:32

  272. Loulabelle

    Just came across this forum, at last there are some people out there that love bclc!! I have no excuse to watch the show(i'm 26 and have no kiddies) but love it none the less. I also have to say that Steve is gorgeous.

    27 Feb 2005, 16:58

  273. good

    you can already but the dvds some places cant you?

    27 Feb 2005, 17:41

  274. Bexter

    yea you can , just flick up on the forum and they are links nd stuff

    27 Feb 2005, 19:28

  275. bunny

    hi bclc fans, just wonderin- how old are you all/?

    27 Feb 2005, 20:04

  276. anna


    27 Feb 2005, 20:09

  277. hobbit

    i'm 453 and live next door to frodo!

    27 Feb 2005, 20:09

  278. ruth

    im 43 and i am a massive fan of this show. Me and my 17 year old daugther watch it nearly everyday and it has made our relationship alot stronger. Thank you bclc

    27 Feb 2005, 20:11

  279. rocky

    I am crying now, Bexter.
    I don't want the songs to change.
    Especially their cooking song.
    It's one of the best bits of the show.
    Please don't change it, Steve!
    I kind of will miss their old recipes too.

    27 Feb 2005, 20:23

  280. Donna

    About 10 months ago i sufferd badley from depression, i was heavly on drugs and was close to comiting suiside. Watching bclc has changed my life comletly, im now off the drugs and how a new love for cooking. I hope to have my own childrens cookery show and 2 inspire people like bclc has inspired me. Without u i might not be here. Thank u

    27 Feb 2005, 20:23

  281. donna

    sorry about the spelling mistakes

    27 Feb 2005, 20:26

  282. amy

    it's ok donna, well done for coming off the drugs. what does every1 else think bout donnas story???

    27 Feb 2005, 20:27

  283. rocky

    I think Ben and Small are heros, for saving Donna's life!

    27 Feb 2005, 20:31

  284. charlie

    i had the same problem, be strong donna baby!

    27 Feb 2005, 20:38

  285. amy


    27 Feb 2005, 21:18

  286. jamie

    hello everyone. i watch big cook little cook on saturdays but i am off school today so i get to watch them all day!hooray!my friend told me about this site and ive told all my friends at school.my mum thinks big cook little cook are cool too!

    28 Feb 2005, 10:01

  287. hothothot

    Good to see lots of new names on here! Our plan to brainwash the nation into watching bclc, seems to be working….........HO HO HO!!! lol

    28 Feb 2005, 10:34

  288. jamie

    i am trying to get all my friends to like it.most of them do,but some think its really immature and silly.i tell them its just fun and its really cool,but they just laugh at me.id really like some ideas on what can i do to make them change their minds

    28 Feb 2005, 10:43

  289. hothothot

    Tell them to get a sense of humour!!! Sounds like they're boring-anyway…...the world of bclc can do without those sorts! It's for fun people not them!

    28 Feb 2005, 10:51

  290. jamie

    i have to go now my mum has got back from thes shop.i will tell my friends to come on here as well when they get home

    28 Feb 2005, 11:02

  291. Bexter

    yes hothothot we are working are pan to brainwash the nation !

    jamie- tell ur friends that it is cool and u r stupid if you dont watch it ! Our other mate on here rocky has a hard time for watchin it cos every1 thinks its stupid ! (IT ISNT ! ) aint that rite rocky ? only joking!

    28 Feb 2005, 15:56

  292. la la la

    brainwash these people! its about time they had something good to model themselves on!

    28 Feb 2005, 19:02

  293. rocky

    Jamie, you can watch BCLC before school, at 8 o'clock.
    Bexter and Hothothot, while everyone at my school's moaning, I'm busy brainwashing my neighbours by running around the streets singing BCLC songs!

    28 Feb 2005, 19:39

  294. Bexter


    i gtg now

    bibi x

    28 Feb 2005, 19:48

  295. rocky

    Steve was being very amusing on BCLC today.
    One of the best bits is when he says: (Sounding dead impressed)
    "Do you know all your letters, Small?
    Do you know the whole alphabet?"
    (He moves his hands really wide)
    Another good bit is when he propells himself on the counter, with his head on his hand, saying:
    "So, we betta do some waiting."
    I'm suprised he didn't break his chin!

    28 Feb 2005, 19:49

  296. la la la


    28 Feb 2005, 21:13

  297. hothothot

    hey la la la, I hope u taped so last week! I missed it :-( I hope Jamie is ok and is not getting too much cr*p off his friends!

    Did u all see Big cook Ben's new pink shopping bag today?

    01 Mar 2005, 11:08

  298. Bexter

    I think that we should brighten up this chatroom thingy ( we are interesting though!)
    so i think we should do mini polls like ask questions about BCLC and see the answers then count them up so heres mine :

    What is your favourite recipe the guys have made?

    (answer a.s.a.p my poll cloeses at 7ish tonite ! )

    01 Mar 2005, 16:29

  299. Bexter

    soz the poll cloese tomoz at 7ish

    01 Mar 2005, 17:55

  300. rocky

    Moon Rocks, Bexter!
    Well, Hothothot, I hope Jamie's okay too, but the people at my school were being well stupid today.
    One of them says:"Can you draw a picture of Ben and Small?"
    So I did.
    After making 'changes' to the picture (It wasn't a pretty sight!) he starts selling loads more to everyone, complete with an insulting moto.
    I went mad at the stupid idiot!

    01 Mar 2005, 19:09

  301. Bexter


    oh my god they must be so immature for wateva ur age is lol !

    wheva defaced that drawin is dzfbzdvbxcd* (rude words!)

    01 Mar 2005, 19:14

  302. rocky

    Exactly what I was thinking, Bexter.
    I hope Jamie's friends aren't going to try the same thing, or it could turn into a war on terror!
    I wonder what Steve thinks about this.

    01 Mar 2005, 19:23

  303. rocky

    Steve, I beg you to post another message!
    You haven't sent one for ages, and you're the star of this board! (as you're in BCLC.)
    Are you still busy filming?

    01 Mar 2005, 20:24

  304. hothothot

    *The best thing they have cooked has to be…..the chocolate choo choo train. hmmmm chocolate(and loads of it!)

    Where's everyone gone off here.? Me Rocky and Bexter, the old faithfuls!(and mr seven toes I suppose) Tell more people!!!!!

    We need more bclc support to get our own website! Spead the word!

    02 Mar 2005, 12:47

  305. hothothot

    I meant SPREAD the word lol

    02 Mar 2005, 12:48

  306. rocky

    I'm spreading the word loud and clear, Hothothot.
    I expect Jamie's at school alot, same with Fimbo, Steve's busy filming, the older senders don't know all of us, so have stopped using this board, and the rest are coming and going every now and then.
    That just leaves me, you, Bexter and Mr 7toes.
    I suppose everyone else will come back soon.

    02 Mar 2005, 13:55

  307. rocky

    I'm spreading the word loud and clear, Hothothot.
    I expect Jamie's at school alot, same with Fimbo, Steve's busy filming, the older senders don't know all of us, so have stopped using this board, and the rest are coming and going every now and then.
    That just leaves me, you, Bexter and Mr 7toes.
    I suppose everyone else will come back soon.

    02 Mar 2005, 13:55

  308. Jamie

    Hello everybody.glad to see you have missed me!i am only joking!
    I can't come on here much because my mum and dad aren't on bradband yet.i hope they do soon though then i can come on here all the time!
    i told my friends to come on because they like big cook little cook too.
    i got told off today in R.E because me and my friends were singing the cleaning song. my R.E teacher likes them though and said they teach good ethics!we all laughed at him.
    how old is everybody else on here?

    02 Mar 2005, 15:32

  309. hothothot

    Hi Jamie! I hope you were concentrating in class too! We wouldn't want bclc to be corrupting you!lol Glad your teacher likes them!
    I was wonderin how old everyone is myself…..dare I say how old I am?...hmmm…no!... not till eveyone else does!hehe!

    What's your fave recipie Jamie?

    02 Mar 2005, 15:41

  310. Bexter

    i am …..... u say first ! hehe

    02 Mar 2005, 16:00

  311. Bexter

    i have been wonderin too how old every1 else is on here 2!!!!!!

    02 Mar 2005, 16:03

  312. Jamie

    I like the tiger sushi that is on todays show and the farmer smoothies that they did ages ago. we have a smoothie bar at school and i like them loads especially banana ones.
    I am 14 years old.
    How old are Rocky and Bexter?

    02 Mar 2005, 16:12

  313. Jonno

    Hi I love BCLC!

    02 Mar 2005, 16:15

  314. Bexter

    well i am 13

    02 Mar 2005, 16:37

  315. rocky

    Same as Bexter.

    02 Mar 2005, 19:40

  316. mr pants

    what's you msn/email address? (if u have one?)

    02 Mar 2005, 19:41

  317. x

    OH THANK GOD ITS WORKIN! went on this site earlier and it didnt load!! nearly fainted. what would i have done? ne ways…. bclc rox

    02 Mar 2005, 19:42

  318. rocky

    Jamie, Moon Rocks are best I say.
    Go rocky things, go!

    02 Mar 2005, 19:45

  319. bclc rules!

    i must say bclc is just fantastic! its just superb! marvellous! fantastic! if only there were more programmes in the world like this!

    02 Mar 2005, 19:46

  320. gold

    oh yes, i agree with you. the show is spiffing

    02 Mar 2005, 19:47

  321. gold

    spiffing, i tell you.

    02 Mar 2005, 19:48

  322. gold


    02 Mar 2005, 19:49

  323. rocky

    Hothothot, there's loads of new users.
    Your plan seems to be working!

    02 Mar 2005, 19:50

  324. rocky

    Gold, why didn't you just call yourself spiffing?

    02 Mar 2005, 19:51

  325. gold

    because i dont want to. so there!

    02 Mar 2005, 19:53

  326. spiffing

    yes i totally agree to you totally agreeing.

    02 Mar 2005, 19:54

  327. gold

    i hate the word spiffing

    02 Mar 2005, 19:56

  328. gold

    i hate the word spiffing

    02 Mar 2005, 19:56

  329. rocky

    I take it Spiffing thinks BCLC is spiffing.

    02 Mar 2005, 19:57

  330. gold

    well, duh

    02 Mar 2005, 19:58

  331. rocky

    If you hate the word spiffing Gold, why did you keep saying it.

    02 Mar 2005, 19:59

  332. gold

    i don't

    02 Mar 2005, 20:00

  333. mr 7toes

    yes hothothot. i did tape it for you!

    02 Mar 2005, 20:01

  334. rocky

    So why did you say:
    "I hate the word spiffing

    02 Mar 2005, 20:02

  335. gold


    02 Mar 2005, 20:03

  336. rocky

    Hothothot, you can add Spiffing and Gold to your list.

    02 Mar 2005, 20:04

  337. gold

    what list?

    02 Mar 2005, 20:05

  338. rocky

    Well, someone has said:
    "I hate the word spiffing" under your name a few minutes ago.

    02 Mar 2005, 20:07

  339. gold

    oh rite

    02 Mar 2005, 20:10

  340. rocky

    Hothothot's looking out for new users, see.
    That's what I meant by the 'list'.

    02 Mar 2005, 20:10

  341. gold

    kool, how manys on da list so far?

    02 Mar 2005, 20:13

  342. rocky

    Where do I start?
    Me (Rocky)
    You (Gold)
    Mr 7toes
    La La La
    Oh No
    And many more!

    02 Mar 2005, 20:21

  343. la la la

    yeah u mentioned me!!! i'm a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge fan of bclc!

    02 Mar 2005, 20:39

  344. stina

    hey every! i havent been on for ages! is that really steve?!?!?! what have i missed? lately?

    02 Mar 2005, 21:42

  345. la la la

    mwahahaha… our plan 2 brainwash seems to be working!

    02 Mar 2005, 21:43

  346. hothothot

    Hello people…..I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE ALL ON HERE!! I suppose when you write them in a list like that then it does look more! I hope Steve posts again soon and that Daniel(little cook Small)would write one. Don't they understand that they are role models now!!!
    I think maybe some of the new users are Jamies friends? Dunno. I know my sister loves them, so she will have to brainwash her friends too.
    I think we should start testing eachother on bclc and take it in turns asking each day…...I'll start it…....then just whoever puts the next question first, then that's the question etc…...........

    Q; In bclc what was the colour of the doughnuts that Small went to see being made in the factory?

    a) Brown

    b) Pink

    C) Green

    03 Mar 2005, 09:23

  347. joan

    PINK!!! i know that because i remember watching it and thinking it looked like the product from a liposuction operstion! yuck!

    03 Mar 2005, 12:14

  348. joan

    i meant operation lol

    03 Mar 2005, 12:15

  349. mr 7toes

    i'd just like to say how great this website is! at my school most of the websites are blocked from the school system, but thankfully this one isn't! (hopefully i'll always be able to come on here at school) the brainwashing is working! all my friends have started singing the theme tune and it was even playing through my mind in an VERY important exam i had yesterday! Arghhhh!
    Good idea about the questions hothothot. I remember watching that episode the other day!

    03 Mar 2005, 12:24

  350. kellie pierce

    i think big cook little cook is good as it shows different ways of laying food out so that the childern enjoy what they are eating. do you no of anywhere that i can get a recipe book or dvds with some on my son is mad on the show well done keep up the good work

    03 Mar 2005, 13:18

  351. Charlotte

    I think Big Cook,Little Cook is great-best kids program. Would love to see more of these two.

    03 Mar 2005, 14:01

  352. Bexter

    Hi every one im back after like a day ! my dad was on here and i was vertually screaming at him to get off…... he just yelled at me!!!!!!

    rocky- it DOES prove that not only 3yr olds love BCLC but teenagers do aswell hehehehehe!!!

    our list is gettin bigger guys!!!!!!!!!!!

    03 Mar 2005, 16:05

  353. Bexter

    mwahhahahahahahahahahahahha LALALA UR PLAN IS WORKING

    03 Mar 2005, 16:09

  354. Bexter

    i mean HOTHOTHOT !

    Rocky i really fancy one of those muffins with the candy in the middle ….

    yumyumyumyumyumyumyumyumyum !

    03 Mar 2005, 16:16

  355. hothothot

    hi people, how y'all doin?

    Anyone got any good questions about our fave 2 cooks? Watched today's, it was the one with Marvin the monkey and his monkey basket!
    It's good, our bclc fan base is getting bigger…..HOOOO HOOOO HAAAA HAAA HAAAA….we will take over the world!

    03 Mar 2005, 16:28

  356. Bexter

    what does ben always say at the start of the programme ?

    03 Mar 2005, 16:33

  357. hothothot

    hello welcome to our cafe…..the best cafe in the world!

    03 Mar 2005, 17:08

  358. donna

    ive got a question:
    is it pirates GO or pirates GOLD?

    03 Mar 2005, 18:09

  359. donna

    ive got a question:
    is it pirates GO or pirates GOLD?

    03 Mar 2005, 18:09

  360. jelly

    i do not know

    03 Mar 2005, 18:22

  361. Bexter

    early up in the convos there has been a debate !


    03 Mar 2005, 18:54

  362. jelly

    are you sure? lol

    03 Mar 2005, 19:01

  363. la la la

    you tell them bexter!

    03 Mar 2005, 19:02

  364. la la la

    yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its a dish they make along with jelly boats and princess pea pie!

    03 Mar 2005, 19:03

  365. hello

    i thought it was pirates go, personally.

    03 Mar 2005, 19:04

  366. rocky

    Yes, yes, yes.
    Pirates Gold.
    Hothot hot, I've got a question.
    What colour are the Moon Rocks?

    a) red

    b) green

    c) blue I hope Steve's back on here soon!

    03 Mar 2005, 19:07

  367. rocky

    Blue I hope Steve's back on here soon isn't an option!

    03 Mar 2005, 19:09

  368. tash is stupid

    pirates go! how dare u!

    03 Mar 2005, 19:11

  369. Tash

    no im not stupid, well maybe a lil but when i heard it, it sounded like pirates go! But ive onli herd it the once so i dunno!

    03 Mar 2005, 19:13

  370. Bexter

    rocky ——— its pirates gold the songwriter and producer or summin told us !

    rocky doesnt like talkin bout it cos he was wrong – aint that write rocky? only kiddin!



    03 Mar 2005, 19:16

  371. rocky

    Tash isn't stupid.
    It's just Ben has to drop the 'ld' to make it sound right.

    03 Mar 2005, 19:16

  372. la la la

    this is to all the stupid people who think its pirates go!!!!! as you know the song is made of dishes that they make… heres as much proof as you need. go on all of the following links and you'll see i'm right!


    believe me now????........

    03 Mar 2005, 19:16

  373. rocky

    But Bexter's right…sigh.

    03 Mar 2005, 19:18

  374. Bexter

    thnx rocky ! me very happy gueess what i did in my science lesson today

    clue it got sumin to do wit BCLC

    03 Mar 2005, 19:21

  375. rocky

    I knew they made a dish called Pirates Gold, La La La.
    I'm not that stupid.

    03 Mar 2005, 19:21

  376. rocky

    Bexter, you were singing the songs? Loudly?

    03 Mar 2005, 19:23

  377. Bexter


    BIG COOK LITTLE COOK WELCOME TO OUR CAFE but my mate called jamie called me a very rude word so i just hit him in the arm …. im sooo lovely ! (joking) but then he spilt his acid stuff on the table …

    oh how i laughed in his face !

    03 Mar 2005, 19:24

  378. rocky

    Decicated Coconut, Decicated Coconut, Decicated Coconut….Choo, Choo!

    03 Mar 2005, 19:25

  379. Bexter

    thats right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    03 Mar 2005, 19:26

  380. rocky

    Did your teacher pick on one of the boys?

    03 Mar 2005, 19:27

  381. Tash

    lol that show realy inspired me 2day. Ive been goin round my house 2 find things that sound like other things!

    03 Mar 2005, 19:28

  382. Bexter

    pick on the boys for what ? confused!

    03 Mar 2005, 19:28

  383. rocky

    Like….Decicated Coconut, Decicated Coconut, Decicated Coconut…..Choo, Choo!

    03 Mar 2005, 19:31

  384. Bexter

    i am sooooo gunna do that in science tommorow! ….Decicated Coconut, Decicated Coconut, Decicated Coconut…..Choo, Choo!

    03 Mar 2005, 19:32

  385. rocky

    Cause you were singing it in a boy voice…..Oh, I'm confusing myself now…....

    03 Mar 2005, 19:33

  386. Bexter


    Big cook little cook …Big cook little cook …Big cook little cook … r the best yoooooooo

    03 Mar 2005, 19:34

  387. Bexter

    i dont get that hehe confusing convo

    03 Mar 2005, 19:35

  388. rocky

    Good idea Bexter.
    Mabye I'll try that.
    Decicated Coconut, Decicated Coconut, Decicated Coconut…. Choo, Choo!

    03 Mar 2005, 19:37

  389. Bexter

    i cant wait till i sing it so loud tommorow!

    i am gunna tell every1 about it

    03 Mar 2005, 19:39

  390. Bexter

    soz i gtg bibibibibiibibibibibibi

    tell u bout that singin tomoz rocky !

    03 Mar 2005, 19:40

  391. rocky

    Decicated Coconut, Decicated Coconut, Decicated Coconut…...See You Soon!

    03 Mar 2005, 20:22

  392. rocky

    Freddie Flat's in the cafe today (A postman).
    And they make him Postie Parcels, An Envelope Surprise.
    That's a good recipe.
    Bexter, how did the Decicated Coconuts go?

    04 Mar 2005, 13:44

  393. rocky

    Right, I've got a question.
    In the Princess Pea Pies episode, Ben's relatives are coming to stay.
    What is the name of the dog they're bringing along?
    a) Rover
    b) barker
    c) Len

    04 Mar 2005, 13:52

  394. Bexter

    the dogs called rover and it goes

    Decicated Coconut, Decicated Coconut, Decicated Coconut

    rocky-i did it in science today ….... i got told off for bein to loud!


    04 Mar 2005, 15:57

  395. Bexter


    what was the second pancake topping thing they made in todays show?

    04 Mar 2005, 16:11

  396. Bexter

    i mean in the clip in the show

    04 Mar 2005, 16:30

  397. hello


    04 Mar 2005, 17:56

  398. Bexter

    no hello ,it was the lemon

    04 Mar 2005, 18:11

  399. ha ha ha

    you're all so funny and make me laugh!

    04 Mar 2005, 18:55

  400. Bexter

    ha ha HA

    04 Mar 2005, 19:07

  401. rocky

    You're about the dog, Bexter. It's called Rover.
    I love that episode.
    Oh no!
    Now it's my Mum and Dad, my brother Len and his wife Pen, my cousin Bren and his wife Jen, their four children:
    Gwen, Ren, Den and Spen and their dog, Rover!
    I'm losing track.
    By the way, Pancake 1:Choc sauce, 2:lemon, 3:stawberries and cream, all with sugar.

    04 Mar 2005, 19:08

  402. rocky

    I meant RIGHT about the dog!

    04 Mar 2005, 19:10

  403. Bexter

    u r one dedicated fan if u no that off by heart!

    04 Mar 2005, 19:15

  404. rocky

    Thanks Bexter!
    I am one dedicated fan!

    04 Mar 2005, 19:25

  405. rocky

    He just comes in and starts starring at this message board and reading it all.

    04 Mar 2005, 19:48

  406. rocky


    04 Mar 2005, 19:50

  407. wooo

    wash wipe scrub and clean make the kitchen sparkle and gleam!

    04 Mar 2005, 21:07

  408. have you noticed?

    has anyone noticed that this notice board was created in June 2004, but most of the messages have been put on in the last month! Lets reach the 1000th message! I LOVE BIG COOK LITTLE COOK!!!!

    04 Mar 2005, 21:10

  409. Bexter

    cool ! to be honest i think rocky will be the 1000th messeger here!!!!!!!

    rocky is their number 1 fan.!!

    aint that rite rocky!

    05 Mar 2005, 13:30

  410. rocky

    Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Bexter.
    You are very, very, very right.

    05 Mar 2005, 19:02

  411. rocky

    Steve, my mum fancies you.
    Today she came in while I was watching BCLC (Berry Ballarina) and started staring at you.
    I asked her why she was doing this and she said:
    "Mabye I fancy him a bit."
    He He He!

    05 Mar 2005, 19:07

  412. rocky

    Hothothot was right saying that Steve and Daniel are role models for this board.
    They must post more messages!

    05 Mar 2005, 20:41

  413. bclc fan!

    whats every1s fave episode?

    05 Mar 2005, 20:45

  414. rocky

    My fave episode is Princess Pie Peas, but my fave recipe is (with a big vote), Moon Rocks.

    05 Mar 2005, 20:48

  415. rocky

    What's everyone elses favourite episodes and recipes?

    05 Mar 2005, 20:52

  416. Bexter


    05 Mar 2005, 21:06

  417. Bexter

    i have to go at 12 cos i gtg to watch BCLC !

    06 Mar 2005, 11:19

  418. rocky

    It's past 12 Bexter. I agree, all the recipes are great, but Moon Rocks rule.
    Today, it's Beany Giants.
    In fact, I'm watching BCLC now.
    See you soon!

    06 Mar 2005, 15:15

  419. Bexter

    i watched it was well cool!!!!!!

    what was in the moonrocks again?

    06 Mar 2005, 15:19

  420. being honest

    i think this websites gettin a little dull! we need something more interesting to talk about!!! how about if you were to make your own dish what would it be made of and be called??

    06 Mar 2005, 15:55

  421. rocky

    It's finished.
    Pal, can you please ask Steve to post another message.

    06 Mar 2005, 15:58

  422. rocky

    This website is by no means dull!
    Bexter, the Moon Rocks contain the same ingredients as any rock cake, with food colouring and marzipan decoration.

    06 Mar 2005, 16:02

  423. being honest

    whats your dish?

    06 Mar 2005, 16:09

  424. Bexter

    OH YEA!

    if i could have my dish it would be savoury ,.and called Bexters brill masterpiece!!!!

    i found out that on the dvd there is an extra episode!

    06 Mar 2005, 16:10

  425. la la la

    wow! have you actually tried ringing it?

    06 Mar 2005, 16:12

  426. rocky

    The extra episode is 'Cat'.
    My dish would just be Moon Rocks.
    I couldn't make one better.
    Moon Rocks rule!

    06 Mar 2005, 16:14

  427. rocky

    La La La, I haven't tried yet.
    I might do, though.
    Daniel said that was his number on the EF web.
    If it's wrong, you could just put the phone down!

    06 Mar 2005, 16:18

  428. rocky

    I want to know, who is going to be first to ring that number?
    If it works, every else can try.

    06 Mar 2005, 16:25

  429. rocky

    I wonder what Steve's number is?

    06 Mar 2005, 16:29

  430. la la la

    maybe if we ring daniel he'll tell us steves!

    06 Mar 2005, 16:31

  431. rocky

    Good idea La La La.
    Who's actually gonna ring him and find out?

    06 Mar 2005, 16:33

  432. la la la

    HA. i just rang it! it's a answer phone. he says "hi it's dan can you leave me a message!

    06 Mar 2005, 16:34

  433. rocky

    Oh wow, La La La!
    What did you say?
    Tell him I'm a huuuge fan of the show!
    I'm gonna try.

    06 Mar 2005, 16:37

  434. la la la

    i didn't say anything
    i'll ring again in a while – i just need to plan what i'll say!
    tell me what you say if you ring!

    06 Mar 2005, 16:39

  435. rocky

    Answer phone, still!
    Whoever gets to speak to him first, ask for Steve's number.

    06 Mar 2005, 16:40

  436. la la la

    i'm going to try everyday until i get a reply! maybe then he'll put a message on the board!

    06 Mar 2005, 16:43

  437. rocky

    Say….umm…..Hi, I'm a big fan of BCLC and I think you and Steve are great comedians.
    Then tell him your name and ask for Steve's number so you can post it on here.
    Something like that.

    06 Mar 2005, 16:44

  438. rocky

    Say….umm…..Hi, I'm a big fan of BCLC and I think you and Steve are great comedians.
    Then tell him your name and ask for Steve's number so you can post it on here.
    Something like that.

    06 Mar 2005, 16:44

  439. rocky

    I'm gonna try loads, too.
    But he should be answering soon.

    06 Mar 2005, 16:47

  440. la la la

    Good plan rocky, they are great comedians. If anyone gets his number remember not to keep it to yourself! we're all huuuuuuuuge fans too.

    06 Mar 2005, 16:49

  441. rocky

    Are Bexter and Hothothot going to try?

    06 Mar 2005, 16:56

  442. la la la

    yes! they really should! if we all ring then he'll realise what big fans we really are.

    06 Mar 2005, 17:02

  443. rocky

    All we've got to do is get everyone on here to ring them and be really, really nice.
    Then he'll realise.

    06 Mar 2005, 17:05

  444. rocky

    You should try again, La La La.

    06 Mar 2005, 17:25

  445. la la la

    everyone ring daniel!!

    06 Mar 2005, 17:30

  446. la la la

    the answerphone isnt on anymore!!!! ring him!

    06 Mar 2005, 17:31

  447. Bexter

    oh my god wats there website ?


    06 Mar 2005, 17:32

  448. rocky

    Yes, everyone ring Daniel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm dialing….
    Bexter, Hothothot!

    06 Mar 2005, 17:32

  449. la la la

    What's he say? What's he say?!!!!!!!!!!!!

    06 Mar 2005, 17:35

  450. Bexter


    06 Mar 2005, 17:35

  451. rocky

    Bexter, just search for Electric Forecast and the web will come up!
    I've written Daniel's number further up the forum!
    Ring him!!!!!!

    06 Mar 2005, 17:36

  452. La la la


    06 Mar 2005, 17:37

  453. rocky

    Look, I can't get through yet!
    You two try!

    06 Mar 2005, 17:39

  454. Bexter

    i don't no , im scared!!

    is it real?


    06 Mar 2005, 17:40

  455. Bexter

    i am sooo sad i saved the number !

    06 Mar 2005, 17:40

  456. Bexter

    tell dan he's fit if u ring him ! and tell him to come on the webbie !

    06 Mar 2005, 17:40

  457. rocky

    You try again, La La La!

    06 Mar 2005, 17:41

  458. la la la

    i've saved it too, and i'm scared!

    i've told hothothot to ring, but i don't know if they will!

    06 Mar 2005, 17:41

  459. rocky

    La La La spoke to him on answer phone!

    06 Mar 2005, 17:43

  460. Bexter




    SUM1 RIONG HIM BE BRAVE but not me !!!!

    06 Mar 2005, 17:44

  461. Bexter


    OH MY GOD !

    06 Mar 2005, 17:45

  462. rocky

    I don't want to either!

    06 Mar 2005, 17:46

  463. Bexter


    SUM1 DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!

    i wish he had msn

    06 Mar 2005, 17:47

  464. rocky

    SOMEONE RING HIM!!!!!!!!!

    06 Mar 2005, 17:50

  465. Bexter

    i amm sooooooo scared
    he mite get annoyed as like 10000000 people will ring him lol !!

    get him to cum on here

    06 Mar 2005, 17:51

  466. rocky

    I would if I could but I can't!!!
    I'm stuck at my nan's house and she won't let me ring him and she's in the same room as the phone!!!!

    06 Mar 2005, 17:54

  467. rocky

    Ring him La La La!!!!!
    You've done it once!!

    06 Mar 2005, 17:56

  468. la la la


    06 Mar 2005, 17:56

  469. Bexter


    06 Mar 2005, 17:56

  470. Bexter


    06 Mar 2005, 17:59

  471. la la la

    it isnt dan!!!(well dan wright) nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    06 Mar 2005, 17:59

  472. Bexter



    I AM CRYING NOW :(:(

    06 Mar 2005, 18:00

  473. la la la

    are you sure that was the number? which website did you find it on?

    06 Mar 2005, 18:01

  474. Bexter

    i gtg bi x x x x x x x x x

    hopefully be bac on later

    i cant BELIEVE IT WASNT DAN :(

    06 Mar 2005, 18:02

  475. rocky

    If you search for Electric Forecast the website will come up.
    That was the right number, but a different person called Dan.
    Look, Steve, pleeeaaase can you post another message, and pleeaaase can you give us your phone number, or Dan Wright's!

    06 Mar 2005, 18:16

  476. la la la

    you mean you got my hopes up for nothing!!!!?

    06 Mar 2005, 18:17

  477. la la la

    when we rang him, he sounded like he knows who dan was! asked if he knew who daniel wright was… and he said DAN wright instead of daniel. maybe he was trying to keep it quiet or something.

    06 Mar 2005, 18:26

  478. rocky

    Please, please post more messages, Steve!!!!!

    06 Mar 2005, 18:40

  479. rocky

    Really, really sorry, La La La!!!!
    Can you ask him again if he knows Dan Wright?

    06 Mar 2005, 18:44

  480. Bexter


    06 Mar 2005, 19:30

  481. rocky

    You see, this man is a member of Mirth Control, which is where I got the number from.
    Many commidiens work for Mirth Control, including Electric Forecast (Steve Marsh and Daniel Wright).
    The man on the phone, La La La, was like one of their bosses.
    So he knows them, and he's got their phone numbers.
    You should ring him, and ask again.

    06 Mar 2005, 19:34

  482. rocky

    Sorry Bexter.
    I thought it was.
    When Steve posts again we can ask him about their numbers.

    06 Mar 2005, 19:36

  483. Lauren

    I hardly think they'll be likely to leave their phone numbers on here

    06 Mar 2005, 19:45

  484. rocky

    Mabye you're right, but it's worth a try.

    06 Mar 2005, 19:48

  485. Lauren

    They wont want people constantly ringing them up being a nuisance. If someone asked for your phone number on the internet you wouldnt give it out would you?

    06 Mar 2005, 19:50

  486. rocky

    I dunno.
    Anyway, no one on here would be "Constantly ringing them up being a nuisance

    06 Mar 2005, 19:54

  487. Lauren

    Well, by reading the previous posts certain people have spent quite a while this afternoon constantly ringing that mobile number until someone answered and now your saying to ring the guy up again just to ask if he knows Dan. I'm sorry but if I were that guy I would consider it a nuisance.

    06 Mar 2005, 20:02

  488. rocky

    Yeah, but the fact is:

    a) That man is not Steve Marsh or Daniel Wright.

    b) We haven't actually made a single phone call to either of them this afternoon.

    c) That man stuck his phone number on a website, for people to ask stuff about Electric Forecast, which is exactly what everyone did.

    06 Mar 2005, 20:11

  489. Lauren

    True but….

    a) At the time you thought the man WAS Dan Wright, so you spent time constantly trying to contact someone you believed to be him.

    b)Had it been Dan you advised EVERYONE on here to ring him up. So he would have had quite a few calls from you lot this afternoon.

    c)The phone number on the website is for business purposes.

    06 Mar 2005, 20:21

  490. rocky

    If a man puts his number on a public website, with "If you have any questions call this number"
    written underneath it, it surely invites you to dial it?
    And anyway, is calling someone until they answer, then speaking to them ONCE, for less than a minute really too much to ask?

    06 Mar 2005, 20:24

  491. rocky

    It wasn't necisarily for bussiness, just questions.
    And anyway, the idea was:
    Everyone ring and stop when someone gets an answer.

    06 Mar 2005, 20:27

  492. Lauren

    The number on the website is mainly for people who may want to book the comedians, not for school kids to call.
    Also, had you all called this afternoon, as you suggested, then it wouldnt have been one person speaking to him once, it would have been numerous.

    06 Mar 2005, 20:29

  493. Boots

    I've been on that website.
    The number is for general questions, not just business.

    06 Mar 2005, 20:30

  494. rocky

    No, as we would have stopped calling when someone got through.
    Thank you, Boots, anyway.

    06 Mar 2005, 20:34

  495. Lauren

    All I'm saying is that had it been Dan's number, I hardly think he would want kids that he doesnt know ringing his mobile on a Sunday afternoon when he is probably spending time with his family. As a 27 year old mother I know how annoying unsolicited phone calls can be when you are having private time.

    I know you guys are fans but you need to realise that these people have private lives, and they need to be kept private.

    Its great that Steve posts on here, that should be enough.

    And to be honest, its not safe ringing up strangers.

    06 Mar 2005, 20:39

  496. hothothot

    Hello I haven't been on for a bit, how are you all peeps?

    Lauren….I really think to put your telephone number on the net, business or not you will recieve calls of all kinds, bona fide or not. Some people, granted, have taken it too far, but this site seems to have become a fan base for the bclc stars and is a laugh, nothing more….nothing else. Nothing is meant maliciously at all.
    We realise these people have private lives…after all we are not that niave, or KIDS as you pressumed in your entry. And I really don't think there is anything unsolicited about it. Chill

    So…on another note…anyone got any good goss?

    07 Mar 2005, 10:31

  497. Bexter

    Lauren i dont agree i think that if he put that number on there it is up too him. He will expect calls. It was his dission

    07 Mar 2005, 15:50

  498. Bexter

    lets talk bout soming where we dont argue !

    07 Mar 2005, 15:54

  499. mr 7toes

    i'd just like to say to lauren (cos i like these abc things) and i think shes wrong…

    a) we're huuuuuuuuge fans of bclc. i doubt any of us would like to hurt little cooks feelings or cause offence or hassle. especially because theyre so brilliant!

    b) that man, whether he is little cook small or just some guy who dishes out information on electric six, he put his phone number on that website, therefore would have expected calls from strangers.

    c) finally, NOBODY here kept ringing him. the person who rang, rang twice.no more. the first time the phone was switched off, the second time he answered and he was spoken to in a nice and orderly fashion (despite it wasn't him after all)

    07 Mar 2005, 18:33

  500. mr 7toes

    sorry bexter i missed out on the arguing but now lets not argue…

    (wooo i'm the 500th post)

    07 Mar 2005, 18:37

  501. rocky

    Thank you all.
    Lauren seems to think we're little babies.

    But I agree lets not argue.
    Hey, at last I'm getting somewhere with the people at my school.
    Today, one came up to me and said:
    "BCLC is great. I like Big Cook and I think Little Cook's hair is really cool."
    Then they said they'd been watching BCLC, and began reciting sayings from the programme.
    Progress, eh?

    07 Mar 2005, 19:12

  502. Boots

    I'd just like to say, anyone who did ring seemed to only want to tell him that BCLC is a great show, (Which it is!)

    07 Mar 2005, 19:23

  503. Boots

    I wasn't on when Steve was on.
    Is he going to post another message?

    07 Mar 2005, 19:25

  504. rocky

    I hope so, Boots.

    07 Mar 2005, 19:27

  505. jamie

    I think the pumpkin pies were gr8 2day!
    I love all u guys on here!

    07 Mar 2005, 19:39

  506. rocky

    Thank you Jamie.
    I agree, Pumpkin Pies are great.
    They're my second favourite, after Moon Rocks.
    Lucky Cinderella, getting to go to their cafe and being served a Pumpkin Pie.
    I only hope it wasn't her coach!

    07 Mar 2005, 19:43

  507. Boots

    Pumpkin Pies are my first favourite!

    07 Mar 2005, 19:45

  508. Boots

    This is a great message board for BCLC fans!
    I love it!

    07 Mar 2005, 19:49

  509. Boots

    We should give it a name, like:
    "BCLC Fan Message Board.

    07 Mar 2005, 19:55

  510. Boots

    Or, " BCLC Fan Forum".
    That sounds better.

    07 Mar 2005, 20:03

  511. rocky

    Good idea.
    What does everyone else think?

    07 Mar 2005, 20:05

  512. la la la

    very catchy!

    07 Mar 2005, 20:47

  513. tash

    i think thats a gr8 name. gud thinkin boots

    07 Mar 2005, 21:33

  514. Bexter


    08 Mar 2005, 15:44

  515. la la la

    i loved princess pea pie! i watched it with mr callum today and he loved it too!

    has anyone ever made princess pea pie?

    08 Mar 2005, 17:46

  516. Boots

    Thank you Tash and La La La.

    08 Mar 2005, 19:00

  517. rocky

    Hi everyone!
    Boots, you're idea is really good!
    My fave episode today, Princess Pea Pies. You're right Bexter.
    (But not my fave recipe. Moon Rocks gets that vote)
    I love the way all Ben's relatives have names ending with 'en'.
    It's the most amusing one, for sure.
    You sounded very hoarse today, Steve.
    Did you have a sore throat when today's episode was filmed, or was it just exasperation?

    08 Mar 2005, 19:10

  518. rocky

    I suppose you would have to be exasperated if that many people were coming to stay, and you didn't have anywhere for them to sleep.

    08 Mar 2005, 19:14

  519. Boots

    Please post more messages, Steve.

    08 Mar 2005, 19:40

  520. rocky

    Yeah, you seem to be in demand!

    08 Mar 2005, 19:41

  521. hothothot

    I watched last weeks episode of "so last week", if you don't mind bad language then it's V.funny. It definitely shows Electric forecast in their true form!!
    Daniels hair is REALLY like that in real life!..........cool

    09 Mar 2005, 11:21

  522. Bexter

    yea like me and rocky said ages ago that small wouldnt be the same without his orange mane!


    09 Mar 2005, 15:43

  523. rocky

    Steve post more messages!!!!
    I do think Dan wouldn't look as good without his orange hair.
    By the way, has anyone noticed that Steve doesn't actually appear to have any stubble.
    He defiently looks better without it.
    I wonder, is this because he just doesn't have any, or because he shaves really well.
    I'm not sure.

    09 Mar 2005, 19:07

  524. Boots

    Hello everyone.
    I don't know Rocky, But I agree with you and Bexter that it would be better if Steve posted on here more.

    09 Mar 2005, 19:12

  525. rocky

    Hothothot, you should add Boots to your list of users.

    09 Mar 2005, 19:13

  526. rocky

    Hothothot, you should add Boots to your list of users.

    09 Mar 2005, 19:13

  527. Boots

    List of users?

    09 Mar 2005, 19:44

  528. rocky

    Can someone pleeaase ask Steve to post on here more!
    Me and Boots and Bexter and Hothothot and La La La and everyone else really want him to!

    09 Mar 2005, 20:32

  529. la la la

    yeah we really do! and i wouldnt mind if dan added one too!!

    09 Mar 2005, 21:51

  530. hothothot

    I think that Steve probably just has a really good shave, I think he'd be a little upset if we thought he couldn't grow any!!!! lol
    I love Dan's hair, I wonder if he dyes it, or d'ya think he's naturally a ginge?
    Hi "Boots" welcome!

    10 Mar 2005, 13:52

  531. Jamie

    hello did anybody see todays big cook little cook?i dont think ben looked good in the knight helmet,it was too small!
    i like little cooks hair its wicked i think its real but he must wear lots of hair gel because it stays up very well when he rides his spoon-mobile
    i hope steve or daniel write on here soon
    they rock!

    10 Mar 2005, 16:14

  532. Bexter


    YEY my sis is ginger ! ROCK ON!

    10 Mar 2005, 16:20

  533. rocky

    I don't think there's anything wrong with not having any stubble, but, you're right Hothothot, Steve probably just shaves alot.
    Bexter, Dan's hair rocks doesn't it!
    BCLC was great today!
    I hope they both post on here soon!

    10 Mar 2005, 19:08

  534. Boots

    Yes, please start posting again!
    Ginger hair rocks! (I have ginger hair!)

    10 Mar 2005, 19:10

  535. rocky

    Do you think Pal could tell Steve he's wanted on here?
    They did before.

    10 Mar 2005, 19:13

  536. Bexter


    11 Mar 2005, 15:48

  537. k

    my friend hates her ginger hair, even though i think it's gorgeous! she should look up at little cook small because hes briiliant. its time to stop picking on people because theyre ginger.

    11 Mar 2005, 17:41

  538. rocky

    I agree, ginger hair rules!

    11 Mar 2005, 18:05

  539. la la la

    Go ginger hair, gooo

    11 Mar 2005, 18:31

  540. Boots

    Yes go!

    11 Mar 2005, 18:59

  541. rocky

    Does anyone have any ideas about asking Steve to come back on here?

    11 Mar 2005, 19:01

  542. la la la

    wasnt it bexter who knows him?

    11 Mar 2005, 19:19

  543. la la la

    wasnt it bexter who knows him?

    11 Mar 2005, 19:19

  544. rocky

    His mate's chat name is Pal.
    They don't come on here much though, like Steve.
    That's the problem.

    11 Mar 2005, 19:21

  545. rocky

    I hope he comes back on here soon, so he knows we want him to post more messages.
    Or Pal, so they can tell him.

    11 Mar 2005, 19:25

  546. hothothot

    My mate at work hates people with ginger hair, and shouts..GINGE when he sees someone with it…..I have to tell him or for being "hair-ist"
    Anyway i'm sure that if we keep our fan base up on here, Steve or Dan will acknowledge us….......patience my pretties!!!

    11 Mar 2005, 20:24

  547. hothothot

    I meant tell him off..in my last entry..sorry spelling outta the window tonight(v.tired!)

    11 Mar 2005, 20:27

  548. rocky

    Your mate shouldn't be hair-ist, Hothothot!
    We're gonna keep this board up….....I am, anyway!
    I hope our fave cooks/commedeins post on here soon!

    11 Mar 2005, 20:31

  549. rocky

    I'm about to fall asleep too!

    11 Mar 2005, 20:33

  550. jamie

    hello my mum and dad have gone out so they said i can come the computer tonight.my nan is here,i tried telling her about big cook little cook but she just thinks its silly and she doesnt know who they are anyway.
    i think that your mate is mean hothothot and that they are jealous really!my friend josh is going to come on next week i think because his mum and dad are getting a computer.hoo-ray we can get lots of fans for big cook little cook.i have to go now my nan is nagging me to turn the computer off.

    11 Mar 2005, 21:34

  551. Bexter

    giner hair rules! this horrible boy @ skool hates ginger hair and calls em rude words …...

    …..... so i just punched him in the arm! NOONE OFFEND GINGERS! MY SIS IS A GINGER!
    GOGO SMALL !!!


    11 Mar 2005, 22:15

  552. Bexter

    Big cook little cook welcome to our cafe ….... sorry mumbling to myself !

    Can sum1 on here make a website for BCLC fans

    12 Mar 2005, 18:32

  553. la la la

    i would but where would i find info about them to put on it?!

    12 Mar 2005, 19:28

  554. person

    i feel so depressed

    12 Mar 2005, 19:29

  555. rocky

    I'm sorry you feel depressed, Person.
    Jamie- You're nan doesn't know what she's talking about, BCLC ain't silly!
    Bexter and La La La, surely if we put together everything we know about BCLC, some stuff from Electric Forecast, and some stuff from the CBeebies website, we could make our own web!
    Steve please post on here again soon!

    12 Mar 2005, 19:38

  556. Brandy

    BCLC rules!!!!!!

    12 Mar 2005, 19:39

  557. Boots

    Quite right, Brandy!

    12 Mar 2005, 19:40

  558. la la la

    does anyone know where i can find any pictures of steve or dan? i can only find one picture of them, and its proving difficult to find any different ones.

    13 Mar 2005, 11:46

  559. Bexter


    i have to go to the dentist tommorow and when i am there i will think of BCLC!!

    13 Mar 2005, 15:48

  560. la la la

    yes, think of them!! then you can come back and tell us about how they got you through!

    from now on if i have any worrying times i will think of bclc and princess pea pie!

    13 Mar 2005, 17:14

  561. rocky

    La La La, you could google Electric Forecast for pictures.
    Please tell us how the dentist goes Bexter.
    Good luck!

    13 Mar 2005, 18:08

  562. rocky

    Go Moon Rocks, go Moon Rocks, go Moon Rocks!
    They were on today, and Moon Rocks are my favourite!

    13 Mar 2005, 18:10

  563. Brandy

    It is a very good recipe.

    13 Mar 2005, 18:11

  564. Boots

    Good luck at the dentist, Bexter!

    13 Mar 2005, 18:12

  565. Bexter

    thank you all!! x x x x x x

    i am gettin worried now ! :'(

    i will think rocky recipes!

    13 Mar 2005, 18:49

  566. rocky

    Yeah, Bexter.
    Think rocky recipes.
    You shouldn't worry.
    They'll give you painkillers, so it won't hurt.
    Good luck, still.

    13 Mar 2005, 19:02

  567. Brandy

    I've had a tooth out before, if that's what you're talking about.
    It isn't that bad.

    13 Mar 2005, 19:04

  568. Brandy

    I've had a tooth out before, if that's what you're talking about.
    It isn't that bad.

    13 Mar 2005, 19:04

  569. Bexter

    i aint gotta have a tooth out!! i got a checkup but i worry about everything!!!!! i do hope it will ok !!! think bclc think bclc ! that'll get me through!!!!



    13 Mar 2005, 19:13

  570. rocky

    I thought you had to have a tooth out, because you were so scared.
    In that case, don't worry.
    There's probably nothing wrong, but I hope it goes alright.

    13 Mar 2005, 19:35

  571. hothothot


    Hey peeps…....this is all i can find at the mo on google search. Not much I know, but I'm still on the case.
    Hey, Bexter, hope your checkup went ok!!! wimp! lol…..only jokin, it's not nice is it at the dentist?!
    I think someone should open a bclc website, if I had the first idea of where to start, then I'd love to…..but I
    don't :-(

    I definitely think bclc/electric forecast should do one of their own! They could be really big if they wanted to, if only they appeared on T.V MORE!!!!!!

    14 Mar 2005, 11:47

  572. Bexter

    yeah the dentist was fine!! i have to go back and hav a filling but i dont have to have a horrible injection!!


    i thought of BCLC!

    14 Mar 2005, 15:58

  573. la la la

    hi bexter, i'm glad everything went ok.
    i cant believe its so hard to find a pic of bclc's dan and steve on the web! they should have more photo shoots and publish them on the web!

    14 Mar 2005, 17:37

  574. Bexter

    I NO !!!!!!!!!

    14 Mar 2005, 17:48

  575. Bexter

    I NO !!!!!!!!!

    14 Mar 2005, 17:48

  576. la la la

    CALM DOWN!!! lol

    14 Mar 2005, 17:59

  577. Bexter

    i want another update from steve!!

    14 Mar 2005, 18:01

  578. mr 7toes

    me too, but we must appreciate the fast he has a busy schedule

    14 Mar 2005, 18:20

  579. rocky

    I know Mr7toes, but I do hope he posts again soon.
    Bexter- Glad the dentists went okay!

    14 Mar 2005, 19:05

  580. Boots

    I hope you're okay Bexter.
    Little Betty Blue was in the cafe today.

    14 Mar 2005, 19:12

  581. Smoky

    Hi everyone!
    It's a great BCLC fan board this, innit?
    Saw a post further up about some list!
    Who's on it?

    14 Mar 2005, 19:57

  582. rocky

    Everyone I mentioned on post 342 along with you Boots and Brandy.

    14 Mar 2005, 20:00

  583. rocky

    Steve, we understand that you are very busy with your work, but me and Bexter and everyone else on here really want you to post more messages.
    Pleeaase can you!

    14 Mar 2005, 20:24

  584. Bexter


    15 Mar 2005, 15:49

  585. mr 7toes

    yeah baby

    15 Mar 2005, 16:49

  586. la la la

    what's you favourite episode and why?

    15 Mar 2005, 17:17

  587. mr 7toes

    gee thats a hard one, theyre all brill

    15 Mar 2005, 18:22

  588. Bexter


    i like the dotty hairstyles cos that v. funny!

    i love BCLC

    15 Mar 2005, 18:47

  589. Smoky

    Mine is Farmyard Smoothies.
    They're all great though, ain't they!

    15 Mar 2005, 19:01

  590. rocky

    As I said before, Moon Rocks is my fave recipe, and Princess Pea Pies is my fave episode.

    15 Mar 2005, 19:04

  591. Boots

    Pumpkin Pie.

    15 Mar 2005, 19:05

  592. Brandy

    Carrot Cakes!

    15 Mar 2005, 19:07

  593. rocky

    Dotty Hairstyles is really good Bexter!
    Jamie, what's your fave episode?

    15 Mar 2005, 19:10

  594. rocky

    Dotty Hairstyles is really good Bexter!
    Jamie, what's your fave episode?

    15 Mar 2005, 19:10

  595. Bexter

    i no!!!

    i gtg i have to get off PC.

    bibi x talk more BCLC tomoz

    15 Mar 2005, 19:14

  596. rocky

    See you soon Bexter!

    15 Mar 2005, 19:48

  597. la la la

    bye (even though i havent been here!)

    15 Mar 2005, 20:09

  598. Bexter




    16 Mar 2005, 16:01

  599. hothothot

    Hello, it was the Humpty Dumpty one, with the blue eggs

    16 Mar 2005, 16:38

  600. hothothot

    Not one of my faves…...but still sheer brilliance by Steve and Dan!

    16 Mar 2005, 16:39

  601. Bexter

    yea ! i think this episode was well clever 'cos the make the eggs blue!

    rock on !

    16 Mar 2005, 16:43

  602. rocky

    I saw it Bexter.
    It was great and I love the blue marbled eggs!

    16 Mar 2005, 19:02

  603. Smoky

    Rock on BCLC, rock on fans!!!!

    16 Mar 2005, 19:04

  604. rocky

    Yes Smoky, we're gonna convert the whole world to BCLC, aren't we Bexter!

    16 Mar 2005, 19:06

  605. Bexter

    i no ! marble fever!

    sorry i am in a crazy mood!!!!!



    16 Mar 2005, 19:07

  606. Bexter

    I HAVE A TIP ! if your @ school and a teacher is tewllin u off or stuff ,
    just imagine small flyin across their head!

    16 Mar 2005, 19:18

  607. rocky

    …...and crashing into their face, followed by them suffering a dramatic fall to the ground!
    Good idea, Bexter!
    I have decided to be in a crazy mood today too.

    16 Mar 2005, 19:29

  608. rocky

    Don't you think Bexter, that this message board would be soooooo much better if Steve posted on here more?

    16 Mar 2005, 19:36

  609. Bexter




    wooooooooooooooo oh bum it my dad says i gtg now bi x x x x x x

    16 Mar 2005, 19:37

  610. Bexter


    bibibibibibibii x x x x x x x all

    16 Mar 2005, 19:41

  611. rocky

    You're allowed to write in capitals Bexter.
    It rules the world and we do too,
    cos' we are in the BCLC crew.
    And if you truly are a fan,
    You can help us rule the land!!!
    I'm quite good at writing poems and stories as I have written a series of 800 page novels which I am going to have published (If when they are published you see them can you please buy them.They are good books and the first one is called Snowfox.)
    BCLC rules!!

    16 Mar 2005, 19:52

  612. mr 7toes

    has anyone thought about making a site yet?

    16 Mar 2005, 22:10

  613. Pal

    Hi everybody

    This site has changed quite a bit since I last saw it!! Don't worry about Steve not posting for a while he has just been really busy with this and that and just hasn't had chance but he will soon. Ciao

    17 Mar 2005, 12:00

  614. Alyson (Big Cooks Sister)

    Hi Paul & Everyone else.

    Steve has been away working for a few weeks so not had chance to update the site but will once he gets a minute. Think the site is great & the dvd comes out next week. Keep on watching the show & keep on cooking.

    Bye for now

    17 Mar 2005, 12:57

  615. Bexter


    WELL DONE ON THE novels aswell rocky we could make a poem book called rocky&bexter the BCLC book of poems!

    i want to help make the world luv bclc!

    17 Mar 2005, 15:53

  616. Bexter


    17 Mar 2005, 15:59

  617. rocky

    Thank you Bexter!
    I wrote four more pages of Snowfox after leaving the board last night.
    Hi Alyson and hi Pal.
    I am going to buy the DVD and I hope that whatever work Steve is doing away goes well.
    Please tell him he is in demand cos' me and everyone else on here really want him to post again.
    We are all huge fans and think it is the best show in the world!!!

    17 Mar 2005, 19:06

  618. rocky

    Bexter, have you noticed that we seem to be getting most of Steve's family on here?

    17 Mar 2005, 19:14

  619. hothothot

    Yeah, we seem to be getting everyone, BUT NOT STEVE…...boohoo!
    Anyway, we seem to be leaving poor Dan out through all of this…don't forget Little Cook Small!!!

    Hope you're all ok too

    17 Mar 2005, 19:40

  620. rocky

    Hi, Hothothot!
    The reason why we're leaving Dan out is because he hasn't actually posted on hear.
    I hope he does send some messages, anyway.
    Steve will will post some messages, but only when he's got back his home (Alyson said he is working away!)

    17 Mar 2005, 19:48

  621. Yello

    hey people, has any body made their own BCLC website? i'm sure evryone can pull together to create one which every 1 can enjoy…

    17 Mar 2005, 20:43

  622. Pal


    Is there anything anybody wants me to pass on to Steve??? Rocky I'm sure you must have something!

    18 Mar 2005, 15:22

  623. Bexter



    ROCKY WE GOTT get all the family on here next !! next step the hole world!!!

    18 Mar 2005, 16:46

  624. Pal

    Ok I'll try not to forget.

    18 Mar 2005, 16:56

  625. rocky

    You know me too well, Pal.
    Of course I have something for you to pass on to Steve.
    Tell him I hope he's back on here soon and I think todays show is really great!
    By the way, I am using a neighbours computer and she wants you to tell Steve that BCLC rocks!!!
    Please tell him!

    18 Mar 2005, 19:34

  626. la la la

    when i was looking at other chatrooms i came accross one about childrens tv programmes. there was this one woman who said she hated bclc but she was quoting whole chunks of the songs! i couldnt beleive it. how dare she diss bclc. its such a great show, and if she didnt like it then she shouldnt watch it anyway!!! we could do without people like that!

    18 Mar 2005, 20:34

  627. mr 7toes

    i reckon she must like it to know all the words!

    18 Mar 2005, 20:36

  628. Bexter

    we know what we think about people who don't like BCLC , why did she know about it if she didnt like it? i think we have a person who is embarrased! (if thats how u spell it) WE ARE COOL !!


    19 Mar 2005, 09:07

  629. Bexter

    rocky- well done on the book and yes we will have steves grandparents next!!

    19 Mar 2005, 09:11

  630. rocky

    How dare that woman diss BCLC!!!
    We don't want people like her, do we?
    Pal, is Steve off with Dan doing some stand-up comedy show?
    If so, when will he be back on here?

    19 Mar 2005, 13:09

  631. Bexter

    no we dont want people like that on here do we rocky!!!!!!!
    PAL- please say to steve that i wish him all the luck with his new projects & wen he has a few seconds just to pop on here and say wat he's been up 2!!

    19 Mar 2005, 13:58

  632. rocky

    Good luck, Steve!!!

    19 Mar 2005, 17:25

  633. Bexter

    rocky are next mission is to get dan's family on here next!

    19 Mar 2005, 17:40

  634. rocky

    Good idea, Bexter!

    19 Mar 2005, 19:38

  635. Bexter

    pal , can u ask steve to tell dan to check out the site! lol

    20 Mar 2005, 09:58

  636. Bexter

    i missed BCLC again today , what episode was it?

    21 Mar 2005, 15:34

  637. la la la

    it was the robot biscuit one! how could you miss it!

    21 Mar 2005, 17:26

  638. Bexter

    i no ! im a bad bad person!

    i have seen that 1 anyway , ive seen all of them i cant wait for the new series to come out! i wonder wat will be on it!

    21 Mar 2005, 18:30

  639. la la la

    what kind of dishes do you think they will come up with?

    21 Mar 2005, 22:27

  640. jamie

    hello everybody
    i have just got back from holiday.with my parents=yuck.it was ok we had to go and visit my nan in scotland.she looks like a man because she has a little beard and she smells like biscuits!
    i missed all the big cook little cook shows though.my parents wouldn't let me watch it when we were there.which ones were on this week?i saw the little red riding hood one today.but that is all.

    22 Mar 2005, 16:29

  641. hothothot

    hi peeps….sorry haven't been on for ages….been so busy! how are we all? All good I hope!
    When is the new series coming on? Does anyone know? I thought it was after the summer :-( Long time to wait!!!

    I saw the robot one the other day-don't you think they put too much icing on? There was like LOADS of the stuff!!! I like sweet stuff, but that would've made me puke I think!

    Hey…'Pal'....who are you?...sorry just being nosey!!!

    22 Mar 2005, 16:41

  642. Bexter

    jamie – soz bout the holiday must of been so muh pain of visting ur man i mean nan ! lol the new episodes are cummin out in summer !!!! long time to wait!!!!!!!!

    i had a science test today – i nearly died! but this has cheered me up!
    i would like lots of crazy and exciting new recipes on da show!!

    22 Mar 2005, 16:46

  643. Bexter

    hothothot there has been loads things happenin !
    PAL Is steves mate!!

    and us lot now want dans family on here next!

    our plan is working !

    22 Mar 2005, 17:10

  644. Loulabelle

    Check this out you guys

    22 Mar 2005, 18:47

  645. rocky

    Hi guys!
    My computer broke down and it's only just been fixed, so I couldn't come on here.
    The holiday can't of been too fun Jamie!
    It was saucepan sorting day yesterday, And today Little Red Riding Hood was in the cafe.
    Hi Bexter, I had a maths test today and it was not fun!!!!
    Have we still not had any messages from the BCLC stars?
    Please tell them to come on here Pal!
    Got to go and write Snowfox.
    See you all later!

    22 Mar 2005, 19:11

  646. dude

    woah is that little cook in that advert?

    22 Mar 2005, 19:50

  647. Loulabelle

    It certainly is him lol!

    22 Mar 2005, 20:11

  648. rocky

    It is him in that advert.
    I am very annoyed because my little sister is watching some freaky programme that is not on BBC 2 or CBeebies.
    I do hope she let's me switch over before BCLC!!!

    23 Mar 2005, 07:26

  649. Miss_Behaving

    I too am a big admirer of Big Cook Ben and his singing and dancing talents, and I think its proper ace that he writes on here now and again, but having read this entire forum last night, I was wondering, arent you guys a bit worried that Steve wont come back on after the whole Dan's mobile number fiasco? It was a little bit mental!
    And, Steve, if you are still reading this – you rock my world!!

    23 Mar 2005, 10:05

  650. hothothot

    I think everyone just got a little excitable over the whole phone number thing….still, I'm sure they both understand that the people on here just want them to make contact with us, or to BE ON THE TELLY MORE!!!!! lol

    It was the one with the elephant today….cool episode…the fudge and pancakes(or crepe as they said!)looked SSOOOOOOO yummy…I wanted to eat some!

    I didn't realise it was Dan in that advert!!! He makes quite a good girl-doesn't he?!
    Does anyone else know of any other stuff they've been in?

    23 Mar 2005, 12:03

  651. Pal

    Hello again,

    What would you like to know about me Hothothot?

    23 Mar 2005, 13:48

  652. Pal

    Oh and by the way forgot to mention that it wasn't Dans number that you were all calling.

    23 Mar 2005, 13:49

  653. hothothot

    Yeah…I think they sort of realised is wasn't Dan's number in the end….thankfully I wasn't involved in the whole fiasco!

    Just wondering if your name really is pal?!....only kiddin'........how do you know them then?eh?eh?

    Just being nosey Pal….that's all!

    23 Mar 2005, 14:46

  654. **Laurz**

    I may be 16 but a love watching big cook little cook i think it is one of the best programs on TV = ) little cook is cute

    23 Mar 2005, 15:11

  655. Laurz

    I may be 16 but i love watching big cook little cook, its the best program on TV = ) Little cook is cute

    23 Mar 2005, 15:14

  656. jamie

    hello everybody
    hi hothothot.hi pal.i think that all the others come on here at night by the look of it.i have to come on as soon as i get home from school whilst i am doing my homework.i have to hide the screen when my mum comes in.she thinks the internet is dangerous!i said to her some things are,but this is ok.she wont listen.
    nothing can keep me away from big cook little cook though!she has alredy gone to work in the morning when it is on before school and my dad doesn't mind me watching it.
    he goes on a lot more stuff than me on the internet.he says i can't look at it!probably lots of boobies!
    i wish i could talk with you guys at night when you are on here.i don't have many friends thats all.

    23 Mar 2005, 16:06

  657. Bexter


    OH MY GOD! !!!!!!!!

    Ben should be on one next!

    Rocky- i hate maths tests 2!

    How do u no it was him!!

    23 Mar 2005, 16:07

  658. Pal

    Well safe to say thats not my real name, its Paul, have known Steve for a long time through family connections firstly. So did anybody find out how old everybody on here is???.

    23 Mar 2005, 16:07

  659. Bexter


    23 Mar 2005, 16:08

  660. Bexter

    funny u should ask that cos we had this convo earlier up in the forum!
    u'll see how old me nd rocky are cos we r the same age!

    23 Mar 2005, 19:06

  661. rocky

    Hi Bexter!
    Miss Behaving, I just want to say that we are not mental, we were just excited as we thought it was Dan's number
    But if it is the reason why they won't come on here, please tell them Pal that we're sorry about the phone number thing, and that we really want them to post on here again.

    23 Mar 2005, 19:28

  662. rocky

    By the way Steve, if you are reading this, I would never keep ringing you repeatedly even if I did know you number.

    23 Mar 2005, 19:31

  663. rocky

    I feel really guilty about this whole phone number thing. I didn't even ring it, but I was the one who found the number. I'd hate to think it's my fault that they won't post on here anymore. Tell them I'm sorry, Pal.

    23 Mar 2005, 19:38

  664. Loulabelle

    I'm sure Steve and Dan would realise you didnt mean to cause any trouble.

    23 Mar 2005, 19:56

  665. rocky

    Thanks Loulabelle.
    I hope so.

    23 Mar 2005, 20:00

  666. yello

    ne of u dudes created a bclc wesite?

    23 Mar 2005, 20:17

  667. Jimmy

    is bclc still on in the mornings ne more? cuz when i go 2 watch it its scooby doo! ;(

    23 Mar 2005, 21:29

  668. rocky

    Yello- We are going to try and make a website, when we have enough information about the BCLC stars.
    Timmy- BCLC does not always show at 8 on BBC 2, sometimes in shows later, but you can always catch it on CBeebies at 8, 12 or 4 on a weekday and at 12 or 3 on a weekend.

    24 Mar 2005, 10:05

  669. Boots

    The idea of a website seems to be very popular.
    If anyone does see anything we could use for one, please could you attach a link to this forum.

    24 Mar 2005, 10:45

  670. mr 7toes

    if ur looking for a freewebsite base then go to www.freewebs.com

    24 Mar 2005, 11:28

  671. Boots

    Thankyou Mr 7toes.
    We could use that for the BCLC website base, but we'll need alot of information for it.

    24 Mar 2005, 13:13

  672. hothothot

    I've been trying so hard(to the point that my eyes are soooo sore from looking at computer screens), to find ANYTHING on bclc…..easier said than done.

    If anyone can find the 'Yorkie bar' advert, then that'd be great!!!

    Hey, Pal….glad your name isn't really Pal….that'd just be unlucky. If you look back through the forum, then you will find that everyone has put their ages….as Bexter said too. Mine, however remains a closely guarded secret. How lod are you then ?hmmm? hmmm? hehe!

    These are their tour dates for their comedy stand-up coming up soon. It's all I can find on them…...sorry :-(

    24 Mar 2005, 14:11

  673. hothothot

    Oh….how is everyone? x

    24 Mar 2005, 14:13

  674. Bexter

    im koolio thnx hothothot

    24 Mar 2005, 16:07

  675. Bexter

    heres info on the yorkie bar ad , and it came from the website that had dan nd steve on !!


    24 Mar 2005, 16:09

  676. Bexter





    24 Mar 2005, 16:30

  677. rocky

    I'm fine to.
    Happy Easter!!!
    Thanks for the EF dates and Yorkie advert stuff Bexter and Hothothot. I'm sure Boots will be pleased.

    24 Mar 2005, 19:07

  678. Boots

    Yes, thankyou.

    24 Mar 2005, 19:09

  679. Lauren

    I've not been on here for ages but im back again now!

    Tomorow we can all fill our faces with chocolate!!!!

    I had a tetnus jab 2day and it hurt. My arm is all swolen :'(

    24 Mar 2005, 19:13

  680. Bexter

    awwwww get beta lauren ! BCLC will cheer u up !

    24 Mar 2005, 19:18

  681. rocky

    Hello Lauren.
    Good to see you again.
    Happy Easter.
    I hope your arm doesn't hurt to much.
    Steve's friend Paul (known as Pal) has been on here and says is he away but will post on here again soon hopefully.
    Bexter and Hothothot have put some links above about the BCLC stars, so check them out!

    24 Mar 2005, 19:19

  682. Bexter

    happy easter to u and to ben nd his crew …..

    sorry i thought of a quick rhyme lolololololol

    24 Mar 2005, 19:24

  683. rocky

    Yeah, Happy Easter Steve.

    24 Mar 2005, 20:21

  684. Sammy


    24 Mar 2005, 20:52

  685. Miss Behaving

    Hey Rocky!
    I wasn't insinuating anyone on this site is mental – the frenzy of finding "Dan's" mobile number was a bit though.
    Hey, if I though for a minute that I had hold of Steve's number, I think the temptation might be a bit much too!! :-)

    24 Mar 2005, 22:48

  686. Miss Behaving

    I am 28. I'm not just saying that randomly, I see Paul asked how old everyone was further up the page.

    25 Mar 2005, 00:52

  687. Bexter

    ok butmunch is very rude…... tut tut tut


    25 Mar 2005, 09:32

  688. mr 7toes

    i think that it is possible that butmunch is miss behaving seen as they were both on at the same time. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    25 Mar 2005, 14:27

  689. Bexter

    hummmmmm but butmunch was well rude so he can stuff himself !

    25 Mar 2005, 18:24

  690. Bexter

    good point mr 7toes

    another case for bclc investigators!!

    25 Mar 2005, 18:25

  691. Bexter

    i cant get over how rude butmunch was

    25 Mar 2005, 18:26

  692. la la la

    who's the bclc investigators? i cant get over how rude butmunch was either!

    25 Mar 2005, 18:55

  693. rocky

    Thanks Miss Behaving.
    And go away Butmuch. He doesn't even know how to spell Big Cook Little Cook, and I very much dought they are gay with eachother. If they are, they probably don't want Butmunch telling everyone about it.

    25 Mar 2005, 19:04

  694. Brandy

    Go away, Butmunch!!!

    25 Mar 2005, 19:07

  695. Smoky

    Yeah, go away!

    25 Mar 2005, 19:09

  696. Boots

    I totally agree.
    We don't want people like that on here.

    25 Mar 2005, 19:11

  697. Pippa

    Hello everyone.
    I'm a huge fan of BCLC, and I watch it every day after school. I saw further up that people were asking how old everyone is, so I am 12.

    25 Mar 2005, 19:19

  698. hothothot

    Evening ladies and gents!
    I hope you are all happy now you've all broken up for easter!
    I've only got Monday off work :-(

    I think that 'butmunch' is a filthy dirty discusting person, who obviously has no real interest in bclc…......only in perverted things too gross to put on here. Sad person.

    And if I knew that person they'd get slapped bum to say the least…

    I'm still tryin to find the Yorkie ad…..no luck, just truck loads of info on it instead.
    Don't give up on the search though people….anything.
    Lets hope one of them posts on here soon!

    25 Mar 2005, 20:22

  699. rocky

    Thanks for trying, Hothothot.
    I agree with you about Butmunch. He is way too perverted.

    25 Mar 2005, 20:28

  700. Rusty

    Butmuch, the programme is called Big COOK Little COOK.

    25 Mar 2005, 20:54

  701. Lauren

    Hi everybody! Happy Easter! my arm is better today. I showed BCLC to my pony today, His name is Rocky and i think he liked it. I don't think its fair to keep the glory to us!

    25 Mar 2005, 23:02

  702. Miss Behaving


    I can assure you all that I am indeed not Bunmunch , and shockingly, but true, people do actually use the computer at the same time as others, Mr 7toes.
    The last thing I want is for Big Cook Ben to be gay, seeing as I have a big schoolgirl crush on him. Also, being a nursery nurse, I'm hardly ging to write profanity on a message board frequented by younger people.


    25 Mar 2005, 23:54

  703. Bexter

    lauren – rocky ( on the forum) will love ur horses name!!!

    eh rocky ?

    26 Mar 2005, 09:28

  704. rocky

    Good choice Lauren.
    Miss Behaving- I believe you.

    26 Mar 2005, 11:36

  705. Bexter


    26 Mar 2005, 14:49

  706. Spike

    Paul the Piolet was in the cafe today. I saw it. BCLC rocks!!!!!

    26 Mar 2005, 19:25

  707. mr 7toes

    i wud like to apologise for what i said. i wasnt pointing the finger at u but meerly suggesting it was a possibility. please forgive me for not thinking before i made my accusation.

    26 Mar 2005, 19:37

  708. rocky

    It can't be very nice being mistaken for someone who is swearing and making peverted comments about the stars of BCLC, epecially if your such a huge fan, but I'm sure Miss Behaving will forgive you.

    26 Mar 2005, 20:35

  709. Bexter

    tru tru!


    27 Mar 2005, 09:00

  710. rocky

    Hi everyone.
    Happy Easter!

    27 Mar 2005, 09:34

  711. la la la

    who got eggs?

    27 Mar 2005, 10:24

  712. la la la

    i only got one but it was very yummy

    27 Mar 2005, 10:24

  713. Bexter

    ive got 3 ish!!! i got 2 mars delites and a cadbury easter egg delite ( that counts as 2!!)

    have a chocolatey easter!

    1 wonder how steve nd dan are!?



    27 Mar 2005, 11:33

  714. rocky

    I got 3 too, Bexter, but I've got a big family.
    Steve and Dan- Happy Easter!

    27 Mar 2005, 19:25

  715. Miss Behaving

    Dont worry about it! Happy Easter, guys!!

    27 Mar 2005, 21:43

  716. joan

    i'm such a big fan of bclc i made this…..

    B B B I G G G C C C O O O O K K
    B B I G C O O O O K K
    B B B I G G G C O O O O K K K
    B B I G G C O O O O K K
    B B B I G G G C C C O O O O K K

    L I T T T T T T L E E E C C C O O O O K K
    L I T T L E C O O O O K K
    L I T T L E E E C O O O O K K K
    L I T T L E C O O O O K K
    L L L I T T L L L E E E C C C O O O O K K

    28 Mar 2005, 16:27

  717. joan

    noooooooooo it didnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!

    28 Mar 2005, 16:28

  718. rocky

    What didn't work?

    28 Mar 2005, 19:02

  719. hothothot

    Happy Easter everyone
    Lovin' your time off I hope!
    What's with the BIG COOK LITTLE COOK thing Joan????? What is it supposed to do?

    I have been ill this weekend…...missed all the bclcs…....boohoo….which ones were on?

    28 Mar 2005, 19:59

  720. rocky

    Apple Swamp today, Dotty Hairstyles yesterday.

    28 Mar 2005, 20:50

  721. rocky

    Apple Swamp today, Dotty Hairstyles yesterday.

    28 Mar 2005, 20:50

  722. Bexter

    ello , wat was that bclc thing joan? lol

    28 Mar 2005, 20:58

  723. hothothot

    Cool….I will be able to sleep tonight safe in knowledge that I know what they cooked!! hehe


    28 Mar 2005, 21:08

  724. Bexter

    hehe , duck dippers today!

    quack quack! wonder what will be on tomoz !

    29 Mar 2005, 08:59

  725. rocky

    He he he!

    29 Mar 2005, 09:58

  726. jamie

    hi everybody.happy easter for the weekend.i got 5 eggs and i have nearly eaten them all!my nan got me 2 ha ha ha she always buys me loads.
    i watched big cook little cook this morning,i didn't think that the ducks looked very delicious.but i don't like much of the ingredients.i hope they do something really yummy tomorrow!

    29 Mar 2005, 12:29

  727. Bexter

    im bored out of my wits!

    29 Mar 2005, 12:51

  728. Steve

    Hello to you all once again, happy easter and all that. Sorry have'nt been on for a while but have been busy with stand up and filming, thanks for filling in for me paul me old mucker. Glad to see so many of you still enjoying the show. I have told dan to have a look at this site too so expect to hear from him soon. I'm glad you found his advert too isnt he the ugliest girl you have ever seen. only joking danny boy. anyway take care


    29 Mar 2005, 16:00

  729. Miss Behaving

    Yay, Steve's back! How many other people like him and Dan's stand up stuff? I liked Electric Forecast before I knew they were on Big Cook Little Cook.
    Anyway, maybe Steve or Dan would be good enough to let their older fans when to see them on tv next?!!
    Happy Easter to you too Steve! x

    29 Mar 2005, 17:38

  730. la la la

    hi steve! thanks for posting again! i was really disapointed that last nights 'that's so last week' was the last one in the series :-( what will we see steve and dan on next?

    29 Mar 2005, 18:02

  731. Bexter



    say hi to dan from me , nd please tell us or give us all alink to ur yorkie bar advert steve! is it tru ur in it?

    29 Mar 2005, 18:51

  732. rocky

    Hi Steve!
    Welcome to our message board…..the best message board in the world!
    I'm very happy you're back on.
    Did the filming and stand up go well?
    We've all been missing you, haven't we?

    29 Mar 2005, 19:04

  733. Boots

    Hello Steve.
    Please keep us posted.

    29 Mar 2005, 19:05

  734. Rusty

    When do you think John Dale will notice that you've got Steve on here?

    29 Mar 2005, 19:20

  735. Miss Behaving

    Maybe its John Dale pretneding to be Steve!!

    29 Mar 2005, 23:44

  736. Bexter

    i dont think it is , as steve referref to pal aka paul and told us wat hes been up 2! but u neva no!

    dan should come on here!!!

    do u think john dale ever looks at the forum?

    30 Mar 2005, 10:13

  737. Bexter

    i mean referred lol

    30 Mar 2005, 10:13

  738. hothothot

    good morrning!
    Good to see Steve has posted again(if it is Steve…..I can't help it if I'm suspicious….could be anyone!)
    Hi Steve if it is you….we all think you and your chum Dan are BRILLIANT!!!

    Hope Dan posts too!!!!

    I haven't seen today's show yet…I'm off work ill and dying, so I was asleep this morning-I will watch it later though!!!

    30 Mar 2005, 10:46

  739. Paul

    Always a pleasure Steve-o!. (I will assure you all once again it defo is Steve), John Dale does read the forum (check 'when blogs mutate').

    30 Mar 2005, 11:49

  740. Fimbo

    Sorry I haven't written for ages.I have been so busy.I see that we have over 700 msgs now!wow!
    Hopefully we can get over a thousand!I will come on regularly again,I've just been revising for exams,but not anymore!

    30 Mar 2005, 12:00

  741. hothothot

    Hey there!

    I eventually watched it at 4pm…the pink monster one!!!!YUMMYYUMMY! The rock cakes look delicious….they'd be even nicer if they were in my tummy!

    Where is everyone today?
    Are you all busy with better things to do than sit on the computer all day?! LOL I must be bored!

    30 Mar 2005, 16:45

  742. Bexter

    get beta hothothot!

    id seen todays one loads so i didnt watch it! i wonder witch 1 will be on tomoz ?!?!

    bye all x x x x x

    30 Mar 2005, 18:05

  743. Bexter

    i am diein with bordem !!!

    i think i am gunna SCREAM!

    HELP !

    30 Mar 2005, 18:07

  744. rocky

    I'm bored to Bexter.
    Today's episode was great (Pink Monster).
    Hi again, Fimbo. Good luck with the exams.
    Pal- I agree with you. It defiently is Steve. Can you please tell him to pos! lots more messages!

    30 Mar 2005, 19:22

  745. rocky

    I meant post!
    Get better soon Hothothot.

    30 Mar 2005, 19:26

  746. la la la

    i hope you do get well soon la la la. maybe i will see you in the week or next week :-)

    30 Mar 2005, 21:05

  747. hothothot

    Thanks everyone…you've cheered me up! Fell soooooo ill!!Didn't you mean hothothot, lalala?

    Will post 2moz prob…hope it's a good show! hehe!

    Good night my fellow bclc fans!!!


    30 Mar 2005, 21:19

  748. la la la

    of course hothothot, i'm goin a little blonde in my mind

    30 Mar 2005, 21:21

  749. hothothot

    That's ok lalala…..........and what's wrong with bein blonde????? I am!!

    Night all

    30 Mar 2005, 21:23

  750. lalala

    i'm blonde 2 in the head.

    30 Mar 2005, 21:32

  751. Bexter

    shakey shakey shakey ! as ben would say shakin his post of salad dressin!!

    i saw todays one YEYEYEYEYEYEYEYEYEY!!!

    31 Mar 2005, 09:10

  752. rocky

    I saw it too Bexter.
    Shakey Shakey Shakey, Shakey Shakey Shakey!
    Oh, forgot where I was for a moment….
    When do you think Steve's gonna post again?

    31 Mar 2005, 18:11

  753. Bexter

    i hope soon!

    i missed todays! i slept ! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    what hapened in todays then?

    01 Apr 2005, 10:27

  754. hothothot

    disco dancers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how r u lalala?

    01 Apr 2005, 13:34

  755. Bexter

    yea in the end i saw the episode and i loved the dancing! lol

    01 Apr 2005, 14:30

  756. rocky

    Yeah. It was A.J the disco dancer.

    01 Apr 2005, 15:21

  757. Bexter

    i wander wat'll be on tommorow… hmmmmmmm

    01 Apr 2005, 15:33

  758. rocky

    ….I wonder….

    01 Apr 2005, 19:03

  759. la la la

    i'm good thanku hothothot, how r u? are u feeling better?

    i missed bclb the other day b'cus i went to see valiant!

    how is everyone else?

    02 Apr 2005, 11:59

  760. rocky

    Fine, La La La.
    And bored. I wish BCLC was on more!

    02 Apr 2005, 16:18

  761. Bexter

    .. and i wish that there was more new episodes! i cant wait for the new series in the summer!

    im fine lalala, u?

    02 Apr 2005, 16:39

  762. Lauren

    I have been in Devon for a week so I missed a few episodes of BCLC,SHOCK HORROR DISASTER! I did go to a very curious place called "The Gnome Reserve" anybody else been there?

    02 Apr 2005, 20:12

  763. Lauren

    OOOOHHH new series? Exiting stuff!

    02 Apr 2005, 20:13

  764. rocky

    I hope they film the new ones soon!
    Do you think that was what Steve was doing along with the stand-up while he was away?

    02 Apr 2005, 20:24

  765. Lauren

    I don't know, im to tired to think

    02 Apr 2005, 21:02

  766. Lauren

    Now I'm awake, I hope so! Can't wait for the new episodes! Lets ask him.

    03 Apr 2005, 11:12

  767. Lauern

    I've just been reading this message board and further up it all about you lot ringing Dan. The 27yr old mother called Lauren who was telling you guys off wasn't me! I'm 14 yr old Lauren and I called that number my self…just so there's no missunderstanding…....

    03 Apr 2005, 11:20

  768. la la la

    hi everyone!!
    Bexter – i'm good thankyou (and i'm a bit bored too lol)
    i wish bclc was on more. especially during the weekend when i'm home more. i cant wait until the summer when the new series comes out, but the existing episodes are just as brilliant!

    03 Apr 2005, 13:18

  769. Bexter


    BCLC will save me!

    03 Apr 2005, 19:07

  770. rocky

    Hi Bexter.
    It was Jolly Jelly Boats today.
    There's no more BCLC till tomorrow, so I'm bored too.
    Lauren- I kind of figured out it wasn't you, as you said your age earlier up on the board.

    03 Apr 2005, 19:15

  771. Bexter

    thanks for the update rocky!

    04 Apr 2005, 09:21

  772. Lauren

    BCLC wasn't on yesterday or maybe i just missed it, did anybody see it? my friend Anna says hi

    04 Apr 2005, 11:09

  773. tommy

    disaster, no big cook little cook today, what am i going to do? balamory is good but BCLC is the BEST. when is it going to come back on?

    04 Apr 2005, 12:23

  774. Bexter

    it did this before! it wasnt on for like ages then it came back on!

    its the end of an era – if thats how u spell it !?!?!?!

    04 Apr 2005, 13:23

  775. mr 7toes

    i'm dreamed i bought the bclc dvd last night! it was good!
    do u think i am becoming obsessed?

    04 Apr 2005, 14:35

  776. Bexter

    ummmmmmmmmmm no

    04 Apr 2005, 15:26

  777. Bexter

    were all fans mr 7toes!!

    get the dvd maybe its a sign !


    04 Apr 2005, 15:46

  778. hothothot

    No more Big cook little cook….what are we going to do?
    I suppose it's a good job they have released their dvd to keep us going!

    How is everyone anyway?
    When do you go back to school?
    I'm still off work sick….sniffsniff…but it's not the same without bclc! I have to put up with Ballamory instead..not GOOD!

    I hope they have a new series SOON!!!!!!!
    Make sure you all still come on here people!!!

    04 Apr 2005, 16:51

  779. Bexter

    im here hothothot there will be a new series in the summer YEY!

    i go back to school next monday noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Were all still on here tho hothothot

    04 Apr 2005, 19:08

  780. rocky

    The BCLC DVD is out, I bought it. Loads of good episodes on their.
    Your right, it wasn't on today- Balamory instead.
    It now shows on weekend mornings (after a programme called Binka), and will probably show again on weekdays when the new series begins.

    04 Apr 2005, 19:21

  781. rocky

    I miss BCLC.
    Am I right about the new series, Steve?

    04 Apr 2005, 19:25

  782. Tommy

    Anyone know when Big Cook's Big Cookery Book comes out for sale?? I want it badly. Is the book with the DVD any good????? Instead of Ballamory we want to watch BCLC!!!!!

    04 Apr 2005, 20:34

  783. rocky

    On the DVD, the episodes are:
    Iceberg Slush
    Veggie Sandcastles
    Queen of Heart's Tarts
    Pirate's Gold
    There is also a bonus episode, Fishy on a Dishy.
    It includes some special features.
    You can purchase it via the internet, by links earlier up on the board, or from most large shops, such as Sainbury's, in the Hemstead Valley Savacentre. That's where I got mine from.

    04 Apr 2005, 20:42

  784. rocky

    Steve said the proper cookery book comes out later this year, Tommy.
    I want BCLC too, not Balamory!

    04 Apr 2005, 20:45

  785. Boots

    I'm going to buy the DVD too, certainly.

    04 Apr 2005, 20:49

  786. Bexter

    whats the features on the DVD rocky?

    05 Apr 2005, 09:26

  787. Bexter

    i am hopefully gunna get the DVD !!!

    05 Apr 2005, 09:48

  788. lalala

    i want the dvd too! i think everyone here should be able to get a copy for free because we're all such big fans!

    05 Apr 2005, 14:07

  789. Tommy

    thankyou Rocky for info on cookbook,tonight im having elephant treat YUMMY

    05 Apr 2005, 17:34

  790. rocky

    Cool Tommy.
    La La La- I think all the fans should get a free DVD too. Everyone should buy it.
    Bexter- The features are mainly extracts from other episodes, such as rock being made.
    I hope Paul or Steve or Dan comes on here soon.

    05 Apr 2005, 19:09

  791. Lauren

    BCLC only on at weekends?!?!? Thats when I have to go look after the horses! I'll I have to buy the DVD. We should get free copys, after all, we are dedicating alot of time into BCLC.

    05 Apr 2005, 19:54

  792. Bexter

    i agree with you lalala!

    i luv bclc 4eva! and when i am old i will watch the dvd!

    05 Apr 2005, 20:18

  793. rocky

    Yeah Lauren. We should all buy it.
    It may be useful to know what time BCLC's on, so you can try to sort out the horses later in the afternoon if possible:
    8:40 or 11:40 on weekend mornings (this is on the CBeebies channel).
    Hope you get to watch it!
    Tell your horse Rocky that the other Rocky says hello and hopes he gets to watch BCLC with you sometime.

    05 Apr 2005, 20:28

  794. rocky

    Bexter, we might all be sitting on old chairs in bungalows watching BCLC, and singing very horsely:
    Wash, wipe, scrub and clean,
    Make the kitchen sparkle and gleam….
    I shall love it forever too!

    05 Apr 2005, 20:33

  795. la la la

    i'm glad u liked my idea. rocky, i can just imagine a bunch of old people (us wen we're old) rocking back and forth on our chairs singing that!

    05 Apr 2005, 21:14

  796. la la la

    we should create an old peoples home and all go there when we're old, dedicated to bclc!!!! thats all that will b on the television

    05 Apr 2005, 21:16

  797. Lauren

    Oh 11.40 is good! I have coffee break then! I will watch this weekend. I just applied to be on a CBBC series where you go to the amazon and track monkeys! If i go to the CBBC studio maybe I'll see Dan & Steve. Thats IF i get in and IF i go to the studio MAYBE.

    Can I sign up to the BCLC old peoples home?

    05 Apr 2005, 22:15

  798. Bexter

    I WANNA GO TOO maybe dan and steve will come visit when were its our birthday and all the food we eat is BCLC ideas!!

    good luck with the cbbc thing lauren! dont forget to mention BCLC!!

    06 Apr 2005, 08:53

  799. rocky

    Hope you get to meet them Lauren. Tell them I'm a huge BCLC fan!
    I thought you might be able to watch it if you new the times.

    06 Apr 2005, 09:42

  800. Bexter

    and me!

    06 Apr 2005, 10:49

  801. hothothot

    Hey peeps
    I didn't realise it was still on the weekends…phew, we can still get our fix. I think I'm getting the dvd soon-it'll be good when they bring out the cookery book-I LOVED the pancakes with the fudge sauce…ooh and the disco lolly pops!-The possiblities are endless!!! LOL
    I hope Dan or Steve posts again, we need some bclc action to keep us going until the Summer series!

    06 Apr 2005, 15:19

  802. Bexter


    i havent seen the veggie sandcasteles and other recipes like that for ages !

    i REALLY can't wait for the new series!

    06 Apr 2005, 18:51

  803. rocky

    Me neither. Veggie Sandcastles should be on pretty soon.
    Hothothot- You mean Elephant Treat and Disco Pops.

    06 Apr 2005, 19:15

  804. Tommy

    Has anyone tried the pilots plane? Delicious! Cheesy mice are great too. Beany giant is fab!

    06 Apr 2005, 19:16

  805. Bexter

    i wanted to try pilots plane!

    it looks well lush

    06 Apr 2005, 19:35

  806. mr 7toes

    let have a competetion to ee who can guess which episode will be shown next

    06 Apr 2005, 19:50

  807. mr 7toes

    i meant see

    06 Apr 2005, 19:56

  808. rocky

    Saturday: Little Bo Peep.
    I'm sure of it.

    06 Apr 2005, 20:22

  809. rocky

    The recipes are great, aren't they Tommy!
    I think Moon Rocks are best.

    06 Apr 2005, 20:25

  810. rocky

    Pumpkin Pie looks nice too!

    06 Apr 2005, 20:28

  811. Bexter

    princess pea pie

    06 Apr 2005, 21:03

  812. Lauren

    Still no CBBC callback. If my luck turns I will get you all signed photos!! Nee Naw Sirens are lovely! yum yum yum.
    Has anybody played the bread game on the cebeebies website? It's brilliant!

    06 Apr 2005, 21:48

  813. la la la

    you better!!! i wanna signed pic of bc ben and lc small!

    06 Apr 2005, 22:32

  814. Bexter

    me 2!

    i have played the game aswell!

    07 Apr 2005, 09:52

  815. mr 7toes

    i played the game… it's a little slow but brilliant because it's bclc!

    07 Apr 2005, 10:44

  816. Bexter

    i agree mr 7toes!

    07 Apr 2005, 12:22

  817. Tommy

    Hi Rocky

    I haven't had moon rocks or pumpkin pie. I'll have to try them soon.

    I like the cbeebies games too.

    Can't wait for BCLC on saturday.

    07 Apr 2005, 16:09

  818. rocky

    Hi Tommy.
    Have played the CBeebies game.
    I want a sighed pic too Lauren, hope you get through!

    07 Apr 2005, 19:06

  819. Jason

    I am a director of Dotcomdvd and we sell big cook little cook dvd's.

    Just thought i'd let you know!!!

    07 Apr 2005, 22:30

  820. mr 7toes

    hi jason. are you a fan of bclc????

    08 Apr 2005, 11:10

  821. rocky

    I hope he is. The more the better, isn't it!
    I've bought the DVD, Jason- When it first came out.

    08 Apr 2005, 13:37

  822. la la la

    a squirrel just bit me :'(

    08 Apr 2005, 16:30

  823. rocky

    Were you right next to it or something?
    How much did it hurt?

    08 Apr 2005, 19:09

  824. Tommy

    hooray…............ Saturday tomorrow BCLC on at 08.40 and 11.40. i wonder what we'll see today? go small go small whizz away

    08 Apr 2005, 19:18

  825. rocky

    Don't worry!
    I'll whizz off, and get some!
    Hey, why don't you come along too!

    08 Apr 2005, 19:41

  826. Bexter

    lol! poor you lalala get beta xx

    soz i havent been on here for a day – was at a friends!!!

    bi all x

    08 Apr 2005, 20:06

  827. Lauren

    GET WELL SOON LALALA! (still no call-back) you do realise even if i do get a call-back theres no garntee i'll see them, or ill be able to get the pics to you. I'll not be a party pooper.

    How could a squirrel bite you? maybe he was hungry…....

    08 Apr 2005, 21:22

  828. la la la

    i tried to pick him up but he bite me :'( its a sign that u shud never pick up a wild squirrel!
    maybe he was hungry. my finger still hurts!

    lauren – u shud go 2 the cbbc place nd pretend to be a worker or something. then when u get in g find bc and lc!

    09 Apr 2005, 11:52

  829. Bexter


    09 Apr 2005, 17:00

  830. Tommy

    hey did you see the recipe today? bo peeps sheep , looks wicked doesn,t it?

    09 Apr 2005, 17:21

  831. rocky

    Yeah Tommy.
    La La La- Get better soon!
    Lauren- Hope you do see them and get pics anyway.

    09 Apr 2005, 19:05

  832. Boots

    Today's recipe is my favourite!

    09 Apr 2005, 20:18

  833. hothothot

    hello all,
    yes I did mean Elephant Treat and Disco Pops the other day. I think today's Sheep was even more yummy though! Dunno about the creepy 'olive'eyes though!
    I had to laugh at Ben's groovy jumper-YUM! lol

    Hey lalala, hope you got your tetanus jab after the squirrel bite! Fancy that-aren't they meant to be up in the trees and not on your hand?! I hope it gets better soon though.
    Are you all back at school next week?
    Good job Bclc's on Saturdays still…...I was shaking with withdrawal symptoms by Friday!!!!

    09 Apr 2005, 21:18

  834. rocky

    Mary Mary was in the cafe today.
    It's a great jumper, isn't it Hothothot!

    10 Apr 2005, 19:25

  835. Tommy

    Todays recipe looked cool,has anybody tried the rockpool with the baby sweetcorn starfish?????

    10 Apr 2005, 20:17

  836. rocky

    No Tommy, but I'd like too.
    It's one of my faves.

    10 Apr 2005, 20:52

  837. Tommy

    its yummy Rocky, and so is fishfinger crab.

    11 Apr 2005, 09:54

  838. rocky

    I think they're all great!

    11 Apr 2005, 10:01

  839. Bexter

    fishfinger crab looks well yum !

    11 Apr 2005, 15:48

  840. Bexter

    1st day back today

    it wasnt too bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    11 Apr 2005, 16:15

  841. la la la

    schoooooooool, noooooooooooo :( oh well

    11 Apr 2005, 20:39

  842. Tommy

    woke up today and im covered in spots,supposed to go back to school today, but been to doctors and he tells me i've got CHICKEN POX and i have to stay home from school for a week WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO its a shame there's no BCLC to watch, must get the dvd

    12 Apr 2005, 13:43

  843. la la la

    hothothot has gone on holiday :( what should i do? i'll be all alone in the world of msn :(

    tommy- i hope u better soon even though u probably want to stay off for ever!

    12 Apr 2005, 16:03

  844. Bexter

    i am on msn all the time lol

    more bclc!!

    12 Apr 2005, 16:37

  845. lauren

    im always on msn

    12 Apr 2005, 18:45

  846. Tommy

    Where is everyone today?

    12 Apr 2005, 18:49

  847. rocky

    Missing BCLC, get better soon Tommy.

    12 Apr 2005, 19:02

  848. Lauren

    hiya, IM BORED

    get well soon Tommy

    tomorow I have an uber-super-huge-mega thingy-majiga at school ! which I watch Z-list celebritys do roleplays and powerpoint presentations and take notes ALL DAY!
    I smell mind-numbing bordom! Maybe I could smuggle a portable DVD in and watch BCLC all day instead…. what do you think?

    12 Apr 2005, 20:26

  849. la la la

    i'm on msn all the time too :D

    12 Apr 2005, 20:38

  850. Tommy

    Hello everyone,
    still spotty and itch like mad, not nice this chicken pox, missing BCLC too Rocky,
    what will the recipe be on Saturday, does anyone know?
    Hope your day wasnt too boring Lauren, i think watching BCLC all day is a great idea WAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    13 Apr 2005, 14:10

  851. rocky

    It's Elfy Mushrooms on Saturday, Tommy.

    13 Apr 2005, 19:39

  852. mr 7toes

    i'm really disapointed that everytime i come on theres hardly any or none at all new messages :(

    14 Apr 2005, 16:27

  853. Bexter

    i agree mr 7toes theres nothin to talk bout anymore :(:(:(:(:(:(:((:(:(:(:(

    14 Apr 2005, 16:36

  854. Lauren

    My day was incredbly boring. 5 hour lectures are not recomended!

    I agree with Mr7toes and Bexter, nothing happens now BCLC is only on Saterdays!!

    I love elfy mushrooms, YAY ELFY MUSHROOMS!

    14 Apr 2005, 18:31

  855. Lauren

    it always takes forever for people to write back after me and I come on about an hour ater evrybody has gone, its just bad timing I think! I will try to improve

    14 Apr 2005, 18:33

  856. rocky

    If it helps, I'm usaully on here from around 7:00 to 8:00. I just sit by the computer waiting for someone to come on and talk about BCLC.

    14 Apr 2005, 19:25

  857. rocky

    Please can someone reply to my messages, I'm really bored!

    14 Apr 2005, 19:28

  858. Lauren

    hi, you still here rocky? yoouuhhooo?

    14 Apr 2005, 20:23

  859. la la la

    i'm so bored

    14 Apr 2005, 22:05

  860. rocky

    Hi Lauren, hi La La La.
    I'm at school at the moment but will be on later to chat about our fave stars.as

    15 Apr 2005, 12:19

  861. Bexter

    its always good tommy , always good!

    15 Apr 2005, 16:25

  862. Tommy

    I Know Bexter, thats why it should be on all the time dont you all agree?


    15 Apr 2005, 17:35

  863. la la la

    i think there should b a televison channel with just bclc on!!!

    15 Apr 2005, 18:39

  864. rocky

    Great idea La La La and Tommy.
    Elfy Mushrooms is a really good one.
    Sorry, I couldn't talk much earlier because everyone kept staring at my computer screen and asking stupid questions.
    I'll be on for the next hour, so if anyones bored so am I!!!!

    15 Apr 2005, 19:08

  865. rocky

    …..really bored…..

    15 Apr 2005, 20:29

  866. Lauren

    BCLC all the time… ooohhhh aaaaaahhhhh!

    They should have BCLC merchindise like t-shirts and silicone writsbands. Lets make them, we'd be millionaires then we could use the money to expand our BCLC organisation untill we were a world power, send BCLC meals to starving children in Africa, that kinda stuff…..

    Think about it

    15 Apr 2005, 20:52

  867. alicetheincredible

    ay up, never been on here bfore, i'm lauren's friend…

    15 Apr 2005, 21:36

  868. rocky

    Hello Alicetheincredible.
    Good to see there's more new users.
    Y'know,on ONE of two days BCLC is on now, all the BBC channels that it shows on have stopped working, which is so annoying!

    16 Apr 2005, 08:43

  869. rocky

    Can anyone else get it to work?

    16 Apr 2005, 08:45

  870. la la la

    i over slept…...arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    16 Apr 2005, 12:25

  871. Spud

    wash wipe scrub and clean, WAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO elfy mushrooms look wicked

    16 Apr 2005, 13:14

  872. Tommy

    BCLC was great today,will have to try this recipe

    16 Apr 2005, 13:19

  873. alicetheincredible

    my tv has stopped working for some reason…well the romote has, and im so lazy it's a disaster!

    16 Apr 2005, 13:37

  874. Lauren

    I watched BCLC it was fabulous, I especally like little cook's elf shoes, his dance would have won that dancy program with Graham Norton! Its also good to see little cook with friends his own size.

    I was wondering… is little cook an elf himself or a de-formed human with the unncanny ability to make spoons fly and mushrooms apper at will, any theorys?

    16 Apr 2005, 14:13

  875. alicetheincredible

    lauren, we both know that little cook is oxo re man…maybe he has smurf friends who can shrink him? :)

    16 Apr 2005, 20:26

  876. rocky

    Elfy Mushrooms are great!
    Lauren- Small doesn't seem to be an elf, just a little person.

    16 Apr 2005, 20:42

  877. rebecca

    l am 5 and l love big cook and little cook.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    17 Apr 2005, 09:45

  878. Tommy

    Hello Rebecca I am 6 and I love big cook and liittle too, did you see it today?

    17 Apr 2005, 12:51

  879. Tommy

    where is everybody today?

    17 Apr 2005, 16:38

  880. rocky

    Here, Tommy.
    Hello Rebecca I saw it today- Iceberg Slush.

    17 Apr 2005, 19:53

  881. mr 7toes

    i was reading up, its so obvious… little cook is infact human size and with the magic of television appears to be shrunken 2 elf size. either that or he grows in size for other programmes,

    17 Apr 2005, 19:59

  882. Lauren

    if LC is human how come his spoon can fly?

    18 Apr 2005, 13:36

  883. Lauren and Alicetheincredible

    we've forgotted the first bit of the tidying up song! shock horror disaster! can anybody help?!? , it'll come in a flash of inspiration at about 2am…...


    19 Apr 2005, 17:48

  884. Bexter

    wash wipe scrub and clean make the kitchen sparkle and gleam …....

    19 Apr 2005, 17:50

  885. la la la

    your a disgrace to all bclc fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19 Apr 2005, 18:55

  886. rocky

    Hi everyone!
    Mr 7toes- Small is normal size, just shrunk by computer for BCLC.
    General fans- Bexter's right about the songwords:
    Wash, wipe, scrub and clean, make the kitchen sparkle and clean!

    19 Apr 2005, 19:05

  887. Boots

    Rocky and Bexter are right.

    19 Apr 2005, 19:07

  888. rocky

    Yeah, I'm sure Lauren and Alicetheincredible will remember them from now on!

    19 Apr 2005, 19:13

  889. Lauren (Alice the incredible has gone home)

    Hiya, thank-you thank-you thank-you! I shall blame our amnesia on the fact we only hear the song at the weekend. We appolige un-reservedly to BCLC fans for disgracing the name, I hope you find it in your hearts to forgive us!

    I know its irrelevent but does anybody have a Nokia 3220 and is it any good?

    What episodes are on this weekend?

    Thats enough questions…...

    19 Apr 2005, 20:19

  890. Bexter

    sorry i dont have a 3220 nokia x

    20 Apr 2005, 17:01

  891. la la la

    y do u want a nokia 3220?

    20 Apr 2005, 18:31

  892. rocky

    Lauren and Alicetheincredible- You are forgiven, and I do not have a Nokia 3220.
    BCLC at the weekend is Dragon and Scarecrow.

    20 Apr 2005, 19:07

  893. hothothot

    Come on then….fill me in…what's been happening?
    Hope you're all well. I went on holiday and there was no cbeebies…..and worse still NO BBC2 either!!!!
    I am having withdrawal symptoms. I will have to get the dvd otherwise I just will not cope!
    Thanks for missing me lalala, I missed you too, and ALL of you!

    22 Apr 2005, 17:03

  894. Bexter

    nothing much ! theres nothin to talk about on here anymore!!


    22 Apr 2005, 17:08

  895. rocky

    …apart from from BCLC, but I wish it was on more.
    You didn't miss too much, Hothothot. Glad your back!

    22 Apr 2005, 19:12

  896. Boots

    What episode of BCLC is on tomorrow?

    22 Apr 2005, 19:14

  897. rocky

    Hi again Boots.

    22 Apr 2005, 19:16

  898. Lauren

    glad we're forgiven, I made jelly boats the other day. They were very nice and jellyish

    22 Apr 2005, 19:59

  899. la la la

    hi everyone!!!!!!
    lifes so boring without bclc, i really dont know what to do anymore. when is bclc coming back?? does anyone know??
    anyone found what other programmes and show they have been in??

    maybe we should all go down to the television centre and protest for it to be put back on! hmm…

    23 Apr 2005, 11:12

  900. Lauren

    Its on Cebeebies at 11.40 at the weekends, I just watched it infact. It was great.
    Rocky; I said hi from you to horse Rocky, he didn't say anything, horses don't talk but i'm sure he'd say hi back if he could.

    23 Apr 2005, 12:04

  901. John Dale

    I don't mind you using my blog to talk about BCLC, but I don't want to see lots of pointless empty entries, thank you.

    John Dale

    23 Apr 2005, 20:04

  902. John Dale

    Perhaps my last comment wasn't clear. If there are more comments which serve no purpose other than to increase the comment count then I will permanently turn off commenting on this blog entry.

    John Dale

    24 Apr 2005, 18:31

  903. Bexter

    Thank-you John Dale ! We are all grateful that you let us comment!

    Hi everyone BCLC is still not on!!


    25 Apr 2005, 16:31

  904. la la la

    hi everyone!
    thankyou soooo much for letting us use your blog john! i nearly had a panic attack when i couldn't write on it yesterday!
    no more pointless enteries!
    who was it wrote bclc over and over again!??

    25 Apr 2005, 17:47

  905. Bexter

    it was rocky!

    25 Apr 2005, 18:59

  906. Lauren

    thank you very much john dale

    talking of blogs you are all welcome to go on my blog, i think i gave the address futher up the page but if not it is link
    does anybody know what episodes are on this weekend?

    26 Apr 2005, 17:44

  907. Bexter

    why is noone on here anymore??? lauren nice blog WHERES INFORMATION ON BCLC ?? :'(

    LOOL X X

    28 Apr 2005, 16:34

  908. Lauren and Aliicetheincredible

    sorry, its work in progress

    Ill put some on this evening, what episode is it 2moro?
    hello people. i don't no wot 2 say! b

    29 Apr 2005, 11:17

  909. Bexter


    29 Apr 2005, 18:14

  910. la la la

    come on everyone! the reason we're here is because we all love bclc. surely we can come up with something to talk about.

    how about…
    what are your favourite cbeebies programmes in order. i don't know what mine would be because i'd have to thihnk about it (i'll tell you later) but BCLC would definately be my number one!

    1- BCLC!!!!!!!!

    30 Apr 2005, 10:36

  911. Bexter

    1- BCLC
    2- BCLC
    3- BCLC


    30 Apr 2005, 12:16

  912. Bexter

    it was herby paint pots today !

    30 Apr 2005, 16:59

  913. Bexter


    mr 7 toes
    tommy ????

    30 Apr 2005, 20:55

  914. mr 7toes

    i am here

    01 May 2005, 10:41

  915. Bexter


    theres no one on here anymore :'(

    what BCLC episode was it today? i missed it – :S

    01 May 2005, 16:17

  916. rocky

    Hi, I'm so relieved!
    Thought it was frozen for good!
    Sorry about all the 'pointless entries'!

    01 May 2005, 19:33

  917. Boots


    01 May 2005, 19:34

  918. Bexter


    01 May 2005, 19:39

  919. rocky

    I'm back on now.
    I agree La La La, it would be intresting to see everyone's favourite CBeebies programmes in order.
    Here's mine if you really want:
    1.BCLC (obviosly!)
    2.Fireman Sam
    3.The Roly Mo Show
    5.Pablo the Little Red Fox
    Anyone else gonna be brave?

    01 May 2005, 19:45

  920. rocky

    Hi Bexter.
    Are y gonna give it a try?

    01 May 2005, 19:47

  921. Bexter

    i did! mine went:
    1. BCLC
    2. BCLC
    3. BCLC

    and so on !! lol

    02 May 2005, 09:52

  922. rocky

    Hmm…that's cheating, Bexter!
    There's only ONE programme called BCLC!

    02 May 2005, 19:00

  923. Lauren

    1. BCLC
    2.Come Outside
    4.64 Zoo Lane
    5.Little Robots

    I just watched The Nightmare Before Christmas, The best film ever unless they bring out The BCLC Movie

    02 May 2005, 21:08

  924. Bexter


    Im sayin that bclc is my only fav programme !! :'(

    03 May 2005, 15:59

  925. Bexter

    … on the cbeebies channel !

    03 May 2005, 17:27

  926. rocky

    Bexter- Surely it's just '1.BCLC' then? It's always gonna be the best programme out to me.
    I only like Fireman Sam because of 'Naughty' Norman Price.
    By the way it's Firefighter and Three Little Pigs next weekend.

    03 May 2005, 19:06

  927. Boots

    I'll try…
    2.The Story Makers
    3.The Shiny Show
    5.Bits and Bobs

    03 May 2005, 19:56

  928. Lauren

    Out of intrest, what is everybody's favorite program/ films including non-cebbeibies? I cant think of any TV shows I like exept Most Haunted and of course BCLC but films—-
    1. The Nightmare Before Christmas
    2.The Fellowship Of The Ring
    3. Anything with Orlando Bloom in ; )

    03 May 2005, 21:58

  929. Bexter

    I have loadsa fav programmes but in no order:

    the simpsons
    the bill


    50 first dates
    be cool

    and loads more lol ! ! ! !

    ne 1 else?

    04 May 2005, 17:40

  930. la la la

    hi everyone. i havent been on for aaaaaaaaaaaaages.

    06 May 2005, 16:59

  931. Bexter

    i noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol

    06 May 2005, 19:06

  932. Bexter

    la la la – nones on here nemore :'(

    07 May 2005, 11:50

  933. la la la

    i know :'(

    07 May 2005, 12:19

  934. Lauren

    I am here, I will make a reselotion starting from…............NOW to come on more often

    07 May 2005, 21:18

  935. Bexter

    kl kl kl

    08 May 2005, 09:41

  936. Clare

    Does anyone know if Steve Marsh(Aka Big cook Ben) has a girlfriend? i am mad about him!!! lol, how sad is that!

    09 May 2005, 16:43

  937. rocky

    I'm hear to, Bexter, just can't get on that often.

    09 May 2005, 20:08

  938. la la la

    does anyone know when the new series is out on tv?

    10 May 2005, 19:48

  939. Bexter

    you will be pleased to no claire that steve does come on here and place the occasional message !

    12 May 2005, 16:06

  940. Bexter

    IT MY BIRTHDAY TODAY !!!!!!!!!!

    13 May 2005, 16:02

  941. Tash

    woo hoo Happy Birthday! How old r u?

    13 May 2005, 20:48

  942. Peas

    many happy returns bexter! hope you had a fab birthday! p.s bclc rules!! lol

    13 May 2005, 23:30

  943. Bexter

    Thanks y'all !

    14 May 2005, 12:08

  944. jamie

    hello everybody.
    i'm sorry that i haven't been on for ages.our computer has been broken down for ages and ages.i hope everybody is still on here!i wonder when the new series will be on the tv.does anybody know?i have to go now i am in I.T at school and the teacher has just come in!i will come on agin when my mum and dad have fixed the computer.

    16 May 2005, 14:21

  945. Bexter

    klkl thats weird my last lesson was ICT yesterday :S:S:S thats spooky

    17 May 2005, 16:10

  946. mr 7toes

    hey everyone! hows u all doing. i was just trying to find another forum to talk in and spread the joy of bclc in.
    i'm still counting down until the days until the new series comes out (whenever that is)
    hows life for all you guys?

    19 May 2005, 10:52

  947. Bexter

    im good , but im no-one is eva on here anymore

    19 May 2005, 16:36

  948. mr 7toes

    that kinda sux. where are you everybody?!

    20 May 2005, 11:14

  949. Bexter

    i hav a feelin that theyr not gunna cum bac

    20 May 2005, 16:35

  950. Tommy

    Hi everyone,haven't been on for a long time cos computer has been broken,but its fixed now, thanks mum. whats the recipe tomorrow does anyone know?

    20 May 2005, 19:52

  951. la la la

    i'm still here but noone ever seems to be on :(

    23 May 2005, 11:28

  952. mr 7toes

    i'm sure when the new series comes on then we will have something to talk about and bclc fever will hit every1 again!

    23 May 2005, 11:29

  953. Bexter


    23 May 2005, 17:09

  954. Tommy

    Yesterday I watched BCLC and it wos Seven Dwarves Custard pies Yummy.

    23 May 2005, 18:33

  955. Hiya everybody. Just thought I'd throw a token stone atop the cairn as I passed…

    23 May 2005, 20:20

  956. Bexter

    hey i told u everyone had gone

    30 May 2005, 13:13

  957. la la la

    noooooooooo we have to make it work.
    i'll come on every day and if there is a message left then i will reply… where are you everyone!!!?
    does anyone have any idea when the new bclc series is out?

    02 Jun 2005, 11:32

  958. la la la

    ALSO look!!!! we're coming up to the 1000 mark! i wander who will be the 1000th person….

    02 Jun 2005, 11:34

  959. Bexter

    lalala – the new series cummin in da summer …. i think ??

    02 Jun 2005, 14:36

  960. la la la

    wow its so empty in here.

    i hope its coming soon! do you have any idea of whats goin to happen in the new series and whats different?

    04 Jun 2005, 20:16

  961. sarah

    did u know in real life littlle cook ben is bigger than big cook. seen it on soccer am! gud show tho

    05 Jun 2005, 00:21

  962. mr 7toes

    yes i saw them on thats so last week when it was on ages ago. i cant beleve they arent really on tv anymore

    05 Jun 2005, 13:23

  963. la la la

    wow! soccer am where do i find tht?

    05 Jun 2005, 19:57

  964. Lauren

    hello everybody. i must confess that I have been galavanting off round the world and neglected to tell everybody. well im back now so hello!!

    05 Jun 2005, 20:24

  965. Bexter

    hav a gd time ?

    06 Jun 2005, 15:52

  966. mr 7toes

    wow whered u go?

    06 Jun 2005, 20:11

  967. Bexter

    see no1's on here nemore

    10 Jun 2005, 18:44

  968. Bexter

    i think everyones gone cos they thought after the makin the blog higher thing ,they prob think its still blocked :(

    12 Jun 2005, 13:22

  969. la la la

    probably :( i cant wait til bclc back cos then people wioll search and fine this :D

    13 Jun 2005, 22:44

  970. Bexter

    yer lol

    14 Jun 2005, 16:30

  971. la la la

    how did u come up with your name bexter?

    16 Jun 2005, 16:13

  972. Lauren

    I'm still here….... everybody else has exiting user names, i'm just my namre…....

    16 Jun 2005, 19:59

  973. me 7toes

    what's everyones favourite music?

    17 Jun 2005, 11:53

  974. Bexter

    ahhhhhhhhh how i made up bexter lalala – well my names actually Becky but i came up with Bexter as a laugh when i was with my mates lol i really dont no how it came up in convosation hehe :P

    i wana no how mr 7toes came up with his has he really got 7 toes lol ??

    18 Jun 2005, 08:12

  975. mr 7toes

    i got my name from my friends who randomly made it up lol, no i havent got 7 toes… that would be wierd… i wander whether anyone has? let me know if u know anyone who does…

    how is everyone? anyone going on holiday during the summer?

    19 Jun 2005, 22:44

  976. Bexter

    im gd im bored of cummin on here nemore theres no point lol

    20 Jun 2005, 19:12

  977. DNT NO


    21 Jun 2005, 20:11

  978. Lauren

    Yeh its getting a bit dry.

    In answer to Mr 7 Toes' questions I like all the really old Good Charlotte songs that nobody knows about allthough some of the new stuff is pretty good too. yes I know its irregular taste but hey, call me irregular tasted, most people do! I am going to California (again) in the summer. I don't know anybody with 7toes but my history teacher has 6 toes.
    That do ya for now?

    21 Jun 2005, 20:15

  979. Lauren

    hiya DNT NO, nice to get some fresh blood on here, its kinda dried up recently for no real reason

    21 Jun 2005, 20:17

  980. Charlotte

    I'm still twelve but I think it's the best programme ever made.

    22 Jun 2005, 20:14

  981. Charlotte

    The best program ever made

    22 Jun 2005, 20:15

  982. Lauren

    Bexter your premonition is corret, a loada ppl are coming on!

    22 Jun 2005, 20:19

  983. mr 7toes

    one toe short there lauren,near enough though i guess hehe.
    wow california?.. i've never even left the UK. i wish i could go with u lol.
    also good charlotte rule!! theyre brilliant, but i was very :( when some of my friends went to see them and i couldnt make it.
    hi charlotte and dnt know lol

    22 Jun 2005, 22:08

  984. Clare

    Hi Steve. I'm sorry to pry,but i gotta know…do you have a girlfriend? if you don't then i'm willing and able….i can do some great things with whipped cream!!

    23 Jun 2005, 15:29

  985. la la la

    ewwwwww. i dont think any of the rest of us wanted to know that lol, good question though… i wander whether he does…?

    24 Jun 2005, 11:47

  986. Lauren

    Clare, good question but its not the time or place for that are of converstaion lol…. good question tho.

    24 Jun 2005, 13:26

  987. hmm

    who do u fink is better looking? big cook or lil cook?

    24 Jun 2005, 14:04

  988. sweetie

    little cook defently

    24 Jun 2005, 14:05

  989. Lauren

    Big Cook all the way!!

    25 Jun 2005, 12:37

  990. Clare

    Little cook is cute,but ginger just doesn't do it for me lol. sorry bout the prev question…...i still stand by it though…..can't help but fancy the pants off Steve!!
    I'm still waiting on my answer Steve…...Lol

    25 Jun 2005, 14:09

  991. hmm

    yeh id prob go for big cook 2. i no wat u meen about the giner hair thing. (no offence 2 n e 1 ginger)

    25 Jun 2005, 18:57

  992. Lauren

    Also the whole 15cm tall thing doesn't help his case…...

    Clare, Steve left a comment on here about a year ago but as far as I know he's not been on since

    25 Jun 2005, 22:11

  993. Bexter

    probably not !

    he last came on ages ago !

    26 Jun 2005, 12:20

  994. Clare

    Boo Hoo!!
    oh well, I do hope he hasn't! Not that a mere mortal like me has a chance,but it is always nice to dream lol

    28 Jun 2005, 10:33

  995. la la la

    ARGHHHHHHHHHHH has anyone seent the T4 advert??!!!!!! i couldnt believe it... i was reading a magazine and the advert was on, i wasnt really paying much atention to the tv but when i looked up.... it was steve and dan!! i missed most the advert so i wasnt sure what it was all about so was a little annoyed but i'm gonna try watch out for it again and see if i can find more info. has anyone else seen it??

    28 Jun 2005, 12:09

  996. Bexter

    no i havent but i want to now !!!!

    28 Jun 2005, 17:14

  997. la la la

    how about the advert for the new series of big cook little cook?

    29 Jun 2005, 18:47

  998. Lauren

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOH adverts… thats rather exiting.

    Has anybody seen The Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy? I have that song in my head;....so long and thanks for all the fish, so sad that it must come to this, we tried to warn you but oh deeeaaaarr ect ect.

    30 Jun 2005, 19:19

  999. Bexter

    no i havent seen it

    02 Jul 2005, 13:19

  1000. Bexter

    is anyone watchin live8 today ?

    02 Jul 2005, 13:20

  1001. Clare

    which ad u on about? T4 have so many! i'm going to start watching it now!! lol

    i've seen the advert for big cook little cook….it's the one where they are dancing isn't it? to Twist and Shout? I had a look on my sky viewer for next week and bclc on cbeebies are repeats :(
    i think the first one is princess and the pea.

    02 Jul 2005, 15:06

  1002. la la la

    yeah i watched some live8 … what did u think?

    03 Jul 2005, 20:47

  1003. Bexter

    i thought it was well gd !

    yey it my teacher training day 2day ! i get a day off lol !

    05 Jul 2005, 09:41

  1004. Lauren

    bclc is back, whay! i watched live 8. live 8 in tokyo had much better bands tho

    05 Jul 2005, 16:32

  1005. la la la

    wow bexter! u were the 1000th person and we didnt even realise it!

    05 Jul 2005, 22:41

  1006. Bexter

    oh yea ! woooo

    is BCLC the new series ??

    06 Jul 2005, 16:25

  1007. Lauren

    congratualtions bexter

    no its not the new series but I think they fiddled about with all the bits that are the same every day.

    07 Jul 2005, 17:38

  1008. Bexter

    ohhhh rite cheers lauren ! :D

    09 Jul 2005, 18:46

  1009. Lauren

    Its hot. I don't like hot. Or sun.

    10 Jul 2005, 12:48

  1010. Steve

    Came across this site in a nosey moment. I'm one of the writers of BCLC, and as so many of you enjoy it, I thought I'd let you know that we're putting together a new series right now. It will probably come out early next year some time. Now, back to Kim the Kangaroo . . .

    11 Jul 2005, 18:03

  1011. hippo

    yay thanks for the update steve! ill look 4ward till the new series :>

    11 Jul 2005, 21:36

  1012. la la la

    wow i cant wait for the new series whens it on?

    15 Jul 2005, 14:28

  1013. Lauren

    OOH new series, thats exiting….. knowing my current luck I will be half way around the world when it starts or summit. Looking forward to the new series….!

    15 Jul 2005, 20:19

  1014. agnes sullivan

    i am 74 and i watch big cook little cook. it is class and— i'm lovin' it—

    23 Jul 2005, 23:29

  1015. sally

    big cook little cook is really good for children and my child said she wanted to make a strawberry clown i love it

    24 Jul 2005, 08:53

  1016. Me!!!

    hey. did n e 1 else see big cook n lil cook on the adverts 4 the cricket on channel 4?

    24 Jul 2005, 13:36

  1017. Lauren

    YES! I was watching Futurama in bed (as you do) and it the TV said "now a cricket update from Lords," and there they were! Its wierd seing lil cook regular size, don't ya think!

    24 Jul 2005, 22:11

  1018. Bexter

    OMG i havent seen those adverts !


    25 Jul 2005, 10:02

  1019. LAuren

    Its on at the start of the cricket after the break and the end of the cricket before the break

    25 Jul 2005, 13:37

  1020. bexter


    25 Jul 2005, 18:24

  1021. Me!!!

    yeh it is reli strange seeing him normal size

    25 Jul 2005, 19:33

  1022. la la la

    i told u hahahaha!!!

    27 Jul 2005, 15:35

  1023. hothothot

    Hi ladies and gents,
    Long time no see….well, so to speak!
    How are we all?
    Good to see that so many of you are still around.
    I must admit, I have been a little busy lately, but that's not an excuse! But there was no Bclc on the telly! :-(
    Glad to see them back now though! Woohoo!
    Have they been on much else that we know of?
    Talk soon!

    27 Jul 2005, 18:23

  1024. Bexter

    does ne1 no wen exactly the new series will start ??

    28 Jul 2005, 09:57

  1025. claire bear

    hi there
    i NEED bclc music for my little girls bday parti got the dvd but she loves dancing to the songs that much i thought it wud b cool if i cud get hold of the music so she can bop away at her parti HELP PLZ
    claire n little litti 1st class bclc fans

    29 Jul 2005, 22:52

  1026. Lauren

    I don't think you can buy CDs but i suppose you could record it of the tv with a voice recorder of some description then play it back.

    30 Jul 2005, 20:35

  1027. la la la

    i recorded it with my phone and now can have it as a ringtone! lol

    02 Aug 2005, 10:55

  1028. Lauren

    well thats rather cool. Why does no-one ever go on this…..

    08 Aug 2005, 14:32

  1029. la la la

    i'm sure that when the new series comes and people search big cook little cook on the net they'll find us and we'll have lots of new people to talk to with new ideas and opinions :D

    so… how is your summer going lauren? (may as well make some convo lol)

    09 Aug 2005, 10:25

  1030. Bexter

    mines gdgd !! OMG i bought the good food magazine with my mum today and then guess wat i found ?


    its a taster one but they will be sold seperately !

    anyway how is every1 ??

    09 Aug 2005, 15:37

  1031. rocky

    Hello everyone!
    I've bought the BCLC magazine already and can't wait for the new series!
    I watched BCLC today and Monsieur Le Splat was in the cafe.

    09 Aug 2005, 20:36

  1032. Lauren

    WOW. I want one. A magazine that is.

    Im going to San Franciso in 3 hours and 10 minutes. Whats everybody else doing?

    Hi again Rocky, not spoken to you in a while.

    Has anybody seen the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film? its ALMOST as good as BCLC! ALMOST but not quite.

    Did anybody else feel hyper yesterday? Me and my best buddy found ourselves riding Shetland Ponies down the main road waving flags and singing Hail Brittania. And one of the other horses ate its own bridle. Maybe I just live in a troubled area…...

    10 Aug 2005, 13:28

  1033. Amy Lee

    yeh ive seen charllie and the chocolate factory. Its amazin! Every1 keeps sayin that johnny depp looks like micheal jackson :'( Johnny Depp is gorgeous!

    13 Aug 2005, 15:19

  1034. suzanne boxer

    Big cook and little cook are in the adverts on Channel 4 for the cricket. sadly Big cook seems to have been eating too muchof the stuff he has been cooking!

    16 Aug 2005, 14:39

  1035. la la la

    wow ten whole days without anyone writing anything

    26 Aug 2005, 09:26

  1036. Lauren

    Oh Johnny Depp does not look like Micheal Jackson, everyone who thinks he does has a twisted mind. No offence, a twisted mind can be great, just HE LOOKS LIKE WILLY WONKA GET OVER IT!

    Guess what, I went surfing and on one wave I thought i'd dropped in on a body-boarder but it was actually a dolphin!

    For those non-surfers to drop in is to surf a wave where somebody else is already surfing so the dropper in lands on the first persons head (ooppsie)

    26 Aug 2005, 19:07

  1037. la la la

    i couldnt resist showing u this lauren…

    07 Sep 2005, 11:38

  1038. Lauren

    Wow thats actually quite funny but I stick by my guns, he doesn't look like Micheal jackson

    13 Sep 2005, 20:44

  1039. Rachel

    What a long board!
    I work as a nanny for 4 boys and the 17 month old adores BCLC so we tape it on Sky+ every weekend so we can watch it over and over in the week!
    It hit me today that I have a slight thing for Big Cook Ben so as soon as I got home I google searched Steve Marsh!
    Anyone know where I can find an online biography for the guys?
    I'm off to wash, wipe, scrub and clean….

    14 Sep 2005, 18:55

  1040. Rachel

    Just googled Electric forcast and have found that they're performing in one of the clubs in the city where I live! It's only a small city and the club only holds about 200 people. Plus it's 5 minutes from my house!
    Think I'll go and buy the tickets now!
    x x x

    14 Sep 2005, 19:00

  1041. danielle

    i love my moon rocks wat i made

    15 Sep 2005, 12:51

  1042. Lauren

    wow Rachel, im jelous!

    16 Sep 2005, 22:55

  1043. Pamela Bell

    My little boy loves big cook little cook he goes daft when its on. My mum baught him the DVD from ebay he watches it from start to finish so i get peace for a bit lol x

    20 Sep 2005, 16:02

  1044. miss_behaving

    There is a new BCLC dvd on sale! I saw it advertised on the back of one of my magazines this week. Think its out either this coming Monday, or next. Yee-ha!

    21 Sep 2005, 22:42

  1045. la la la

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just saw the new dvd for bclc :O its amazing!!!!!1

    22 Sep 2005, 17:47

  1046. Rocky

    What, BCLC- We Love to Cook?

    03 Oct 2005, 20:15

  1047. la la la

    no1 ever posts on here anymore :(

    10 Oct 2005, 23:59

  1048. rizliya zain

    i always watch big cook and little cook and i enjoy singing along too! i always watch it and i never even miss a thing or blink!

    26 Oct 2005, 17:53

  1049. Lita

    doesn anyone know where to get the cleaning up song?? I have it stuck in my head!!

    08 Nov 2005, 21:41

  1050. Joanne

    could someone please post the lyrics to the tidy up song, thank you, my child and i cook but he wants me to lear the tidy up clean up song. its a great show for us to bond by making thre recipies, however i hardley ever gte to wach an epsiode :-(

    09 Nov 2005, 18:16

  1051. Triad

    I saw Electric Forecast a few weeks ago and it they were awesome! I didn't have high expectiations (sorry) but was definately proved wrong! They were fantastic.

    Had my photo taken with Big Cook Ben, too. Class blokes they are.

    12 Nov 2005, 13:56

  1052. Paul

    Little Cook, Daniel Wright used to live in Cheriton, Folkestone, i have even been to his house when i was younger as we both enjoyed CB radio as a hobby.

    11 Dec 2005, 14:04

  1053. emma

    you can buy an email of big cook little cook book on ebay have done and it is ok

    12 Dec 2005, 19:04

  1054. rizliya

    your the best and why don't you even think about acting another one because im borerd of watching everything over again and i think you should come back when the ashes series starts again!you were in the advert when the ashes were here wernt you googd luck will sees you tomarrow on cbeebies at 7'oclock in the morning
    rizliya zain

    18 Dec 2005, 10:41

  1055. emma

    i realy like bic cook little cook and by little brother realy likes it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx brett holmes

    20 Dec 2005, 22:31

  1056. Frenchie

    Just found this site, my little boy loves BCLC! And I have to say I'm rather a big fan of Little Cook myself, DING DONG!!!

    26 Dec 2005, 17:33

  1057. la la la

    i got bclc mag for xmas :O lol

    04 Jan 2006, 21:09

  1058. jojo

    I think I am in love with big cook.would like to buy their cookery set for my 6year old daughter but cant find it !! I dont think steve is going to post here again coz you guys are just using it as your personal chat room instead of actual comments or questions about the brill show that is BCLC

    18 Jan 2006, 21:05

  1059. Tommy

    It's me Tommy how our you what is it on big cook little cook

    28 Jan 2006, 14:09

  1060. Tommy

    Oh it was teddy sandwiches and vegetable house – well cool!

    29 Jan 2006, 11:04

  1061. Emilia-mary

    can sum1 plz tell me the lyrics to the big cook little cook songs plz!!!

    10 Feb 2006, 18:39

  1062. Tommy

    Jelly boats and pirates gold, princess pea pies, carrot cake and fruit smille, and envelope surprise, we love our cafe and we love to cook, we have a
    fantastic recipe book,he is big cook, and he is small, friends in our cafe we cook for them all,when your tummy gets all rumbley youre ready for a treat, you can make something delicious to eat.

    12 Feb 2006, 17:22

  1063. Charlotte

    I lurve big-cook-little-cook I watch it all the time when I get the chance! I've been trying to find out their factfiles, how old are them both, I've always wanted to know?

    25 Feb 2006, 10:44

  1064. cj bj aj kj dj aj lj

    i love the bclc show and daniel wright xxxxxxxxxxxx from all of us who likes the show

    25 Feb 2006, 14:05

  1065. sally

    i saw them doing stand up they were so funny. i heard they are both 26 or 27. big cook is sooo hot.

    25 Feb 2006, 17:17

  1066. Charlotte

    I just adore BCLC!!!!!!!!!!!! Hop;e there's a movie com' out soon enough! I think Little Cook Small is soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute because of his height!

    02 Mar 2006, 17:19

  1067. charlotte

    I thought LC was only about fourteen or fifteen. HJe looks too young to be too old. Why is he the only one on Cbeebies to wear glasses anyway???

    02 Mar 2006, 20:50

  1068. big cook little cook number 1 fan

    hey i am 15 nd i lv big cook little cook i watch it everyday nd it brighten up ma day, ne1 round bout my age watch it lol nd i dun care if ne1 finks im childish stay young while ew can init xxxxxxxxxxxx

    15 Mar 2006, 21:03

  1069. charlotte

    I collect all the bclc magazines and on the latest issue it said in April u can meet Big Cook Ben and Little Cook Small (I think) in actual person. See all their recipies and stuff. Saw BCLC today. Wake Up Juice and King Pie…Little Cook couldn't get any sweeter when he's asleep xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    18 Mar 2006, 13:45

  1070. mr 7toes

    I'M BAAAAAAAACK :O but everyones left :(

    24 Mar 2006, 18:10

  1071. charlotte

    Hi Mr 7 toes what the HELL do you mean by that? Also, to Dan Wright xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx from all of us just to say hi.

    25 Mar 2006, 13:02

  1072. mr 7toes

    i meant noone seems to come on here anymore :( i havent been on for aaaaaaaaages

    25 Mar 2006, 22:29

  1073. me

    first of all….. What colour is an orange? LMAO
    2nd of all, welcome bak mr 7 toes
    3rd of all… rock on

    25 Mar 2006, 22:30

  1074. mr 7toes

    why thanks :)
    what does everyone think of the new series of bclc?

    25 Mar 2006, 22:34

  1075. me

    new series?!!?!? no one told me :'( when???? i feel deprived

    25 Mar 2006, 22:36

  1076. charlotte

    Yeah, there are new series, and the one of the ones I saw today is the only episode where Little Cook takes his glasses off! I have to say, the new series are brilliant.

    26 Mar 2006, 12:47

  1077. Charlotte

    What's the electric forecast internet webpage. If you photo the TV it'll probably backfire into your eyes. please tell me. I lurve bclc. Everyone's right, why does Ben have to say "hot hot hot" every few seconds. Have u seen the flower fairy episode it's brilliant ben looks sooooo funny when he's shaking his head at Small like that.
    Also, every time I see BCLC I say "Little Cook Small is the sweetest thing, always when he has a problem." Saw it 2day by the way. Omar the optician and kim the kangaroo. Like I said in my last entry, i think LC looks cute with his glasses off like that. Welcum back Mr 7 toes hoping u r enjoying reading all our entrires.

    26 Mar 2006, 13:01

  1078. You locked them all out!

    Now, gangs of marauding BCLC fans are roaming blogs, looking for ongoing discussions to hijack!

    28 May 2006, 22:08

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