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August 31, 2005

Google Purge

Google today announced Google Purge, their latest application aimed at simplifying and streamlining search. But Purge operates quite differently from existing, non-invasive Google apps; it works by destroying all the information it is unable to index. From the press release:-

As a part of Purge's first phase, executives will destroy all copyrighted materials that cannot be searched by Google. "A year ago, Google offered to scan every book on the planet for its Google Print project. Now, they are promising to burn the rest," John Battelle wrote in his widely read Searchblog. "Thanks to Google Purge, you'll never have to worry that your search has missed some obscure book, because that book will no longer exist. And the same goes for movies, art, and music."

As a part of Phase One operations, Google executives will permanently erase the hard drive of any computer that is not already indexed by the Google Desktop Search. Although Google executives are keeping many details about Google Purge under wraps, some analysts speculate that the categories of information Google will eventually index or destroy include handwritten correspondence, buried fossils, and private thoughts and feelings.

Filler–free albums

Way back when, I wrote about albums where every song is great and there isn't a single bad track on the whole disc.

The same topic has popped up over at Plastic, with rather more suggestions than my original entry generated. Someone went through and tallied up all the votes and the top ten were:-

  • Radiohead — OK Computer
  • Miles Davis — Kind of Blue
  • Radiohead — Kid A
  • The Beatles — Abbey Road
  • Pink Floyd — The Dark Side of the Moon
  • The Clash — London Calling
  • U2 Achtung Baby
  • John Coltrane — A Love Supreme
  • My Bloody Valentine — Loveless
  • The Beach Boys — Pet Sounds

The complete list of voted-for albums is well worth a look, though, because once you get out of the top ten things get much less predictable.

Ford Iosis

Writing about web page

Yow. If this is the way Ford design is going then count me in. It's got Aston Martin Vanquish or the new Jag coupe written all over it, but presumably at a small fraction of the cost – and with rather more practicality too, since it's actually a four-door saloon where the rear doors are hinged at the back and pillarless at the front a la Mazda RX8. But I've never really liked the way the RX8 looks, whereas this rocks. Almost enough to make me forget the Cougar and the Probe. Kudos to the designers, Stefan Lamm, Domenico Tonello and Andrea di Buduo; I hope Ford build this. Martin Smith, Ford of Europe 's Executive Design Director says:-

This car represents a vision of the future for Ford's design direction. It will send a very clear message that the SAV Concept shown at Geneva 2005 was the first step forward in an exciting journey for Ford design. Iosis is the design statement that defines the future of the Ford brand in Europe.

More pictures here if you're interested.

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