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May 28, 2004

Five good things

Following on from Steve's post last week about things that annoy him , I though I'd try to, like, improve the karma with a similar list, but of things which please me. They are:-

  1. Power showers. I used to be a bath person, but since we put a big, spacious cubicle and a proper power shower in, I'm converted for good. It's lucky I have to come to work, otherwise I'd never get out.
  2. Tivo. It's like television, but with all the irritating bits taken out. I don't watch adverts any more, or remember to set the video, or rewind tapes, or find the tape I want. I just watch the shows I like whenever it suits me.
  3. Innocent fruit smoothies. In theory, putting your own fruit in the blender is the best way to go. In practice, who's got the fruit, the time and the enthusiasm for washing the damn thing afterwards? Fortuitously, Innocent smoothies are indistinguishable from the DIY version except that you can buy them from Sainsburys. In a bottle.
  4. Timberland shoes. Not too smart, not too scruffy or unreasonably fashionable, perfectly comfortable from day one. They've cornered the market in smart trainers for me (admittedly, that's quite a small market).
  5. Mobile phones. Not so much other peoples', obviously; they're just annoying. But it's become so standard to moan about them that it's easy to forget how great owning one is. Being in a precise place at a precise time has become largely unnecessary thanks to mobiles; now it's enough to be in the vicinity at around the right time, and that's a much better fit with my own sense of precision.

Daddy types

Writing about web page

If this isn't a spoof, it ought to be. A blog by a new dad, deeply concerned with (and I kid you not) issues such as "Which buggies have cup-holders on them", "Where are the changing tables in NYC?" and "What's a cool Rocker T-shirt for my baby?".

(Actually, it's not all as bad as that; some of it is reasonably insightful. Sort of. A bit.)

Baby names go mad

Writing about web page

As hard as naming babies actually is, some of these extracts (and the harsh – but fair – responses to them) make you wonder just what some people are thinking.

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