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June 25, 2004

Ikea desks & Jay Pinkerton

Writing about web page

This is the funniest thing I have read on or off the web in a long time. It’s obvious material in one way, but the way it keeps going and going, and the haunting familiarity to anyone who’s ever tried to assemble furniture alone, left me laughing till I woke my son in the next room. Oops.

Jay also has a blog with more of the same if you want it, and if you like Jay, odds are you’ll like Dave Barry too.

Flashy Alice

Writing about web page

Got kids who are (or will be) old enough to enjoy a brilliantly animated Flash version of Alice in Wonderland? Or was it a favourite of yours when younger? Either way, this is absolutely worth a look (or a right-click and Save As for repeated viewing by younger readers).

3tunes: No filler

One of the predicted consequences of iTunes and MP3 players generally is the demise of the album. Most albums, so the thinking goes, have some good tracks, some middling, and one or two pure filler. Why would anyone buy the whole thing, filler and all, if they could cherry-pick just the tracks they like?

An interesting associated question is, when you rip CDs into iTunes (or whatever), do you generally take all the tracks, or just selected tracks? If the latter, maybe the album doom-sayers have a point.

So I had a look through my iTunes collection. Turns out I have exactly one complete album on there - Paul Simon, Graceland. Thinking about it, that's plausible; for me, it's an album without a single bad (or even middling) track on it. But I can't think of any other albums I feel the same way about. Are there other albums where every track is a gem?

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