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June 14, 2006

Scent of a rock star

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Finally, the scent world gets what it's been missing, nay needing all these years: KISS are releasing their own, signature his–and–hers fragrances. And not just perfume, either: the range includes, and I am not making this up, Party Shower Gel, Lovin' Body Lotion and Rockin' Bath Splash. The dropped apostrophes are important.

Despite the fact that sweet perfume isn't exactly the odour which comes to mind if you think of KISS (greasepaint? sweat? toupee glue?), their fragrances do indeed seem to be made of perfume–ish ingredients: the mens' one is the usual stuff, pepper, rum, amber, blah, blah. The womens' one is more intriguing, though: "Crushed red peppercorns, wet fig leaves, wild red poppy, musky bare skin accord, shiny patent leather and vintage mahogany". Isn't this basically the smell of sweaty shoes in a wardrobe? I guess there might be some strange people for whom that hits the spot, but I wonder if they might want either better fragrance designers or better copywriters for the next KISS marketing blitz.

(The same article, almost unbelievably, mentions that KISS will also soon be opening their own coffee shop. How can a band whose glory days are so clearly so far behind them still have this much brand power?)

New Yorker

Writing about web page

I was lucky enough to get a subscription to the New Yorker last Christmas. I'm enjoying it more than just about any UK magazine or newspaper with the possible exception of Word Magazine. This morning I nearly choked on my Raisin Wheats when I read this opening to the magazine's review of The Da Vinci Code:–

The story of "The Da Vinci Code" goes like this: A dead Frenchman is found laid out on the floor of the Louvre. His final act was to carve a number of bloody markings into his own flesh, indicating, to the expert eye, that he was preparing to roll himself in fresh herbs and sear himself in olive oil for three minutes on each side.

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