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October 03, 2007

Flash, Flex & Video: Overview & resources

Writing about web page

This morning’s session was a useful overview of video in Flash and, in particular, how to incorporate video content and functions into Flex applications. The presenter provided a link to his slides, which in their turn contain lots of links to articles and other resources relating to video in Flash/Flex.

Is the watch on the way out?

Walking around the conference these last few days, one thing that’s caught my eye is that watch wearers seem to be in the minority. Presumably, this is inversely proportional to mobile phone usage, which is ubiquitous, to the point where it’s sometimes seemed to me that as we all shuttle from one auditorium to the next, being on your phone is actually becoming preferable to talking to the person walking along next to you.

Almost everyone seems to be either talking excitedly into a mobile phone (often at this conference, an iPhone), or frowning ferociously as they read email from their Blackberry, tapping away urgently, in a manner suggestive of major crisis aversion. The phone: not just the new watch, but also the new umbilical cord.

Eric Natzke

Writing about web page

After a long day of presentations about technologies and how to use them I felt a little bit burned out on the idea of yet another “How to do X with Y” session, so I changed my plans on the spur of the moment and ducked in to see a session which I had no pre-conceptions about. Boy, am I glad I did. The session was called “The Art of Playing” and it was given by a guy called Eric Natzke who I hadn’t previously heard of.

It’s slightly hard to describe what Eric does. His own blog says:-

Erik Natzke is an interactive designer who is constantly trying to blur the lines between design and technology.

and that certainly seems right to me, but I’d also suggest that he’s an interesting kind of mathematical animator. His slides – well, they weren’t exactly slides, they were the actual animations he created – had my jaw consistently hanging open as time after time he showed how a simple starting point involving particles or lines could evolve into something so amazing looking that I’d happily take a print of it and hang it on my wall.

Describing all the examples Erik showed would be time consuming and ultimately rather pointless because they’re the sort of things which need to be seen rather than described, but luckily Erik has put the whole presentation online and, if you have any interest in animation or art, I urge you to take a look:

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