July 08, 2008

Wind & Rain

For Friday 4th July

Comments: OK
Weather out: mild – slight head wind
Weather back: strong crosswind
Out: 20.3 mph
Back: 20.8 mph

For Today

Comments: OK
Weather out: windy, rainy
Weather back:
Out: 18.7 mph

July 02, 2008

Fast Day

For Tuesday 1st July

Comments: OK
Weather out: mild – slight head wind
Weather back: strong tailwind
Out: 20.2 mph
Back: 21.6 mph

Other rides

19.0 mph at lunchtime for the 10 mile circuit with Rachel.
19.8 mph on Sunday 29th June for 25 mile circuit.

June 27, 2008

Post holiday blues

Comments: OK but lost fitness over holiday. Motivation down somewhat!
Weather out: mild – head wind
Weather back: strong tailwind
Out: 20.2 mph (late start for av speed)
Back: 21.6 mph

Other rides

Monday 23rd June: 19.4 mph for the 25 mile circuit
Friday 20th June: first ride after holiday: dismal 18.5 mph out and 20.4 mph back.

June 01, 2008

Last ride before 2 weeks holiday in Devon

Friday 30th May

Comments: feeling OK.
Weather out: mild – sl tail wind
Weather back: sl head wind, mild
Out: 20.0 mph
Back: 20.5 mph

May 24, 2008


Yesterday – Friday 23rd May

Comments: feeling OK. Missed some rides – too many work trips !
Weather out: mild – no wind
Weather back: close
Out: 19.8 mph -(may have gone over 20 but got chatting on the way)
Back: 20.8 mph

Previous Sundays ride was 19.9 mph for 25 miles: Warwick, Cubbington, Offchurch, Bascote, Harbury, Tech Park, Warwick

May 14, 2008

No new record – 20.9 mph !

Comments: feeling OK
Weather out: cool – strong taliwind
Weather back: warm
Out: 20.9 mph – target achieved – equalled previous record
Back: 19.7 mph

A strong tailwind gave me the same record as last year for yesterdays ride in to work. Just failed to get 21.0 mph !

May 09, 2008

The first warm day

Comments: feeling OK: first ride after a few days away at EuroDisney !
Weather out: warm – shorts !
Weather back: hot
Out: 20.3 mph – target achieved
Back: 21.2 mph – target achieved

May 02, 2008

Nice new tarmac

Comments: feeling OK
Weather out: cool, sl headwind
Weather back: cool
Out: 19.5 mph
Back: 20.8 mph

April 30, 2008

Yesterday's wet ride

Comments: feeling OK
Weather out: cold, sl headwind
Weather back: rain, rain and more rain
Out: 19.2 mph
Back: 17.8 mph

Took the Charlecote / Sherbourne route home as the Newbold Pacey / Crematorium road is being re-surfaced. Managed to get through the rollers in the morning though.

April 25, 2008

Sound ride

Comments: feeling OK
Weather out: sl chill, breezy
Weather back:
Out: 19.2 mph

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