March 31, 2009

Red Lights this morning

Comments: tired tired tired – 100% red lights today?
Weather out: cold, stillish
Weather back: mildish, stillish
Out: 18.3 mph
Back: 20.4 mph

March 26, 2009

Windy day

Comments: sore back
Weather out: cold, strong headwind
Weather back:
Out: 18.3 mph
Back: 20.9 mph

March 24, 2009

Birthday ride

Comments: feeling OK
Weather out: cold, sunny, a tailwind for my birthday
Weather back:
Out: 19.3 mph
Back: 18.4 mph

Also did ride into work Friday 20th (19.0 mph in and return with Hendrik via Sherborne) and also 25 miles on Saturday 21st with Phil with a pub stop.

March 19, 2009

Foggy day…

Comments: feeling good for the first time this morning
Weather out: v. foggy / cold, stillish
Weather back: cool, headwind
Out: 19.0 mph
Back: 18.4 mph

March 17, 2009

A New Year

Comments: This is the third ride to work in the New Year – last couple of weeks I’ve been averaging 18 mph ish
Weather out: sunny (!), cold, stillish
Weather back: mild, sl head wind
Out: 19.0 mph
Back: 18.4 mph

September 09, 2008

Lost my fitness

Comments: two weeks off the bike (conference and continuous rain) and I’ve lost form
Weather out: mild, stillish
Weather back: mild, stillish
Out: 19.1 mph
Back: 20.9 mph

August 05, 2008

Solid ride

Comments: tired
Weather out: slight headwind
Weather back: rainy
Out: 19.4 mph

July 29, 2008

Catch up on rides

Tuesday 22nd July

Comments: OK
Weather out:
Weather back:
Out: 20.2 mph
Back: 19.7 – long way via Harbury

Sunday 27th July

19.7 mph for long circuit from home


Comments: OK
Weather out: headwind
Weather back:
Out: 19.4 mph

Lunchtime ride with Rachel 19.3 mph

July 18, 2008

Another windy day

Comments: OK
Weather out: mild – sl headwind
Weather back: mild – windy
Out: 20.2 mph

Last Tuesdays ride

Comments: OK
Weather out: mild, headwind, caught a wheelsucker
Weather back: mild – windy
Out: 19.2 mph
Back: 19.8 mph

Other rides

Last Weds: rode out to club TT (Harbury circuit)
Last Sun: usual 25 m route – 19.8 mph – good ride

July 11, 2008

What happened to the decent weather ?

Comments: OK
Weather out: mild – headwind
Weather back: mild – windy
Out: 19.2 mph
Back: 20.5 mph

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It started out as training record (mainly my 11 m each way commute to work) but as I am not getting any faster (small children / no time) I now plan to add musings and links on cycling in general as well (well, maybe once a year). My glory days were back in the 90s (before a back op) when at least I could do a sub-hour 25m TT. But it’s still all about the bike…

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