May 07, 2005

Bye Brocky

I'm feeling sad today because our dog, a black labrador called Brock, died in the night. He was old, and his back legs weren't working properly, so it wasn't unexpected, but I still find it sad. I'll miss him.

We had him for 11 years, so I can't really remember a time when we didn't have him. My brother and I used to take it in turns to walk him, so that is an enduring memory I will have of him. I will always remember how pleased he always was to see us, especially if we'd been away. He wagged his tail so hard that it hurt if it hit you, and being a retriever, he would bring you something, like a shoe or a teddy bear, just to show you how pleased he was to see you. He was so good natured that you could put your hand in his mouth, and he wouldn't bite it, and he was very long-suffering in the games we used to play with him. He loved to be among people, and never understood when people were scared of him, because he was so good natured. Another thing I will always remember was the way in which he loved food, especially bread, and being such a big dog, he would steal food as soon as your back was turned. We couldn't leave food out on the side, unless you wanted Brock to have it!

Brock was a very valued member of our family, and we will all miss him. He brought us a lot of happiness, in a way that only he could.

Bye bye Brocky.

April 18, 2005

Back to uni

I'm back at Warwick now, having had a good holiday. Five weeks seems a long time, but it went pretty quickly, because I had a week away with the rest of the CU committee, and then spent 2 weeks skiing with my family and friends. The CU committee week was really good, especially getting to know everyone better. Skiing was amazing, as it usually is! It was great to spend time with my family, and to enjoy God's creation. There are photos of both the CU committee week and the skiing in the galleries, so do have a look at them.

February 28, 2005


I've uploaded lots of photos onto this blog now. Please do look at them, and I would appreciate any comments and/or captions for them.

February 18, 2005

A game

I was thinking of games that I could share on this blog, and then I lost! I think he lost too!

Two games in one for those of you who know what I'm on about!

November 23, 2004

My blog

Welcome to my blog. I started it to display my photos, so feel free to look through them.

You may be interested that my favourite websites are: - Great for keeping up to date with what's happening in the world – My church. – University of Warwick Christian Union – Soul survivor, a Christian youth festival that happens each summer. – University of Warwick Men's Hockey Club – British Christian music website – My school – My other school

I hope you enjoy looking at my blog. If you have any comments please add them.

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