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October 14, 2005

HAPPY 21st Alex!!

Went to Alex's 21st birthday last night, bloody good party I must say!! Then on to Mirage and I have to say, very impressed that so many of those who were out were in Tragedy!!

Didn't quite make it to Greek at 9, actually I went in on time but couldn't face it, so went for Rootes breakfast which I couldn't really face either, and so I've been dragging myself around clinging desperately to my bottle of water all morning- dare any of you to try take it away from me!!!!

So yeah, put pictures on here in gallery inventively entitled 'Alex's 21st'!

October 11, 2005

First Classics social of the year!!

Hey, sorry to the peeps who I promised I would put the pics up last week, I've been a complete lazy arse!!

Well the first classics social of the year, and it was 'SIMPLY THE BEST (OOH) BETTER THAN ALLLL THE REST (OOOHH…LLAAAA!)' (she hides her head in shame because she hasn't actually attended one before!) but hey, nor have most of you right?! But thats what made it the best, well done everyone for turning up- Sophie, Philip and those who were not in attendance, be ashamed!! Now the next step is actually getting ur bums up to union North and signing up!

We had banners and sticky labels, a few timid first years and now we have photos! Sorry to all those who were caught in an unfortunate pose but I have the camera so I have the power so tough lucky they are all on here! We had the gorgeous couples, the undeniable charm of Nikklas, Simon's muscle and allll the drunken hugs you could wish for in the world from Amy Diamond (gotta love that gal!)

Despite the sticky labels, it wasn't the Geek fest that most people would expect from a classics society, put to the side was the 'Life Of Tiberius' and other such ramblings, the conversation was not nearly so droll thanks partly to Me and El's friend Bea who thought it important to let everyone know that 'GIRLS…THE REVOLUTION STARTS IN YOUR PANTS!'...really Bea, or is that your excuse?(Rather) She also tried to win Trisha over to the feminist revolution but was firmly put in her place, Trisha is not a feminist, nor was Chris so keen on the idea!

Ooooh, Ive heard whisperings that Charlotte was smooching with James (did everyone know that?) Any other hook ups go on that I havent been de-briefed on yet?? Tell all!!!

So well done exec, well done El (ALL HAIL, bow or curtsey as you feel fit) and looking forward to the next, and please can we only make the first years wear name badges as we don't know who they are, and because were bigger then them, older and wiser etc!!?

Oh and the answer is a big fat sweaty YES… I really do fancy that trip to Rome!!!

First Top B of the year!!

Hey guys, well I haven't blogged for ages, so nows a good time to start!

So, term's has been good so far, workload is piling up and I have FOR THE THIRD YR RUNNING, got 'Freshers Flu!!!' Ah well, keeps me feeling like a fresher opposed to turning 22 next week (lets not dwell on that fact!)

Anywho, First top b lived up to all but a few of its expectations: getting ready really early, anticipating a huge queue so getting there extra early, already to be at the back of a winding queue which seemed to not be so many freshers but 2nd and 3rd years hoping to relive the early dayz! A bottle of dodgy red wine whilst waiting, after scaring a few freshers by turning up at Whitefields demanding a bottle opener ( we like to do things in styleeee!)

It was an exploding start, well for Eleanor anyway, our president (ALL HAIL!) In the time it took for me and Bea to go to the loo, poor old El had exploded with red sick all over the sofa and newly carpeted Rococo ('AHH' I can hear you all realizing, 'so that red slpurge isnt part of the crazy ramdom patterned carpet'- no indeed it is not!) and been carried out by some poor guys, and been put in a cab and taken home to bed (godknows how long we were in the loo for!)

Anyway, as I said, it was only to be expected! oh oh oh, and I wore my new shoes, think I told everyone about my new shoes (anyone not know and wanna know about my amazing new shoes??) they are AMAZING!!

The only things missing from top b ( and a vital ingredient I may add!) were Chesney Hawks, Queen, S-Club, Steps, Saturday Night, The Macarena and the list goes on!!! Has anyone else noticed the distinct lack of cheese at the once cheesiest night on the planet?! Not a whiff of it, hardly recognised most of the tunes, not even the token beach boys songs!!

Apart from the music and an exploding friend, caught up with some old faces, some just the same and some…actually they were all just the same, (just the way we love 'em), it was a classic top b..


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