December 13, 2005

The Turkish stalker himself!!

Ha ha, shock horror, the stalker has finally stopped emailing pics of me to me and sent me one of him instead!! Dnt know whats scarier, the pics of me or this one of him!!

Is it me or has he added the war paint in graphics?!! Maybe the message he sent with the pic will ansewr this: "Hello JODEÝ

Nope, makes no f*&%ing sense AT ALL!!!

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  1. Okay well clearly the bit in brackets means he thinks he is a hard man! the rest of it is incomprhensible.

    Wow, he really dos love his graphics!!

    13 Dec 2005, 20:23

  2. That's quite disturbing. Neither scary nor particularly worrying, mind you… but definitely rather disturbing.

    Poor man.

    13 Dec 2005, 20:30

  3. this whole set of entries feels like a movie storyline, leading to the big end of film wr the stalker inevitably turns up on the doorstep 'avec' knife…...............but im sure t wont come to that.

    anywho, as u say, a very disturbing photo, a sort of cross between braveheart and chakotay from star trek voyager (and yes i have watched far 2 much tv with my sci–fi fan housemates this term.)

    13 Dec 2005, 21:48

  4. Oh Adam, I don't need scaring about this anymore, I have just been told by a friend that she had a stalker who said he was from Turkey – turned out he actually was once upon a time but now worked at her local kebab shop and turned up at her work!!

    And yes, he does look like something from Braveheart!!

    13 Dec 2005, 22:09

  5. Perhaps he is trying to say he does not know anything about you. 'I could not see your open' (despite its hiralirous sexual conatations) means he cannot see into your soul and find what makes you tick or your interests. Thats why he goes onto list:

    Your = about you
    Like = what you like in the world
    Think = what you think about anything (maybe him)
    Music = what sort of music you like

    Damn those art students. They can just make stuff up. But its the best explanation your going to get.

    14 Dec 2005, 08:56

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