December 07, 2005

Taking full advantage of late night licences – a 12 hour stint!!

I have never been so shattered in my life, just had the most treacherous and reckless night of my life!! Went out with my friend Mel to Portsmouth, however, on getting there we realised there was a ship in so it was Matlo's 'r' Us, NOT GOOD!!

After having my pic taken with a wierd …(insert ur own interpretation of what exactly this Uni mascot is!) we decided to escape the clasps of the lusty young sailors and head off to a student night in Chichester

Now, I have never been out in Chichester before, mainly becuase It is a small town, 30 miles away and pretty inaccessible except by train with a change in between. And so, already being 11pm and having drunk many a vodka we werent in the most sensible moods when we made the decision to go there despite the next train home being at 5.47am!! Nevertheless we got there ok, and for free on the train, got a cab to the club which was about 15 min drive from the station through countryside!!

The club was really fun, loads of students, none of the angst or gold creoles that you get in Portsmouth, so fun fun fun all round!! Also, longer hours was good, at around 2 I switched to drinking water, so did most other ppl there and so I was sober by the time we had to go!

However, the beginning of our troubles came when the club shut at 3, the prob being we had a 3 hour wait for our train, it was 3 degrees and we were both wearing small dresses and i was wearing my mini-mouse shoes!! Decided to walk to the station to keep ourselves warm but didnt know the meaning of the word countryside till we attempted the walk – no pavements either side of the road, winding roads, mud, pitch blackness with only Mel's phone for light and a level crossing thrown in for good measure!!! Finally agreed to give up, so managed to hitch hike back to civilization and luckily the guy who picked us up was a bouncer from the club!! Walked the rest of the hour to the station, still had 2 hours to wait and numb toes!!!

Anyway, being as resourceful as I am, I found a big rag thing in the station that they were using as a dust sheet and me and Mel huddled under it and told stories for most of the 2 hours, trying not to let eachother fall asleep or get hypothermic, anyway, that bit was fun, nothing like bonding with ur girlfiends at 4.30 am and slightly delirious – told stories about warmness – holidays, hot water bottles etc!!

At around 5, commuters began turning up and looking at us as if we were with the dodgy tramp who was picking up fag butts in the station!! Anyways, train was on time, all good and apart from being a slow train I was glad to rest my feet and head and be slightly warmer!! Arrived near home at 7.10 and the coffee shop was open – JOY TO THE LORD!! I was so excited I had coffee AND hot chocolate, oh and a pkt of McCoys crisps!! Got a cab home looking like 2 complete dirty stop-outs but by this time I was past caring, got in this morning just in time to see my dad going to work and told a little white lie that I stayed at Mel's!

So, sorry – long blog, long story, loooooong night – But good fun, very good night, would do it again, but with more ppl and get a taxi all the way home from Chichester, but hey, Im alive and well and warm and going to get an early night!!

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  1. Katie

    you funny little lady!! xx

    19 Dec 2005, 08:57

  2. melissa

    what a fab nite jodes

    21 Mar 2006, 11:32

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