December 29, 2005

My Turkish Stalker is a self harmer!!

To use ur words Paul, WOW!!! I have nothing more to say about this disturbing matter in my latest email… apart from it's fucking JOD–I–E!!!!

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  1. That's one Christmas greeting I bet you wish you hadn't got :-/
    Damn that's just not right.

    29 Dec 2005, 11:08

  2. Ok, we need Witness Protection or relocation, or change your email address. Man thats weird.

    29 Dec 2005, 11:21

  3. Cute

    29 Dec 2005, 11:44

  4. Ok, thats slightly f*cked up. Are you not freaked out?! :-s

    29 Dec 2005, 12:07

  5. The guy claims he cares so much, he cant even spell your name!!!
    self harm in most cases is just a cry for attention, especially when it is displayed for all to see.
    This dudes a fruit loop, 2 bits of advice, never go to turkey, and never eat yellow snow :p

    29 Dec 2005, 14:29

  6. Yes guys I am freaked out, but kinda used to his wierdness now!! Scary thing is im off to Turkey for the 1st time at easter, hope he dnt hunt me down!!! EEEEkkkkkk!!!!

    29 Dec 2005, 22:32

  7. Dude, that is weird. My attention was caught by this stalker thing, and it is strange. I don't know you, but you definitly have my sympathy.

    29 Dec 2005, 22:37

  8. To me it looks like red biro, not like self-harm, but either way he needs to learn to spell!! What on earth do you do to encourage these freaks!?

    30 Dec 2005, 01:42

  9. His calligraphy isn’t that good… Once again, my congratulations on having something so outré and interesting weave its way into your life… Wow…

    30 Dec 2005, 02:18

  10. Ha, ha, interesting isn't really the word i'd use but it kinda funny!! El, I thought he might hae written it too but it was accompannied by the words " I, PUNISH, TO, HARM, SORRY, ME". Haven't had any wierd emails in a couple of days so the future is looking creep free!!

    30 Dec 2005, 10:29

  11. The E and I are definetely scraped into the arm. Jodie, we can't let you go to that land of devils. He will find you. Like poofs have gay-dar, this guy has a rape-dar. Hes gonna get you.

    30 Dec 2005, 11:06

  12. Not that Karl means to worry you or anythin. Im sure zara has an anti turkish weirdo device if its the architecture trip that takes u to the land of this weirdo. but think yourself lucky, atleast hes in a foreign land, some ppl have to put up with stalkers in the same time zone, not from guys in the twilight zone.

    31 Dec 2005, 00:57

  13. Nice. Time zone, twilight zone. Your learning well. Wax on, wax off.

    31 Dec 2005, 17:23

  14. The twilight zone isn't real though. Its just an old tv show. And Turkey is not in any way twilight-y.

    31 Dec 2005, 19:32

  15. I beg to differ. A country with the same name as poultry?! My family love raosting Turkey each year. Ha ha.

    01 Jan 2006, 11:03

  16. Dammit, more spelling mistakes

    01 Jan 2006, 13:22

  17. I don't think the Turkish call it Turkey, so its our own stupid fault for giving it the same name as a bird! (in a similar way to Greeks aren't actually Greeks they're Hellenes)

    01 Jan 2006, 17:38

  18. OK, im just looking to pick holes in a race of people. A race that Im not so fond of. Come blog admin, come get me.

    02 Jan 2006, 10:35

  19. ok. its very scary. but still, i wud b super impressed if sum1 did that 4 me. hint, hint L. but no, seriously this is weird, altho i do still thank u for allowing me 2 share in this quite disturbing drama. after all, if he is willing 2 use a knife on himself… (i refer 2 my previous entry on your blog.) thank god thr not in the EU eh

    p.s. do u think thr is any chance it cud b photoshop? and are u sure u shud not perhaps try and do sumthing now, even if its only 2 suggest 2 him that he seeks some sort of help?

    03 Jan 2006, 04:04

  20. Hey, nah its def not photoshop because my cut this from a larger pic which hows him at his comp, taken from a web cam. Well, all quiet on the stalker front for now so hopefully he has got the msg (hoping nothing worse!!) Isn't it wierd how he got this stalkierish from pics on my blog, and awful pic at that!! Some ppl have nowt better to do I guess!!

    Karlos, enough of the racism, although he does look a lot like a terorist suspect and you being Greek I kinda understand it but not on my blog plz!!

    03 Jan 2006, 10:39

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