January 10, 2006

And just to prove my point…I ATTRACT WIERDO'S!!

Arrrrr… i am a wierdo magnet and there's nowt I can do about it!! For years my mum has always moaned about attracting wierdo's, wierd ppl chat to her about wierd stuff in the pub, wierd ppl stop and yell at her in the street…I just put that down to the wierd pubs she choses to drink at, where the hottest thing to do is the salvation army crossword, and Gosport in general!!

BUT NO, it seems it's genetic, I attract them too… First of all was an old guy from China who asked me out for a dirnk when i was 17 and working in Boots at the weekend, thought I tackled this by saying "NO, for one thing I am not old enough to drink, and two, I have a boyfriend". however this didn't deter him, he came into my new work last year and asked me how univeristy was at Warwick, and was I loving ancient history!! Worrying– as I hadn't even formed these thoughts when I was 17, let alone tell him about them!! He came in every other day last summer which resorted in me adopting a 'run and take cover' policy, running into the warehouse each time he came in till he must have become satified that I no longer worked there any more – HA, fooled him!

Then there was Turkish stalker who you all know about (lets have no more of that) and more recently, not so wierd but equally disturbing text messages from a friend's boyfriend which had to be dealt with!

And then last night, this one turned up as if to prove my point, I shall briefly recount the story…Dancing away in the cooler last night and felt a sharp poke in the side. This guy asked me to take a picture of him, nothing especially wierd about that but then when I waited for him to produce a phone, camera and possibly a friend to be in the picture he came up with none – he wanted me to take one of him, on my camera. Hmmm, so I did, whilst looking around for Eleanor who was seemingly oblivious to this. Then he wanted a pic of me, which was when I grabbed El to accompany me, nice pic as it turned out! Then he wanted one of me and him! I RAN AWAY!! Does anyone know who this man is bacause I certainly don't, maybe he wants this pic of him for some purpose, how would I know!!

Doh, this has got me worried now, I keep thinking why don't I attract nice people, or at the very least, SANE people, and guys, do I look like a wierdo magnet?!! (don't answer that!) One thing's for sure, this being single malarky is sure gonna have a hell of a lot of laughs/cringes along the way!!!!

Anyone have any anti–wierdo/stalker tactics, or nasty repellent of some kind?!

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  1. HA HA HA! I'm afraid i don't know this man, but if it is any consolation i too attract weirdos and have had to fend off a fair few nutters in my time.

    I also had a male friend who worked in the shop with me last year. This big fat dude used to come in every other day and ask for my friend after he helped him once. We all got into the habit of ringing up to men's floor to warn him he had just walked through the door so he had a chance to run up the stairs and hide in the stockroom. This went on for a few months and when he was cornered he had to help this bloke for up to an hour whilst he wandered around with his trousers around his ankles asking him to fetch jeans. Horrible for my friend, wonderfullly amusing for us.

    10 Jan 2006, 21:42

  2. picking on fat people and weirdos just shows you have no sense of morality. How can you put the picture of a guy from warwick (one of us) on warwick blogs and called him a weirdo? also philippa so what if this guy was fat your not exactly Kate Moss yourself. beauty is only skin deep, something you might want to think about in 20 yrs from now.


    10 Jan 2006, 23:43

  3. Jodie, i'm afraid the weirdos are everywhere, i continue to attract them wherever i go, and there is nothing i can do to prevent it. Sorry hun!

    11 Jan 2006, 00:31

  4. Very sorry to offend u Lee!! And yes u are very right about him being from Warwick and hence, not so wierd but nevertheless I do maintain that i attract 'em and its not fun!!

    11 Jan 2006, 14:41

  5. Dude, I've met some of the weirdest people I know at Warwick!

    11 Jan 2006, 22:01

  6. hi Jodie, i made that comment when i was a little drunk after celebrating the end of three exams and i actually felt guilty about it in the morning. i am sure you have a sense of morality and it was wrong to say you donít just because of one comment. I do think though if I was that guy and a picture of me appeared in the "All Blogs" section with the label "weirdo" i should be a little upset about it. There are as Eleanor said some very weird people at Warwick but I do think there is a distinction to be made between weird and weirdo. For example Michael Jackson is a weirdo while David Blane is just weird. :)

    11 Jan 2006, 22:57

  7. Hey Lee, thanks, you seriously made me consider my morality!! But hey u were the one who was drunk!! But I seriously dnt know his pic would come up like that, that is a bit harsh, so how do i get it off, do I just delete it??? And, well done on ur exams so early in the new yr!!

    11 Jan 2006, 23:55

  8. whenever you create a new post there is an option to say whether or not to show it in the "all blogs" collection. entries are constantly being added so it is unlikely your post was visible for very long. The most intresting thing that most people do not realise is that Google indexing our blogs every few weeks. Type your name into google and the first result is your blog. the next time Google indexes your blog it will index the word weirdo such that anyone that types "warwick + weirdo" is likely to find your post.

    12 Jan 2006, 00:37

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