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October 14, 2005

Who's House is this?!

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

Had to post a follow up becasuse I feel this is going to be a bit of an ongoing saga!

So, you've seen the house problems. The guys here last yr had money taken from their deposit but never told what for. Upon asking what the money was taken for Claire sent them pictures of the dirt that needed to be cleaned. However, of the pictures sent by her, half of them arent even of our house!!! Nice job Claire, check out Eleanor's blog (first on my faves list) to see the pics and if anyone recognises thier house and their dirt, let us know bacause apparently they have been charged for it!! Also, if the money was used to comprehensively clean the house then why did I spend my first day here playing cinders and cleaning the whole place and why did I have to pick up fag butts, needles and general skank off my floor when I got here??

What is that woman smoking?!

HAPPY 21st Alex!!

Went to Alex's 21st birthday last night, bloody good party I must say!! Then on to Mirage and I have to say, very impressed that so many of those who were out were in Tragedy!!

Didn't quite make it to Greek at 9, actually I went in on time but couldn't face it, so went for Rootes breakfast which I couldn't really face either, and so I've been dragging myself around clinging desperately to my bottle of water all morning- dare any of you to try take it away from me!!!!

So yeah, put pictures on here in gallery inventively entitled 'Alex's 21st'!

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