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December 30, 2008

Sad prediction of Woolworths' demise etc.

Follow-up to You couldn't make it up! from Blogito Ergo Sum.

As members of my wider family work for Woolies I am the last to make light of a sad situation. However, seeing as everyone else has, here we go!

As I wrote in May, Woolworths didn't half (!) sell some random things. I for one can't remember going in Woolworths on purpose for years, merely finding myself wandering around in there on the off chance of seeing something I hadn't realised I wanted but was cheap enough to fritter away pocket change on. I think casual foot fall plus nostalgia was probably Woolworths' primary marketing strategy for years. However, they also needed a hook, for example records or furniture for people to purchase, thus making a steady profit, before they filled the spaces in their basket with cheap toys 'n' pick 'n' mix. A straw poll of my friends suggests that no one has been to Woolies on purpose for years, except as a thoroughfare to get from Dudley Street to the Mander Centre and even then a route only attempted by foolhardy rock climbers who took their lives into their own hands tackling those evil stairs only to be greeted with a wall of solid heat and the need to escape to the fresh air on the other side ASAP. Foot traffic alone was not gonna save Woolies, especially the ones that weren't even a slightly uncomfortable corridor.

The last few years had seen its final thrashings, which since I had regularly used my wiles as a child to garner regular pic 'n' mix and cheap 'Mommy, you always buy me something from Wednesfield' toys, was sad to watch. Weird sub licensed DVDs with pictures of the originals on the front? Yes, I've always wanted one of those... I'd rather whinge about not being able to afford proper box sets. The strange few months where they desperately tried to mimic Argos' successful 'theatre of the poor' mode, whilst maintaining their original way of doing things. It was time to jump one way or the other with both feet and they quibbled. Who wants weird half products/ services? From a shop that you were only in by accident anyway? Unwanted supply + no demand= no business. Oh, but it seems all of their decent supply was going to Zavvi. Ooops. Maybe they should have shut their doors and become a supplier? Seems they were good at that and they should have left the selling to shops that specialised in ONE THING! Were the Woolies business managers skiving Economics 101 along with their future accountants, chucking pennies down a wishing well?

In other news, I take back my remarks about no one wanting a tape deck anymore, as my family upgraded the stereo in the kitchen and I became all nostalgic about anything to tape recording. Must find modern, computer based equivalent so can make proper mash ups....

Finally, I have recently developed a problem with the ghost of Christmas present, which will be the subject of my next rant. Make merry folks, Jodx

December 23, 2008

O Little Town House of the Rising Sun

[media] [/media]

Go to the Youtube page to find other such gems as Smells Like the Night Before Christmas. Who came first, Bob Rivers or Weird Al? To some of you older folk out there this may be a shockingly naive question. However, as I've only just discovered Bob Rivers having accidentaly tuned into BBC WM and sticking with what I thought was Rising Sun, (your Honour) I need to find this out.

Merry Christmas everyone!

December 07, 2008

Ingenuity FAIL.

Watching something about radar yesterday my thought processes went thusly-

Brain to self-

Ooh, you know how sound waves can be used to ‘see’ stuff with sound… what about using light….. FAIL.

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