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March 28, 2009

Gillette Samurai– now surely that would be the best a man could get?

There’s quite a long gag here involving the process of Samurai sword making in miniature but I’ll leave that to your imaginations rather than mine!

March 21, 2009

Don't cancel the Wolverhampton City Show.

Wolverhampton City Council - don't cancel the City Show, or for that matter the Steam and Vintage Rally. Wolverhampton is not the most buzzing place in the world. These occasions are one of the few where Wulfrunians gather in one place to enjoy each other's company in united appreciation of local or bought in talent. In these cash strapped times people can afford to do even less, and let's face it, many people that I know haven't been able to afford to travel further afield or shell out for fun since the last recession. Cancelling such events would be depriving the deprived as well as the fortunate of any vestige of civic unity, and a good day out.

Why not only hold it on the Saturday? (Or is two days cheaper- economies of scale and such?) I've always wondered how these events could be staged for free and would be willing to pay a small entrance fee. If everyone paid I'm sure it would at least help towards costs. In addition, as a tax payer I'd much rather have my tax money paying for something we can all enjoy not bailing out bankers with more money than sense to start with.

A simple way of keeping any populace happy is to provide bread and circuses. We're already skimping on bread. Are we about to lose our circus?

(I know this is a bit reactionary and Daily Mail, and I don't think I've ever used the phrase "As a tax payer" before but I really look forward to the 'Town Show'. Taking it away would make me sad :(  )

March 02, 2009

Why doesn't Windows Task Manager recognise itself as a running programme?

Just curious. Not like I’m gonna stay up all night pondering this… or am I?

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