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January 20, 2009

Obligatory Obama Offering.

In my head I have the image of the American History textbook I used for my GCSE. Over the years I've added to its mental contents, making connections between events that help me understand the world as I know it, in light of previous events. September 11th 2001 quickly developed a double page spread complete with info boxes and a question box. Today,as my mental textbook goes to press, there is a section on Barack Obama and the question at the bottom is clear.

A) In what ways did the Civil Rights movement contribute to the election of Barack Obama?

Then the more complicated A level and degree level Politics kick in along with a good dose of common sense and my own opinions.

It's not often that one can sit and see exactly how an education has shaped one's thoughts, opinions and way of looking at the world. I was helping 6/7 year olds to read this morning. I wonder how they will reflect on their history and how the came to look at what they know?

On a personal note- I for one am very excited but I must learn to manage my expectations.

January 17, 2009

Mark Watson at Birmingham Town Hall.

This review is totally clouded by the fact that Mark Watson started his set in the audience, part of which was next to this particular member of the audience. Me! (and, of course, Pigeon, my comedy going companion) How exciting! It's not often (indeed, not yet in my experience) that the comedian performs his comedy standing next to you. I also have a huge admiration for anyone that chooses to perform without that modern crutch, the microphone. Decent projection is all the more impressive these days as folk seem to have forgotten that humans have the ability to be heard over distance without shouting.

Karma is loving me at the moment which is apt given the subject of Watson's show, De stressing. The crux of the advice I've had recently is to live my own life, follow my own dreams and develop a sense of perspective. Watson's comedy revelations amounted to roughly the same. Life, other people and ourselves are funny. Does what happens now really matter in the greater scheme of things? No. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Something I had the great pleasure of doing last night. Except I got neck ache, but by the by.

As for Watson? Friendly, story teller, amusing hecklers (rather participants, who'd heckle such a nice man?) Entirely wonderful flights of fancy. I love ad lib and comedians that at least make it look like they're making it up as they go along. Watson has a real talent for this.  Venue? Beautiful, airy, favourite yet but reminded me of a church hall/ church? I saw/ heard the 'Bach Double' performed at in Leamington replete with whacking great organ at the back. A lot like a Methodist church. Entirely appropriate for the thoughtful, suitably awestruck Watson but not, I feel, the right venue for bluer comediens such as Frankie Boyle or any music other than sedate tea dances or gentle jazz. The Midlands is lucky to have such a performance space, (apologies Warwick Arts Centre, but it's being done up) and the variety of other choices (NIA, NEC, Symphony Hall etc) to ensure that artists are deployed in venues that bring out their best. Watson is one such example. Well done!

January 07, 2009


Disgruntled- adj sulky or discontented: the disgruntled home supporters. Disgruntlement n (Collins Paperback Dictionary)

Thunk for the day- adj gruntled- cheerful and contented: the gruntled home supporters. Gruntlement n. (Me)

Also, do we have tear bladders? If not, how can that much water be produced all of a sudden?

January 02, 2009

St. Peter's, Wolverhampton, New Year's Eve.

Haven’t shared any photos for ages. Chuffing Facebook.

I’m glad I didn’t use a flash for this one!

St. Peter

Less so for this one…


Aaah, the flash. Clever girl.

With flash. New year

And again.

New year

Saving grace, Z shaped lights!

Look at the Z shaped lights!

New Cross, New Year’s Eve. Check out the headlights! I suspect the length of the headlights could tell me something about the shutter speed or digital camera equivalent. If I knew the speed of the car. I don’t. I also clearly know nothing about digital photography!

New Cross, New Year

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