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July 15, 2004

Marketing blogs.

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I guess the concepts i'd promote would be similar to the advantages of blogging which i've already spoken about. I'd stress that blogging is a great way to channel and communicate your thoughts, and to keep track of things you've done day to day, books/music/films you've enjoyed, and cool websites you've found. Also, blogging helps to hone your writing skills, and involves you in a university 'community'.

How to market it…? Hmm. Well, I guess the students would need to be made aware of the blog site, as well as possible. This could include someone talking to them about it on their induction days, fliers and billboard notices, and a link to it on the main page of the general Warwick uni website. Perhaps it would also be useful to have student blog representatives who could talk to new students about it, and pass it on by word of mouth?

Blog FAQs.

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Umm, ok…

How do I create an image gallery? (The gallerys don't appear to even be publicised, and I had to ask to find out how to begin one.)

How do I edit/remove pictures from my gallery? (Still haven't figured that one out, yet!)

How do I find all created blogs?

How do I find all the blogs i've created, rather than just the recent ones?

How can I keep track of the progress of other blogs i've commented on?

What i'd change about the blogs.

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I'm still finding the 'markup' system (bold, italics, etc) a tad difficult, and think it would be especially so for new users. The system on the forums seems easier to me, as it's easier to comprehend and remember.
Also, I think it'd be useful if there were a simple way to view all recent blogs, rather than having to click on them individually. Sometimes, I see a blog title that looks interesting, but when I come to check it out later, it's 'dropped off' the 'latest' list.
Another thing (sorry – I know i'm supposed to only suggest two) is regarding comments. I think it'd be highly useful to be able to receive email notifications if anyone comments on your blog or responds to your comments. Also, I often can't find the blogs i've already commented on, as I appear to have no record of comments i've made on other blogs.

Blog improvments.

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That's a toughie, as, now i've gotten used to the 'system' of blogging on here, it's hard to see it from a new user's eyes and consider what might cause difficulties for them.

From a 'community' point of view (which I consider to be one of the important aspects of this place), I think it would be useful for users to be able to set up a profile on here. Personally, i'd be interested to learn a little more about the other users on here, as it'd help me to form more of an affiliation with them.

In response to blog prompt: Why should I blog?

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Since being a child, i've never bothered keeping any kind of journal or diary, but i've enjoyed having a way to communicate my thoughts, etc.
Aside from that, I feel that this blog site has become a 'community', of which I feel part of.

I've also found it a good way to store certain good websites i've been made aware of, and to also share them with other people – i've found some fun sites in other people's blogs, too, such as the block building game someone posted!

Movie Plot Generator.

Writing about web page

It's rather good. :-)

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