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May 28, 2004

School Assemblies.

My daughter's class gave their once-yearly school assembly today, on the Celts and the Romans. My daughter was a Roman, and looked very fetching in her cream bath sheet toga. :P
It's times like this morning which make me remember the joy of having kids (my memory on that feels a little hazy, at times!). My daughter has a seemingly photographic memory, and was the only child who didn't read her lines of her cue card! :-)

A slight digression, but I was reminded again today how indoctrinated our schools seem to be in Christianity. Before my kids started school, I was under the impression that state schools weren't supposed to associate themselves with any given religion. However, two hymns were sung during the assembly, and the children all had to participate in a prayer.
Of course, religion should be taught in schools on a 'knowledge' basis, but i'm not convinced that it's appropriate for schools to endorse a religion, or even religion itself, for that matter. Shouldn't that be the responsibility, and choice, of the parent?
A couple of years ago, my daughter was talking to me about God. I said to her "How do you know God exists?" To which she responded, "Because Mrs. Durrani said so." :P

May 27, 2004

For those of you who haven't yet discovered it…

Writing about web page

You must check out!

My favourite is Independant Woman...


May 26, 2004

What to do today?

Writing about web page

I have three choices:

*Do some studying

*Tidy the house

*Nip into town and buy the new David Mead single

For those of you who're interested, David Mead is an American Singer/songwriter/guitarist blokey, in the vein of David Gray and Neil Finn. I originally discovered him gigging at Warwick uni two years ago, and have been a big fan ever since.
He currently has two albums out, but is releasing his new album, Indiana, over here at the end of the month.

Check him out – you won't be disappointed! :-)

May 25, 2004

Five things to improve Blogbuilder.

Response to prompt "Five things to improve BlogBuilder" (View all responses or all Joanne's blog responses)

Okay... i'll give this a shot, although i've already raised a few suggestions elsewhere.

1) A threaded mode. If I understand correctly, as it stands, all new blogs are listed chronologically from newest to oldest. Therefore, the reader winds up seeing responses to blogs before the actual original blog itself. Some kind of threaded mode should organise this a bit better.

2) Emoticons. Due to my writing style, I often portray things lightheartedly, and frequently go off on tangents. Because of this, I tend to find myself wanting to add smiley or 'ironic' faces. :-) Some 'proper' emoticons would be a useful addition.

3) Profiles. I think it would be beneficial for us to be able to create profiles, as it would enable other 'bloggers' to get a general overview of the person who's blog they're reading. This could be created by having 'prompt' questions during registration, or perhaps we could simply have profile pages, leaving it up to us to decide whether we wanted to offer any info, or not.

Other than that, as has already been suggested, some kind of movie and music review system would also be useful – something like the book review thing that's already on here should work well.
Also, I agree that a search feature would be another helpful addition.

Sorry if that's not technically five 'original' suggestions! :-)

Rediscovering old friends.

About eighteen months ago, my 'best friend' from school contacted me through the Friends Reunited website. We emailed for a short while, then gradually wound up just sending occasional forwards to each other. She then changed her email address, I, umm, 'misplaced' it, and we lost touch again for quite some time.
So, a few weeks back, I finally got another forward from her, so emailed her back to say how glad I was to re-receive her new email address!
We updated each other on our lives (a hell of alot has happened to me since we last conversed!), and agreed that, this time, we really must meet up.
Now, i'm the type of person who has a hard time keeping up with friends (too much other stuff to do!), so I surprised myself when we actually did get round to sorting something pretty sharpish!
Therefore, last Wednesday, I found myself walking through a pub door, searching round for anyone who might resemble my old mate, Kelly. Well, fourteen years is a hell of a long time!
Despite the fourteen years, though, after the initial awkward stage, we got along famously. Apparently I haven't changed a bit, which is kinda nice, although i'm not sure i'd particularly want to look like a sixteen year old, again. Well, I wouldn't have gotten served at the bar, for a start. :P

It was fun having someone to recall old times with, especially as many of her memories had been long buried somwhere in the recesses of my mind, and needed a bit of a jogging!

I'm now going to make a concerted effort not to leave it another fourteen years. I think my chances of still looking like a sixteen year old at the age of forty-four are probably pretty unlikely. :-)

May 24, 2004

And a good weekend was had by all.

As this is my first entry, I thought it'd be easiest to simply recount my weekend, and, in the meantime, probably divulge a fair amount of information about 'my life'.

The weekend started for me when I completed and handed in my last piece of assessed work for this year! What a relief! As always, I left it all to the very last possible minute, and finally got it printed off at 2pm, ready to catch the 3pm deadline.
A slight digression, but isn't it amazing how the other things you need to do on a day-to-day basis suddenly take on great significance when you have an essay to write? During the week in which I have an essay due, I (who am well-known for my indolence :P) miraculously discover a great desire for cleaning, clothes-washing, gardening, etc. It's no coincidence that i'm here today – despite the temptation of a sunny garden in which I could be doing some exam studying in, i've decided that now would be a good time to create a blog. My growing ramblings here are probably attributable to my procrastination, too – I haven't even gotten past Friday afternoon on my 'weekend', yet!

So, i'm a 'mature' (30 years, and counting) student, studying the 2+2 in Theatre, Media & Text degree course (also known as Theatre, Film Studies & Literature, apparently), so my life is probably somewhat different to many of the students on here.
I have two children (Ellen aged 8, and Joel aged 5) who allegedly stay with their dad every other weekend – I say 'allegedly', as he often comes up with a reason why he can't have them, so has only actually seen them twice over the past two months.
My ex lives in Preston, so I usually drive the kids up there on his weekends. As luck would have it, though, my current fella originally lived in Wigan (before moving in with me a few months back), so we drive up to Preston, then spend the weekend in Wigan (just 20 miles from Preston), which facilitates my fella seeing his family and friends, and gives us lots of drinking opportunities. :-)
Anyhow, this weekend, my ex travelled down to Cov and had the kids at his parents', which meant me and my fella gained the chance to have a weekend at home sans-children for the first time ever!

We rented a few DVDs out, and spent Friday evening in, drinking, eating, and watching My Little Eye. I thought it was pretty good – it certainly added an interesting twist on the 'internet/reality tv' debate.
We had a lazy Saturday morning, then went to the flicks to see Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind late on, Saturday afternoon. I was expecting great things from this film, but it unfortunately didn't really fulfill them. It was a good film, and was really rather charming, but it just wasn't a great film. I guess that teaches me to expect too much, eh?
We then drove back home, and walked (so we could drink!) up to that new(ish) Chinese restaurant on the corner of Broad Lane/A45. It was alright, but was a bit 'canteeny' for my liking. It'd probably be good for a group night out, but wasn't much of a romantic coupley type of place!
Sunday was spent sorting out the garden in the sun, and picking up the kids. After the children went to bed, we had a cosy 'just the two of us' barbie in the back garden, and 'retired' to the living room to watch In The Bedroom. At the risk of sounding hard to please, i'll again say that this film didn't exactly 'thrill' me. It was ok, but was a tad meandering, and the pay-off didn't really work too well.

So, it's now Monday again, and back to work again, I guess. On pondering getting some study done, i've begun looking at the living room walls and contemplating that they really could do with a lick of paint…


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