July 15, 2004

What i'd change about the blogs.

Response to prompt "Is there anything that you find really frustrating about blogs? " (View all responses or all Joanne's blog responses)

I'm still finding the 'markup' system (bold, italics, etc) a tad difficult, and think it would be especially so for new users. The system on the forums seems easier to me, as it's easier to comprehend and remember.
Also, I think it'd be useful if there were a simple way to view all recent blogs, rather than having to click on them individually. Sometimes, I see a blog title that looks interesting, but when I come to check it out later, it's 'dropped off' the 'latest' list.
Another thing (sorry – I know i'm supposed to only suggest two) is regarding comments. I think it'd be highly useful to be able to receive email notifications if anyone comments on your blog or responds to your comments. Also, I often can't find the blogs i've already commented on, as I appear to have no record of comments i've made on other blogs.

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  1. Steve Rumsby

    Having a way of keeping track of which entries you've commented on would be a great help. At the moment, it isn't too difficult to find things again, usually, but when there are thousands of student blogs I would guess this task will be more difficult. Similarly, a way of keeping a list of blogs you want to watch will become more important, I suspect, when there are thousands of them. The "Latest Posts" box is not going to be so useful then – it will get swamped. I have Bloglines set-up to aggregate the RSS feeds from some selected blogs – something like that would be ideal. Perhaps a "My Latest Posts" box on the Blogbuilder hoe page and a "Watch this Blog" button on each blog to add to your list?

    Actually, Blogbuilder lets you make you RSS aggregation list public, so others can see what you subscribe to. The idea is that if you find a blog you like reading, the chances are that stuff that the author reads is stuff you would like also. Could that be incorporated somehow?

    15 Jul 2004, 10:45

  2. Steve Rumsby

    In that last paragraph, of course, I meant "Bloglines", not "Blogbuilder"! Time for a caffeine injection…

    15 Jul 2004, 10:51

  3. We definately still have some work to do to help people understand the markup system.
    You might be missing the page below the home page which shows all recent entries in a fuller view. If you click the "more" link at the bottom of the most recent entries then you'll see what I mean.
    Comment notifications are again something that we're definately planning on doing. At the moment you only get notifications if you're the person who authored the entry, but we'd like you to get notifications if someone follows up to a comment you made anywhere in the system. I think that would get most of what people need, but being able to simply go to a page thats says "here are all the places you commented" would be really useful and is on our list :)

    As for the bloglines feed reader, we have one in development that will tie in nicely with blogbuilder, you'll be able to do just what you suggest Steve and click "subscribe to this blog/category" and it will go into your personal aggregator.

    15 Jul 2004, 11:02

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