June 08, 2004

Not so much a blog, as a pondering question…

I've been discussing this with an online friend today – maybe some of you could throw in your thoughts…

Over the course of history, how many countries hasn't England been at war with?
The 'modern' or newly 'invented' countries don't really count (give us time :P). Aside from these, only Australia and Canada have come up as definites, at present. Greenland, Iceland and Portugal are also currently undecided.

If you think about it, what with the Vikings, Napoleonic wars, various uprisings (yes, they count), etc, etc, there really doesn't seem to be many countries left that we haven't fought with at some time or other.

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  1. Hilmar

    What about the Codwars with Iceland?

    18 Sep 2004, 16:58

  2. alan

    Just seen this,,,,interesting,,,,you could cross Australia off the list if you consider that it was inhabited when we , apparently, 'discovered' it. The fact that our occupation was unopposed is neither here nor there, they were hardly capable of any resistence were they?. Put another way, if we hadn't claimed it then, what reaction would we get now, if we tried to muscle in.

    The cod wars with Iceland: economically you could certainly include this but I think you're refering to hostile military action, but we have suffered more than many realise. I am currently gathering information on the 'Cod Wars' many families/communities have never really recovered….......anyway

    On a lighter side, I could cross off Canada, from my personal list:
    I had war with a crazy Canadian guy in Ottowa about ten years ago. Turned out to be a half educated Commonwealth hater, I'll leave it there.


    15 Oct 2004, 06:52

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