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October 23, 2013

first day of presentation!!

Yesterday, I forgot to write the blog,,, after long long day of presentation. From the presentation (yesterday), I have learnt many things from the Measurement of Result presentation and Organizational Learning. In the same topic, each group can understand and explain differently. This might be because we didnt get lectures about this topic before, like when we do in Bachelor Degree. When students take lecture, everyone seems to understand in the same way. However, study here is not the same. The students read and make understand by themselves, and try to share what they have learnt and experience within the team and among teams, which I think somehow it a good way of learning because the students could be able to think and gain new ideas from friends.

From the Measurement of results presention, I have gained more knowledge and understanding about Balanced Scorecard, EFQM, Deming's Theory, and Statistical Process Control (SPC). The SPC Model is quite new for me but after discussing with my members in the group, I think it is a very useful model that can be used in many business areas, especially in manufacturing field. Greame also explained us more about Noise and Signal in the process compareing with target.

Besides the Measurement of Result presentation, the Oraganizational Learning also gave me much much more knowkedge which I can use it to adpate in the real- like business. There is one group that provided us examples of Microsoft and Apples and applied them with OL theory. I think it was very useful and make me more understand, even at first its quite hard to get it. Also, the presentation also makes me more understand that OL is very critical for an organization due to it could directly be a part that improves and drives the company (enablers) to process and get the more improved result (indirectly).

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