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October 26, 2013

Excellence Models Presentation & Leadership

Yesterday presentation...three excellence models (Deming, Malcolm Baldrige, and EFQM)

After researched and gave presention about these three models, I think I got tons of knowledge especially about how to be a good leadership in the company and how should I manage and control workers. After the presentation and what Paul said in the class, I could summarize that these three models are the excellence models , which each of them is focusing or processing in different ways, but all of them maintain the same one highest goal which is to satisfy customer. Deming (in Japan) put more focusing on the quality control, while the Malcolm Baldrige and EFQM are devloped from Deming and also focusing quality plus self- assessment. From Paul's opinion that he thinks Deming is the best and most advanced model, I agree with this point. but I also think that EFQM is also not worst because EFQM is developed from Deming which is the originality, so EFQM concept should be more advanced and worldwide and gets updated idea from new generation of people which could be more adaptive in the current organization. However, I could say that every models are good, and adaptive but its also depend on the type of the organization whether it suit to which models and also the organization environemnt. For example, the organization that has to deal with European partnership or customer, it needs the EFQM models.

Besides the presentation, there was also a debate about knowledge of leadership or manager. it said that to be a manager or leader, that person should know everything, and solve every problems, so that person should learn everything that they should know. In my opinion, I think it is true that to be a manager, that person should know everything that occur inside the organization. I think it is not necessary for the manager to go for study on that subject. For example, being a manager in manufacturing company, it is not needed to study engineering, or chemistry. I agree with Paul mentioned that being manager does not need to study everything because we are not going to be a engineer or workers on that area but we are going to be a leader. it is better to learn about leadership and management. And I totally agree what he said that when employees have problems on their field, it is the role of leader to motivate and encourage them to solve their own problems, not go to solve problems for them.

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