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June 12, 2014

knowledge and asset management

From having discussions with my group project, it makes me realize that in order for an organization to become excellent, creating learning organization is really significant due to sharing knowledge will raise learning, in turn, learning encourage improvement, improvement can help to have better performance, and the better performance will help the organization boosting up profitability. Therefore, the learning organization theory cannot be ignored.

In my view, I think the knowledge management is the first thing that should concern before having an asset management. This is because if the company can encourage people share knowledge and create learning, the people could be able to have systematic thinking. By having the systematic thinking or rational thinking, it could help in managing the asset. The knowledge management should start from individual level, to team level (or department level), and then expand into organizational level. As more learning expand throughout the organization, the shared knowledge can be a part to help in improving the asset management. For example, as my group using the lean six sigma in resource utilization, the DMAIC could be one systematice approach of thinking that could allow the people in the department to think more rational. After the knowledge and asset managements are applied within the EFQM model, starting from leadership, followed with people, strategy, partnership and resoource, and processes, products and service (ENABLERS), it will enocurage the organization to improve the performances in RESULTS side. For instance, as the company has health and safety management, by concerning more on people, it will reduce accident while the workers working, which in turn, there is no obstacles for the employee to run the working processes. Thus, the outcomes of the work or performance will be better.

Therefore, in the real- life business, when set up an organization or continue doing any businesses, it is vital to concern on having knowledge and asset management as it can be a necessary factor that helps the company boost up the incomes.

June 11, 2014

knowledge management and organizational culture

From seminars on Monday, about organizational culture and knowledge management, it is an interesting topic and debatable. As Connie mentioned about creating trust to people in an organization in order to encourage them sharing knowledge throughout the organization. In my view, I totally agreed with her. Also, I think it is role of leaders to create trust, and embolden their people to get involve in the knowledge management. The leaders may show them benefits and good performance outcomes from admit in the sharing knowledge system. During the debate, we discussed about how to implement trust creation. Therefore, I came back and research on it. From the research, the organization could start the management through having an information system, which is by arranging people data and processes that interact to support daily operations, decision making, and problem solving in the organization. By doing this, it allows the people to capture, share, develop, and make used of knowledge. In addition, another suggestion is having a reward system. In my opinion, I think blogging is like a way to share knowledge within MBE students, and also others who can take advantages from this. As Paul using grading as a reward for those who keep blogging and share their reflective, the students attempt to blog as many as possible in order to get the 10 marks. Therefore, for me, I think rewarding system can be a way to motivate someone to keep doing something. However, the leaders also can use recognition instead to motivate them. Furthermore, in order for the organization to create the knowledge management system, the organizational structure also needs to be considered. This is because if the organization is bureacratic, it will makes learning process run slowly and can raise constraints on information flow due to the people may not feel free to raise their opinions, and share their ideas.

Anyway, to implement the knowledge management, I think it takes time for an organization to create this culture....

June 03, 2014

KBAM – Asset Management

Since the last week, I have spent my time reading and searching about asset and knowledge management, its quite alot to read and understand. From our group meeting, we planned to start applying the asset management first following with the knowledge management due to the asset management seems to be easier and more understandable as it is tangible.

From my study, in order for an organization to achieve excellence, I think it is really useful and significant to manage the organization's assets. The assets could have direct and indirect impact towards the organization performance. For example, health and safty, and facilities management can have indirect impact to performance of the working people due to the more concern on the management, the more comfortable the people can have, resulting in the less problems, complication, and errors could occur. However, for the direct impact, for instance, life- cycle management can have straight impact towards the outcomes of the company. This is because it is deal with inventory, factory and machine, also with people, in the organization.

Therefore, I believe that, if the organization can put more concern on applying the asset management in each criteria of EFQM model's Enablers (including people, strategy, partnership and resources, and processes, products and service), I think the company could come out with better results (in terms of people, customer, society, and the whole business).

Anyway, there is controversial that it might cost alot if the company launches the asset and knowledge managements. But in my opinion, I think it is worth to spend large budget and could come up with better performance in the long term.

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