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October 26, 2013

ISO 9000 Vs. Self– Assessment

Another blog that planned to blogging since yesterday is about the ISO 9000 Vs. Self- assessment!!

What I got from the presentation, I totally agree with most of the people who said that ISO 9000 is just only the marketing tools which cannot really tell that the company has high quality. However, the company with ISO could gain much more customer reliable that those that do not have it. Because of this advantage, many companies just let the auditting company to come inside for audit in order to get the ISO. But after the auditting and get ISO, the manager and people in the company just return to act and work usually. I think it is much more better for the companies to have self- assessment within their organizations instead of externally auditting for ISO, due to the self- assessment can assess the performance of the overall organization and can tell on what companies need to improve, which I think this is more useful.

Therefore, to summarize for this presentation, I think it is might be better for the company to have self- assessment due to it could provide improvement, while auditting just like comparing the company performance with the standard or criteria to see whether the company do this and that or not.....THUS, Self- assessment is BETTER!!

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