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October 08, 2013

Beginning of MBE

Hello peeps, welcome to my blog!!. Okay! so I will start with talking about my first course, CBE. There is one thing that I think it is very interesting and could be seen in the real organization. Paul mentioned that an organization's hierachy can be imagined as a triangle which CEO in the highest position, and workers are in the lowest. Therefore, as everyone wants to be in the CEO's place, they need to compete with each other in order to be in the higher position. Paul said that a real organization should not be like this. He believes that if the organization want to have effective process and get better output, the organization's hierachy or the triangle should be upside- down, which means that the workers are more important than CEO. The CEO must try to encourage the employee to work efficiently and effctively. He also said that in order to have effective working process and create better outputs, everyone in department should work in team, and place the right man in the right job. In these above points, I am totally agree with.

Also, during the class, Paul showed us a video about deming. There were many debate about this. From the red- bean experiment, it made me understand that the output of each worker varies depending on a chance that they get, so a reward should not be given to the one who get the best output. For example, in a group project, if one person expertises in one area, while others unfortunately expertise in other areas, so the expertist has to work harder than other members. Thus, it is better to teach other members in that area, so everyone could understand and work together, and the output will absolutely come out better. From this, it refers that the organization should not let employees work individually but they should be encouraged to work in team. This is because the result of individual might kill or decrease the potential of team work.

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