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February 12, 2014

Leading and Managing

Today, we started the class with the topic that 'being a leader is not necessary to be liked, but should be able to share objective to team members'. Many people in the class argued that in order to be able to lead people/ members effectively and to encourage them to follow loyalty, it is very necessary that the members should like or please on that leaders. Due to they believe that if the members are pleased to the leader, they are going to follow and do what the leader guide them to do. However, if the members are not liking the leader, they might have conflicts, or being ignore or reject what the leader tell them to do. In my opinion, I think it is not important that the members need to please the leaders, it is just crucial that the members need to respect on the leaders. Thus, in other words, it means that I think respect of followers is more important than being like. Also, I think the followers just remind themselves a job that they need to do.

Another topic that we mentioned is that 'leading is about change and focus in future, but managing is about stability of the present'. But I am confused that why managing cannot focus in future issue?? Due to I think being a manager, he or she also needs to concern about the future plan too. Therefore, I am little bit confused about it...But it makes sense from what Paul said that if the manager is effective enough, they can become a good leader to focus on the future problems.

However, I think this topic is little bit confused, but I will going back to figure out again......


Leader is born or made???

After yesterday and today classes, there is one question always popped up in my mind that leaders are born or made? At first I believe that leaders are born to be, however, after discussed with my group members and listen to others' opinions, I started to change my mind that leaders are made. To be a good leader, he or she is needed to be practiced or made to be. They are needed to learn some leadership skills either from their own experience or from other people's experience.

In my opinion, I think a person cannot know whether he or she can become good or bad leader if the person is not chosen/ become a real leader. For example, in our class exercise today, one of our team member is chosen to be a leader. it is also an opportunity for that person to know whether he/ she have more or less ability to become the leader, and the person can know which area needed to be improved.

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