October 21, 2013

This is MBE!!

Today's class is very amazed and interesting!! I have learnt many new things about creating business excellence. Paul lets us start the class with the meeting session. In my opinion, it seems like everyone is the real manager. It was my first time to sit in the meeting and talk about serious issue in the organization. Ohh!! I felt like I am the real sale and marketing manager. I have lerant many things about this activity, such as how the meeting runs, how we share and solve problems with other manager, in the real organizational manner, and how the chair person runs the meeting. I think this activity was very useful and can be adapt in our real working life (as I'm not have any working experience before).

Next, the seminar topic today is also very interesting....ROWE!!! (Result- only work environment)

Many people share ideas and debate on this topic that somehow beyond what I researched. But what I got from this activity is that I think ROWE is quite similar to what the CBE course runs. Paul told us to study by ourselves without just sitting in the class and take a lecture. By allowing students study by themselves, working in groups, in order for everyone to share ideas and learn from those ideas, I think somehow it's good method. Paul said that in order to make employees in the company with ROWE trust on the manager, it is very essential to build the culture within that organization. However, I think it is not that easy to make someone trust on somebody....but it is still the manager role to encourage employees to contribute within the culture.....

October 10, 2013

Where there's a will, there's a way

Today is another day that I learn new things from Paul Roberts. He told us that we cannot force someone to do something, but we're better motivate them to do. I think it is like mangers cannot force their employees to work hard and being honest for the organization, but the managers can motivate them by training and take them a good care in order to make them feel happy to work for the organization. From this, I think a very good concept to manage people in the organization. It is like what Paul said that the managers better give employees recognition than rewarding them (especially by money). From my short working experience with my parents, I learnt that what Paul said is very true. The money incentives cannot motivate employees to work harder or letting them faithful to the organization, while recognition can. This might be because when we, as a manager, take a good care to emplyees, ask them when they have problems, and training instead of dismissing them, it could make them feel safe, happy and would like to turn benefits back to the organization.

Moreover, Paul also mentioned one that everyone can become anything that they want to be, which this could make me remind of this idiom "Where there's a will, there's a way". I totally agree with his thought. You just set your goal, and ask yourself whether you can achieve it or not. If you think you can, just go for it, no matter how hard it is. I also have a goal in my life, and I think if I practice, practice, and practice as what Paul said, I believe one day I could achieve it :)

October 08, 2013

Beginning of MBE

Hello peeps, welcome to my blog!!. Okay! so I will start with talking about my first course, CBE. There is one thing that I think it is very interesting and could be seen in the real organization. Paul mentioned that an organization's hierachy can be imagined as a triangle which CEO in the highest position, and workers are in the lowest. Therefore, as everyone wants to be in the CEO's place, they need to compete with each other in order to be in the higher position. Paul said that a real organization should not be like this. He believes that if the organization want to have effective process and get better output, the organization's hierachy or the triangle should be upside- down, which means that the workers are more important than CEO. The CEO must try to encourage the employee to work efficiently and effctively. He also said that in order to have effective working process and create better outputs, everyone in department should work in team, and place the right man in the right job. In these above points, I am totally agree with.

Also, during the class, Paul showed us a video about deming. There were many debate about this. From the red- bean experiment, it made me understand that the output of each worker varies depending on a chance that they get, so a reward should not be given to the one who get the best output. For example, in a group project, if one person expertises in one area, while others unfortunately expertise in other areas, so the expertist has to work harder than other members. Thus, it is better to teach other members in that area, so everyone could understand and work together, and the output will absolutely come out better. From this, it refers that the organization should not let employees work individually but they should be encouraged to work in team. This is because the result of individual might kill or decrease the potential of team work.

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