June 15, 2005

An ode to Westwood – the forgotten campus

Old mother Westwood went to her cupboard
To fetch her poor staff a bone
When she got there
The restaurant was bare
And so the poor staff had none!

What is going on with Westwood? What has it done? Who has it upset? Has it been removed from the campus? Has it just been set free to roam as a little island off the Channel?

Yes, we have just found out that our beloved Westwood restaurant is about to close from next Friday! What?? Why?? Not viable?? What a lot of old tosh!! It's used quite a lot from what I can see. The staff are fantastic, the food is good and overall it's excellent value for money.

In our building the multimedia centre/ITS we don't have anywhere else to go to have lunch away from the desk and we don't even have a vending machine! The nearest one is in the restaurant but we can't get to it if the restaurant is closed! We are now told that we have to traipse all the way over to University House for something to eat – gee thanks – that's a good 10/15 min walk for us! You really wanna do that when it's hammering down like it was this lunch time.

Okay, so we do have a great little Costcutter that stocks a very small selection of sarnies but somehow I don't think this can expand to cater for everyone.

And, and, another thing! I have also just found out today that the shuttle bus laid on by the Sports Centre to ferry people to the sports centre has ceased running from now as well. This is a great service but one that hardly anyone knew about (the times were a bit rubbish and it hasn't been publicised too well) and this is probably through lack of demand as well. It might come back in September if we're lucky!

So there you go – can't eat, won't eat (and can't even get a bus to somewhere with food!)

God I needed tha tlittle rant – feels so good baby!

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  1. And I see that another half dozen westwood parking spaces have been taken away this morning, used for another of those huge metal cargo containers. What's that all about?

    16 Jun 2005, 14:33

  2. Julie Moreton

    I think the metal containers are probably something to do with the demolition/rebuilding of the art & design building. Apparently this work is going to go on for a year or so. They really needed to rebuild it? So we get a plush new art building – wow! Perhaps they will stick in a shiny new food outlet as well? Hehe

    Meanwhile, the poor little ramshackle pre-fab nursery shack behind the art building it isn't due for anything. Now if any building needs to be refurbished …. Blimey I am on one at the minute!

    Oh going back to the restaurant issue for the moment. I was talking to someone today from the Humanities building – there is a lot of upset over there about Raffles apparently and they can't understand it as it is alwasy busy and rumour has it that Raffles matches uni house in takings. Yeah just hearsay I guess, but interesting nevertheless don't you think? It does make me wonder whether there is a major central push to try and promote uni house above all others – gotta recoup the cash somewhere I guess.

    16 Jun 2005, 15:16

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