July 14, 2012

Action Plan

Project Summary

The project I will be working on this summer has two components:

  • Supplement a computer simulation written by my supervisor.
  • Run simulations on the programme.

The simulation uses a Mathematical model of Bose Einstein Condensation, and gives numerical and graphical output.

The research group I am a part of is based in the Mathematics department at the University of Warwick, and the University of Darmstadt in Germany.

The first week of the 8 week project (23rd July) I will be in Germany, and the rest of the time I will be based in Warwick.

Objective #1

Challenge or skill I would like to develop:

I will need to learn a new programming language (objective C), having had no previous experience with it.

Plan to achieve this:

I am being lent a laptop by my supervisor a week before the project starts, and this has pieces of code and examples relating to the simulation I will eventually use. I plan to try and understand this code before the start of the project to make the learning easier.

Reason for this:

The simulation so far is already written in objective C and it makes sense to leave it in this language.

Can this be achieved in the time frame?:

Yes, at the end of the 8 weeks I should have a good understanding of the language. I have studied the C language already, which will help as objective C is a superset of C.

When will I have achieved this?:

Hopefully a few weeks in I will be feel confident about manipulating code in this language, though it's always an ongoing process...

How to know if successful?:

When I can add to the supervisors code to make changes to the simulation as required.

Objective #2

Challenge or skill I would like to develop:

I also want to gain an understanding into the Mathematics of the simulation.

Plan to achieve this:

I have an Undergraduate understanding of some of the Mathematics involved already and just need to keep reading more, probably from books and the internet.

Reason for this:

I hope to continue my studies after University, and the more experience with different areas of maths the better.

Can this be achieved in the time frame?:

Its hard to tell how much (of the maths) I will be able to learn as for most of the time I will just be programming, but I believe I should increase my understanding.

When will I have achieved this?:

This is always an ongoing process; there will always be more to learn. However, I hope by the end of the project I will be in a good position to write my own Mathematical simulations.

How to know if successful?:

When I can understand the Mathematics supplemented into the code.

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