December 03, 2004


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Carlsberg Special Brew
Brewed since 1950

This drink is my only comfort in this dark cold world… It made me feel better when I hadn't eaten for 2 days, and when the ferrets and squirrels teamed up to steal my sanity.

Even though I can't become pope now, due to my inherent fear of the woods, I still long for the day when Spesh is consecrated as a holy super lager.

In the cold, dark days before 1950, Holland was a dull place with lots of sexually frustrated young women. Now look at it! Good old Special Brew! It has transformed the country into a healthy, bouncing land of healthily sexually active people, making a sensible living with their god given talents.

Anyone daring to suggest that Tennants Super Strength as a superior beverage should quickly take themselves outside and chew on the nearest bicycle until the horrific metal/paint/dog dirt taste has made you realise what it is that Tennants really tastes like!

The only super lager with any chance of reaching the same quality is the legendary Amsterdam Maximator 12.6, and since this is only available from continental supermarkets, our only option is to go back to good old, trusty Spesh, with it's slightly banana-y tang and lovely fizzing sound.

What other beer could happily be sold in four packs? What else could bring such emotive shouting from passing motorists? What looks better discarded on a park bench??

Come on people! You know it's right!


by Paul

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  1. ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    03 Dec 2004, 22:17

  2. Not Paul

    Such genius… someone give this man a prize!

    03 Dec 2004, 22:25

  3. hellllllo! this is sammy jo! dont like vodka really! i am not a dirty ho! love me love me! hehe merry crimbo all my lovelies mwahxxxxxxxxx hugs

    03 Dec 2004, 22:29

  4. wow! what a great blog, mainly as its about kitchens 4 and 5 from JM3 who totally rule. and in reference to my squeeze….its the breasts people. have fun girlies and guys ;)

    03 Dec 2004, 22:40

  5. Sammy Jo

    Would just like to point out that the previous comment was not me!!! Also i have only been home for about 7 hours and slready dont know what to do…..sleepxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    04 Dec 2004, 15:23

  6. Jay Tewake

    Hey Samantha Burton.
    My name is Jay Tewake, I Live in New Zealand. I love the movie ur in its really cool. Ummm…. I was just wondering if you are able to talk to me cause i think ur really good looking. I wont to be an actor wen i grow up and i hope to c u in the future. U inspire me.

    Love to hear from you, Bye for now.
    Jay mwah

    19 Dec 2005, 01:40

  7. Josiah Dunmore

    hey hey, my name is josiah i am from australia so g'day…i dont even know how i got into the website page…. anyway whoever is reading this happy new year to all


    p.s email me at

    08 Jan 2006, 10:46

  8. Josiah Dunmore

    what is this website??


    08 Jan 2006, 10:54

  9. cubies58

    hey is samantha burton on here

    12 Jan 2006, 23:40

  10. hottie

    hey Samantha
    how old r u and was Max Lloyd-Jones a good kisser

    25 Jan 2006, 07:23

  11. irene

    ok that is so not samantha burton i know sam and she dont even like the name sammy ok if your samantha burton what is ur middle name?where do u live?whats ur parents names?in what city were u in usually when u go to wal mart u go to the one u live in and another one what is the city that wal mart is in?it is about 15–20 minutes from where u live if ur really samantha burton then answer those questions plz!!!!!!and yall the kiss wasnt really even that real so i dont think she could tell by how they kissed lol but if yall really want to know the real answers she would give ya ask me i know almost everything i mean not everything but almost cuz we're cool friends.gotta go hope to hear from ya "sammy jo

    30 Jan 2006, 16:36

  12. irene

    oh and samantha is 14 this thing says her b-day is 12–22-91 but its 9–22-91 for yall that wanna know.

    31 Jan 2006, 16:17

  13. Hi please please please stop leaving stupid comments! This is a blog for Warwick Uni, kind of obv indicating that I am a student and therefore much older than this other Samantha Burton who I believe is some kind of child-star. Oh and irene…I never once said I was this other other Samantha, however my name is Samantha Burton I am afraid…amazingly some people have the same names! geez calm down.

    Right hope that clears things and stops the stupidity,


    03 Feb 2006, 16:11

  14. v

    hi samantha

    05 Feb 2006, 18:57

  15. v

    yesterday i watched tha movie sandlot 2 good movie!!(to the REAL samantha burton from the movie!!)
    catch ya all later fokes

    05 Feb 2006, 19:04

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