December 03, 2004

So's your face….


So this is the first entry of this blog!!!!!!!

Just a brief introductory to everyone….

Kitchen 5

Cathryn – Kitchen rep. Studying history and politics. Just dont pick her up…......

James C. – Deputy kitchen rep. Computer science. Has erotic dreams about chav cars…

Sammy-Jo – does economics. Likes vodka – therefore, if you're russian, go for it!

Nia – studying psychology. Fashion rep. Dont cause a mess.

Andrew – studying biochemistry.

Lucy – does MORSE. really, DONT CAUSE MESS!!!

Chris – does biology, yet believes that dishes WILL self clean.
comment from Chris: After a recent experiment, I have found that dishes do clean themselves over time. So there…. hehe.

Amina – She gambles. does MORSE, surprisingly.

Benjamin – Likes hot food.

Vechie – From Turkey. Therfore, likes Christmas.

Nick – now known as Nikita, supposedly does biology, but also indulges in cross-dressing. And men. Polygon obsessed

Katie – likes pizza

Anuja – does not sleep

Kitchen 4

Tom – Wasted his childhood on foosball. Dislikes meeting other people's parents and Coors. Also polygon obssessed

James – aka Bojangles. Likes penis.

Natalie – likes to cook with her many friends

Yasmin – sociology student who works in the union and needs a squeeze a day….

Paul – You're about as funny as death…has badger issues. Call 0800 BADGER ME BABY

Stacie – short and sweet

Ollie – another computer science geek. Has a girlfriend and is ginger. Go figure….

Jody – Likes pink, does management studies.

Emma – the Dark Horse. Like Black Beauty, but isnt black. Does Maths. Another polygon obssesseee

Gaz – Gaz Vaz. Is really cool.

Holly – Blonde. Liverpudlian and far too clever – is studying Law.


If I was australian, i'd ban ferrets.

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  1. I don't think my description is very descriptive… I also dislike ferrets, cats and squirrels.

    And my blog kicks this blog's ass… not that I'm getting blog competitive or anything… I'm not that much of a geek… really!

    Ever wondered if this whole blog thing could destroy your immortal soul?

    07 Dec 2004, 23:28

  2. robi

    lol. your blogs realli cool.

    which are you?

    19 Nov 2006, 16:22

  3. Ruffit

    Spatial Brew. Isit thelager of the horsemen or the norsemen?

    26 Jan 2007, 21:20

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