December 03, 2004


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Carlsberg Special Brew
Brewed since 1950

This drink is my only comfort in this dark cold world… It made me feel better when I hadn't eaten for 2 days, and when the ferrets and squirrels teamed up to steal my sanity.

Even though I can't become pope now, due to my inherent fear of the woods, I still long for the day when Spesh is consecrated as a holy super lager.

In the cold, dark days before 1950, Holland was a dull place with lots of sexually frustrated young women. Now look at it! Good old Special Brew! It has transformed the country into a healthy, bouncing land of healthily sexually active people, making a sensible living with their god given talents.

Anyone daring to suggest that Tennants Super Strength as a superior beverage should quickly take themselves outside and chew on the nearest bicycle until the horrific metal/paint/dog dirt taste has made you realise what it is that Tennants really tastes like!

The only super lager with any chance of reaching the same quality is the legendary Amsterdam Maximator 12.6, and since this is only available from continental supermarkets, our only option is to go back to good old, trusty Spesh, with it's slightly banana-y tang and lovely fizzing sound.

What other beer could happily be sold in four packs? What else could bring such emotive shouting from passing motorists? What looks better discarded on a park bench??

Come on people! You know it's right!


by Paul

So's your face….


So this is the first entry of this blog!!!!!!!

Just a brief introductory to everyone….

Kitchen 5

Cathryn – Kitchen rep. Studying history and politics. Just dont pick her up…......

James C. – Deputy kitchen rep. Computer science. Has erotic dreams about chav cars…

Sammy-Jo – does economics. Likes vodka – therefore, if you're russian, go for it!

Nia – studying psychology. Fashion rep. Dont cause a mess.

Andrew – studying biochemistry.

Lucy – does MORSE. really, DONT CAUSE MESS!!!

Chris – does biology, yet believes that dishes WILL self clean.
comment from Chris: After a recent experiment, I have found that dishes do clean themselves over time. So there…. hehe.

Amina – She gambles. does MORSE, surprisingly.

Benjamin – Likes hot food.

Vechie – From Turkey. Therfore, likes Christmas.

Nick – now known as Nikita, supposedly does biology, but also indulges in cross-dressing. And men. Polygon obsessed

Katie – likes pizza

Anuja – does not sleep

Kitchen 4

Tom – Wasted his childhood on foosball. Dislikes meeting other people's parents and Coors. Also polygon obssessed

James – aka Bojangles. Likes penis.

Natalie – likes to cook with her many friends

Yasmin – sociology student who works in the union and needs a squeeze a day….

Paul – You're about as funny as death…has badger issues. Call 0800 BADGER ME BABY

Stacie – short and sweet

Ollie – another computer science geek. Has a girlfriend and is ginger. Go figure….

Jody – Likes pink, does management studies.

Emma – the Dark Horse. Like Black Beauty, but isnt black. Does Maths. Another polygon obssesseee

Gaz – Gaz Vaz. Is really cool.

Holly – Blonde. Liverpudlian and far too clever – is studying Law.


If I was australian, i'd ban ferrets.

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