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June 16, 2006

Instaledl a Linux on my computer – Ubuntu 6.06

Follow-up to Fedora Core 5 installation problems—–NTLDR is missing" error from Joseph's blog

Finally, I didn't install Fedora 5 but instead I installed Ubuntu 6.06.

For me, I am a newbie anyway. So I cannot see too much differences between fedora 5 & Ubuntu 6. Let me keep explore Ubunutu and build up my own experience. My feeling towards Linux is much better than Windows XP. I like Linux :)

About my previous Thread, I found out what the problem cause the NDTLR is missing…...It's a bit fundemental. Long time ago, when I add my second HDD, I think I wrongly set the jumper. Hence, my Window was then reconize to be installed on HDD1. And when I was installing Linux, it was then installed on HDD0. This is a bit confusing for my computer, I think. even I change the GRUB by:

map (hd0) (hd1)
map (hd1) (hd0)
rootnoverify (hd0,1)

or any other sequence, combination of 1,0 / 0,1 / 0,0 ….. also doesn't work. I finally, set the jumper, BIOS correctly and then Install both XP & Linux. They happy together now…...

Statistical Package for MLE for VG, NIG, or any other stock models.

Is there any statisitical package for Calculating MLE exist?

I am looking for one for my dissertation. I want to validate VG , NIG, for the Credit spread. To calculating the MLE ( or any other Estimator ) is a major task of my dissertation.

Will any exisiting package for these kind of models, other than typical models? Any one can give me a hints??

Other than Probability plot, QQ–plot, and format test for validating a continous distribution?

Any one interested in pricing CDS option, very welcome to leave me a comment :)

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