June 16, 2006

Instaledl a Linux on my computer – Ubuntu 6.06

Follow-up to Fedora Core 5 installation problems—–NTLDR is missing" error from Joseph's blog

Finally, I didn't install Fedora 5 but instead I installed Ubuntu 6.06.

For me, I am a newbie anyway. So I cannot see too much differences between fedora 5 & Ubuntu 6. Let me keep explore Ubunutu and build up my own experience. My feeling towards Linux is much better than Windows XP. I like Linux :)

About my previous Thread, I found out what the problem cause the NDTLR is missing…...It's a bit fundemental. Long time ago, when I add my second HDD, I think I wrongly set the jumper. Hence, my Window was then reconize to be installed on HDD1. And when I was installing Linux, it was then installed on HDD0. This is a bit confusing for my computer, I think. even I change the GRUB by:

map (hd0) (hd1)
map (hd1) (hd0)
rootnoverify (hd0,1)

or any other sequence, combination of 1,0 / 0,1 / 0,0 ….. also doesn't work. I finally, set the jumper, BIOS correctly and then Install both XP & Linux. They happy together now…...

Statistical Package for MLE for VG, NIG, or any other stock models.

Is there any statisitical package for Calculating MLE exist?

I am looking for one for my dissertation. I want to validate VG , NIG, for the Credit spread. To calculating the MLE ( or any other Estimator ) is a major task of my dissertation.

Will any exisiting package for these kind of models, other than typical models? Any one can give me a hints??

Other than Probability plot, QQ–plot, and format test for validating a continous distribution?

Any one interested in pricing CDS option, very welcome to leave me a comment :)

June 03, 2006

Fedora Core 5 installation problems—–NTLDR is missing" error

Anyone using Fedora Core 5 ?? I want to give it a goal on my own desktop…however, i failure to create a dual boot system…:(

Any Linux veterans would like to share their experience??

"NTLDR is missing" error

I use Window XP and recently installed FC 5 on my second HDD. There is something I am not sure for the installtion process.

Q1. During my installation of FC5, there is no GRUB setting option. Is that normal??
( I saw the installation guide and there should be ?! )

After installtion, I configure the GRUB to boot Window XP. However, an error message :

NTLDR is missing
press alt–ctrl–del to restart

Q2. Is it because GRUB overwrite the bootloader of XP? How to avoid this? ( suppose we should have options during FC5 installation, right??)

I will keep trying to install FC5 until I success!!

March 01, 2006

Unbelievable! Someone add my blog to my favourite

I cannot believe that someone added my blog to "my favourite". It's very encouraging!! I decide to update more frequently… under the constraint that I have free time. :P

Ok. This time I want to talk about my another favourite thing! FILM.

There is a very famous Hong Kong film star call Stephen Chow. He is famous for his "funny" moive. I watched all his moive.


This link contain almost all of his film and TV series. Very informative.

However, as a Hong Kong people, I understand that he is not a funny person at all. He out of school at 16. He want to join the TV station's drama training course but failed. He started his actor's career as a "K li Fee" ( means very unimportant person in english). I remeber I first saw him on TV was being a "small" ganster, just standing behind other "big brother". Ironically, the main actor in the scene is his best friend, Tony Leung, who is also a very famous actor in Hong Kong. He worked in a children show for about 3 years before he had a chance to being a actor. Then, his career is flying high and become "The King of Comedy (1999)".

Stephen's early performance on stage make me think of another famous star – Charlie Chaplin. ( In fact, stehpen use very traditional way to act in his early moive, e.g., when he is happy, he is jump up a bit and kick his leg. ). Personally, I wonder Charlie is not a "funny" person at all – unsuccessful marriage and pressure from making moive. There is a picture I think reflecting very much his true life and character. This picture is taken on the next of the fire in Charlie's studio, 28 / 9 / 1926.

Charlie Chaplin

For those who want to know more about charlie, go to this link.


There are million interesting things about moive. But, talk later.

February 06, 2006

Const int or int for Array??

Do we have to use const int when assigning an array?? Below programme shows you that it is not a must!!!But, why in the past, we need to do that?? when C++ change the rule??? who change it actually?? Anybody knows about that??



using namespace std;

int main () {

int n,m, kk;

cout << "Pls input the initial size of a array:\t"<

cin >> n;

kk= 0; // for assign elements of arrays

for (int k=1 ; k<=5 ; k++) {

n +=1 ;

double U[n];


for (int j=0 ; j



cout<< "U["<



system ("pause");

return 0 ;

November 25, 2005

Boring, winner, losser

Last night, I learnt the mardiran of boring, winner, losser

Tonight, I practise harmonica for an hour.

Tomorrow, I have a test for stochastic method

Weekend, I have a lot of assignment & project to do.


頂.....點解..stephen 周 的詩會係warwick blog 出現?? :P ha…ha….别人笑我忒疯癫£倚Ρ鹑丝床淮£徊患辶旰澜苣£藁ㄎ蘧瞥鎏铩£好詩£££迷

November 01, 2005

HKHA – Trip to the World Harmonica Festival, 2005

Writing about web page http://hk2whf2005.blogspot.com

Harmonica Player is going to gather at Germany for a week. Take a look for the link, it's about the HKHA harmonica fans and their activities in Germany.

By the way, I am playing a lot in my room. All my flatmates seems accept my "notes" well. My english is bad, let me try to express my thoughts in a special language – music.

October 14, 2005

St. Peterburg's paradox

Writing about web page http://plato.stanford.edu/archives/win1999/entries/paradox-stpetersburg/

Because I am quite boring in my room now. I decide to expand my topics in my blog to Mathematics and Finance.

The topics I wish to share is call St. Peterburg's paradox. For my classmates, you may heared our Prof. Sebastian talk about it for 3mins. But, I want to point out that it's a interesting topics in decision theory. For detail, I leave to whom interested in it and links as below :


another link related to St. Peterburg's paradox, also worth to take a look. At least for me, as a student.


Hong Kong Harmonica Association

Writing about web page http://www.hkharmonica.org

This is the link of HKHA, a lovely group of people in Hong Kong who play harmonica. HKHA is going to Trossingen, Germany, World Harmonica Festival vom 02. – 06. November 2005.

I wishe I would be able to go there! The home city of Hohner, a world-known harmonica manufacturer.

By the way, the above link is a very resourceful guide to the world of harominca.

Wow, I am missing music so much now and looking forward to play some pieces soon!!! ( How are my small instruments now in Hong Kong?? )

October 03, 2005

Harmonica world

Harmonica playing is easy to learn but expressive. Using harmonica to play music is like telling story. Both are using our mouth, our breathe and our heart.

Unfortunately, I have no harmonica to play at the moment because all of them are "sleeping" in my Hong Kong's house. Looking forward to buy one here!

For those who looking at this blog, be patient please, I will tell more about harmonica in my blog. If you are playing harmonica, blues, chormatics, whateverr kinds of harmonica, welcome to leave message. Do you want to play harmonica together??

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