February 06, 2007

Food and Drink

Yesterday I was campaigning in the Piazza about food and drink, the first two of my manifesto policies. In case you didn't see me, I had a large board where people could write down their comments and suggestions for improving the union's food and drink provision.  There were lots of really good ideas, some of which hadn't occurred to me.  For example, someone pointed out the poor provision of vegetarian and kosher options.  This is definitely the kind of thing we should be looking to improve.  Here are my manifesto ideas on food and drink.


At the moment the affordable hot food options in the Union are limited, especially in the evenings.  I want to bring back Cholo Food.  For the first years who may not know, the area that is now Quench used to serve hot breakfasts and lunches, things like fish and chips, lasagne, fried breakfasts.  Quench is a great idea, but I think we need a hot food outlet too and I will make sure the new union building includes this. 

I also aim to extend opening hours for union outlets on weekends. I know lots of people come into campus on a Saturday and Sunday in the day, and there's hardly anywhere they can even get a cup of tea. 

I know that carrying heavy bags of shopping back to campus from supermarkets is a real pain.  I will lobby local supermarkets for free delivery to campus from their stores. 


At the moment the University have an 'eating at Warwick' card but the Union don't.  I would introduce a Union Eat Card in tandem with the University card. This would reduce the use of cash in the Union, and will dramatically reduce queue lengths.

I also want there to be better drinks offers, and especially extended happy hours on slow nights to get crowds back into the Union.  I will encourage a wider and cheaper range of hot and soft drinks, not just alcoholic beverages.

I am out on the piazza again today and tomorrow.  Come and find me with your questions and suggestions.  Less than 24 hours until voting opens!

February 05, 2007

The Future of the Union

This is the first in a series of posts explaining my policies and inviting your contributions.  First of all, the future of the Union.

How will we cope with the union rebuilding?

The rebuilding of the SU will involve some temporary disruption. I see this redevelopment and relocation as an opportunity, not a threat. We're still going to have a student's union - it's just moving temporarily. There's no reason why we can't maintain the same high standards. Instead, we need to see this as a chance for more people to get involved in their union. We also need to remember that it’s happening for a reason – to improve and enlarge the current facilities. Freshers must be informed every step of the way.

This year saw the initiatives such as 'Over 2 U' and the Vice Chancellor's Consultation of students. I want to continually inform, engage and involve students in the project as it develops over the course of the year. Their needs must be met. We will be making difficult decisions, so the Student's Union must consult with students over any compromises. They will be able to have input in at least two ways:

1. An 'Ideas Box' in Union North for ongoing feedback and accessibility.

2. Online web log for interaction between the sabbatical officers and students.

The aim is to reconnect the union with its students. Next year we must expect Freshers to arrive frustrated with having their first year disrupted. We must channel this frustration into constructive criticism and positive engagement with the SU.

I think I'd be the strongest candidate to drive through such an ambitious project. Take a look at the ‘About Me’ page and this post to read about my experience with other large-scale projects.

Thanks for your input, I want to keep this blog buzzing with everyone's ideas and questions!

February 02, 2007

About Me

I’m Joe Kirby, a third-year English student. I’m heavily involved in a broad range of university activities, from the Freshers’ Fair to the Warwick Arts Centre to the Graduate Association.

Recently, I was the Forum Events Manager for One World Week where I successfully secured a huge number of high-profile speakers to come to Warwick, securing two Nobel Laureates.

My campaign slogan is ‘Fresh Ideas’ that can make the union even better. I’ve already posted my manifesto here, but this blog will also feature more in-depth posts about these fresh ideas, where you can comment and offer your suggestions. Please comment here, email me or stop and chat to me around campus – I want to be President because I want to represent you, and your input and ideas are valuable to me.

I have a proven record of making things happen. Elect me for President and I will make things happen for the Union.

Joe's Manifesto – Fresh Ideas for a New Union

What Affects You?


Bring back Cholo Food; breakfast, pizzas, lasagnes. I aim to extend opening hours for union outlets on weekends. I will lobby supermarkets for free delivery to campus from chains.



Introduce a Union Eat Card in tandem with the University card. Say goodbye to cash in the union on nights out! This will dramatically reduce queue lengths. We should demand better drinks offers: extended happy hours on slow nights such as weekends. I will encourage a wider and cheaper range of hot and soft drinks, not just alcoholic beverages.


Let’s be proactive about the shortage of library funds. Badly organised and publicised in the past, warwickexchange.co.uk has closed down. I plan to set up an effective, accessible Warwick Book Exchange for core reading texts to be sold and bought second-hand.


At present, there is no campus facility for recycling cardboard, cans, tins or plastic. This has to change. Blue bags were introduced in halls, but the current system has nowhere to take them! I will fight for these recycling bins to be put in place.


I will aim to secure marketing and financial support to raise the profile of campaigns. I will be confident to take your views to the University, NUS and Parliament.

The Future of the Union

It’s an exciting year for the Student’s Union. Your President will oversee the development of the most modern SU in the country. We need a building to be proud of, but a leader to rely on. We’ll be able to do a lot more. We should expect more. But we also need innovative ideas and determination to drive them though. That’s where I come in.

Go for Joe!

This morning I launched my campaign to become President of the Warwick Student Union.  This will be my campaign blog where you can read about me, my policies and my plans for the Union.  I want to encourage people to get involved, and I will make every effort to reply to any comments people leave here.  

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