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October 27, 2007

Back to Devonshire

So on Thursday after work I went straight to the airport to fly back to Exeter for the weekend for Mum and TA’s birthdays. The flight was delayed by an hour and 45 minutes, which was a real pain, so I didn’t get back to Exeter until 23:20. Not only that but I was sat next to a very Scottish lady (not terribly unsurprising in itself,) who was afraid of flying. She just chatted at me, so I felt obliged to chat back. Now I’m not the kind of person to talk to strangers, (STRANGER DANGER!) but I engaged in this fruitless exercise. Anyway, what I dislike most is the randomness of the conversation and where it goes versus my complete dislike of telling anyone anything about me or my life when I don’t know them, have no inclination to get to know them and will never see them again. So I’m forced to make up conversation, like oooh it’s my mum’s birthday, I’ve not got her a present yet… To be fair I’m really glad it’s only about an hour and 10 minute flight!

On Friday TA picked me up from my house, drove to Exeter via her house to pick up stuff / drop off stuff, then she drove like a bat out of hell through Exeter (by this time we’re running a wee bit late,) via the railway station to pick Mike up, to get to the ExeShed restaurant in the new Princesshay development. Turns out we were only about 10 minutes late so not too bad, so we got shown to our seats upstairs and given menus to peruse. Perusing done, we ordered and waited / chatted / waited some more, complimentary bread and oil arrived with a muted ‘sorry for the wait,’ before our mains arrived. Mike’s had a ‘jus’ which had formed quite a substantial skin from sitting under a heat lamp, my ‘sauce’ on my fishcakes looked a bit like vomit and was also relatively congealed, but TA’s was relatively ok. Timing apparently isn’t their forte. So we ate that and ordered desert – all cold requiring little effort. We waited / chatted / waited some more before it arrived and it was halfway through eating that TA noticed a large chunk of plastic wrapping in my parfait. We complained, the parfait was knocked off the bill, but a 10% service charge was added – needless to say what with the shocking service, cold food and choking hazard we neglected to tip at all, and carefully avoided standing on the bit of wood that replaced the broken glass floor tile at the top of the stairs on the way out. Not somewhere any of us will be highly recommending!

TA's 24th

Friday evening was really really good. Having helped make some last minute costumes for the cave man theme we set off in TA’s car into town to meet people. Only at the Marsh Barton roundabout TA realised she’d had three vodkas and it wasn’t best she drove – so some seat swapping later saw me in the drivers seat getting us into town, via the railway station pas several police cars! Anyway we all congregated at the pub having dressed people in cave person attire, where some people had made a stunning effort. (Me, not so much – see photo!) We had a few drinks there before heading on to John Gandy’s for some more drinks, when at one point I had two drinks on the go – and for some reason my Long Island Iced Tea was cloudy – any suggestions? Very drunk there before moving down to Riva club when some dancing ensued and many many photos! Mike had to leave at 1am to get the train to Standstead and TA and I headed back to hers having called it a night!

Saturday was pretty sparse, until the evening when Penny, Barbara, Mum and I went out for dinner at the Elizabethan in Luton (not London, Luton, another Luton!), which was really nice. I had a good red Thai curry, which is something I should look at cooking at home. It was really pleasant. Although I need to give Penny some money…

On Sunday we had the usual roast dinner, but in the evening TA and I went to see Stardust – it was brilliant, so funny, but really well done. Kept us entertained and on the edges of our seats. Brilliant – a definite future DVD purchase!

So anyway – I am back in Scotland again now, but ho hum – 8 weeks and I’ll be back ‘home’ again!

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