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August 29, 2006

Troë's amazing photography skills….

Blurry Adam

Need I say more? (Love ya Troë)

August 28, 2006

Visiting relatives…

So last Thursday, Adam and Troë arrived from Bournemouth on the bus, and I went to pick them up at Exeter bus station. It was great to see them both again so soon! We drove back along the coast road, and behind Powderham Castle so they could get a look – my driving hadn’t scared them by this time (I hope).

On Friday we went to Berry Pomeroy castle near Totnes, which was cool, we had audio guides which were very informative, but to be honest, pretending to be someone from history is a little sad. In the afternoon we went to Castle Drogo up on the moor, through lots of windy lanes which kind of made Troë a little travel sick, but she enjoyed it just the same.

Drogo TroŽ and Adam

Adam and Troë in the entrance to Castle Drogo.

On the Saturday we took a picnic (having bought Troë some Joy Rides travel pills) up onto dartmoor where we went to Grimspound bronze age huts, and then on to haytor. Blimey I didn’t realise Haytor was quite so steep, and Troë and I nearly died climbing it – Adam on the other hand – little mountain goat that he is, was up the top of the rock before you could say Pony!

EVIL pony

This is the evil pony that tried to eat my digital camera! How rude!

Sunday we went out for a birthday lunch with Clare and TA (it having been Clare’s birthday the day before), which was really rreally nice, if a little expensive, but oh well. The food was great, the service not so, we waited about 2 hours for our bill to arrive, and only ordered one round of drinks, bringing the total time spent in the pub, 3.5 hours. I would recoomend the Jack in the Green though – but maybe only for very special occasions! On the way home we stopped at TA’s to play on the trampoline for a while, where Clare did great Byker Grove impressions….

Clare bouncing

Well, it is now day five of Adam and Troë’s visit to Teignmouth, and they have only eaten three puddings with plum in. It’s just not cricket! But today we walked into Teignmouth to do a bit of shopping for lunch, which was a big beef roast with yorkshire puddings, and in the afternoon we played some games that Adam and Troë brought over with them, and then a round of trivial persuit and scrabble. I lost at scrabble – but what’s new!

Tomorrow they both leave, back to sunny Bournemouth for them, and the job shop for me…..

August 21, 2006

Blimey, that was quick…

I posted my CV on Monster yesterday afternoon, by 11:30 this morning it had been viewed 4 times, and I've had a call about a job already! My CV is being sent to the company now to see what they think of me. I shall wait and see…

August 17, 2006

NAO nope

Follow-up to London once more…. from John's blog

Well, I didn't get the job with the N.A.O., not that I mind particularly, it is just that they should have told me before now and not needed reminding to send the letter confirming the fact! Oh well. I've emailed them back to ask for feedback, and I'll just start looking for other jobs! Woo hoo!

August 16, 2006

My second week in Canada…

Follow-up to My first week in Canada…. from John's blog

Well I am back from Canada unfortunately…. was brilliant and I can't wait to go back.

In the last week, Ed took mum and me out on his motorbike (only around the block but it was still cool) and to Nk'mip First nations tourist centre down in Pentiction, which wasn't brilliant but still interesting, and also to the O'Keefe ranch up at Vernon which was soo much better!

Mum and I then flew on to Toronto last Thursday (the big scary terror plot news day), and on Friday we went to Niagara falls (slightly less impressive than it is hyped to be, but still good), and we went on the Maid of the Mist boat ride (very good) and behind the falls (to be honest, really pants). Whilst also in Toronto we went up the tallest building in the world the CN tower, and also on the Hippo Boat–bus tour, and to the Royal Ontario Museum, where we saw things about the first nations. Brilliant.


Adam, Troe, Sarah and Andrew

Adam, TroŽ, Sarah and Andrew

Niagara Horse Shoe Falls
Niagara Falls - The Canadian Horseshoe Falls

August 06, 2006

My first week in Canada….

Follow-up to All packed and ready to go…. from John's blog

Well I arrived! After the nine hour flight from heathrow and a four hour wait at Vancouver Airport, mum and I arrived in Kelowna, where Ingrid and Angie picked us up at the airport.

I have SOOOO many relatives! It’s unbelievable, and I haven’t even met them all! We have been touring around looking at the sights of Kelowna, and went to a Town called Vernon which is further up lake Okanagan, up Knox mountain to look at the views, and to father Pandosy’s mission (old shacks from the colonial era)! I haven’t seen the Ogopogo yet though, although it’s a cool name for a cat!

Troe and Adam came up from Vancouver to see us on Friday and brought two cats with them called M and Link who Lannie will be looking after for a whole year, as Adam and Troë are off to sunny Bournemouth for a year. Troë is teaching in England, and they hope to get some touring in. Anyway, we all went out with some of Troë and Sarah’s friends to a pub and drank beer and Long Island ice teas before heading to a club which was cool, and then yestreday had a massive bbq, as well as going to the mall, and for shakes at some random burger joint although Troë swears by it. Today we went swimmig in the lake (still no Ogopogo sightings) and for a sandwhich before Troë and Adam had to leave to get back to Vancouver.

Tomorrow Ed and Cathy are taking us to an native’s reservation come historical site thing down the lake towards the states. But more of that after I’ve been (and I might know where I have been by then!)

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