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January 31, 2007

Bournemouth again!

Hi-dilly ho peeps!

Last Friday, I had the day off work (I took flexi-time so as not to use up my holiday!) and I drove to Bournemouth, it took about 2.75 hours to get there, but only because I got a little lost, by missing an exit! However, my finding of Adam and Troë’s flat was far simpler this time, so I managed to get straight there!

Troë and I went to buy some chicken, cheesecake (I was forced into making an executive decision about pudding by Troë,) and we also rented some DVD’s. Right at your door, some other random one about a superhero called G girl ( My super ex girlfriend ), and Little Miss Sunshine! We got back to the flat short before Adam, and then went to The Moon in the Square for dinner. (I had a tuna jacket potato, Adam had a cheeseburger, and Troë had a chicken burger, all very tasty!) We also played Settlers, and watched My super ex girlfriend. I cannot confirm, but I may have snoozed for a period in the middle…

On Saturday I made another executive decision (Get me!) that I would treat Troë and Adam to a meal at Coriander (the same Mexican restaurant we went to last time, it is indeed still very tasty Alison!) Before we went for a browse around the shops before heading back to the flat. We watched the film Right at your Door, which was about a dirty bomb going off in LA and whether you’d let your contaminated lover in the house – it was in desperate need of Jack Bauer… We also played Canasta; Troë having taught me how to play! We also watched Little Miss Sunshine, which is brilliant! When I first saw the trailers for it, they looked awful, but it truly is hilarious – I loved it!

On the Sunday we played Rummy in the morning before heading off to watch Troë playing football. It was Christchurch Women’s versus Bournemouth Women’s, and unfortunately Troë’s team (Christchurch) lost 2:0. It was still a very good game, and although Christchurch was on the defensive for most of the first half, they bucked up and got a tad more offensive for the second half. Meanwhile, Adam and I froze our arses / asses off sitting in the stands! (I was tempted to get my wheelchair blanket out of the car, but thought I’d look stupid, so didn’t – It’s something I may now regret!)

All in all I had a wonderful weekend, and I made it home in just over 2 hours, which was good going. Hopefully, I might be invited again, and I am really looking forward to saRah coming to visit too!

January 21, 2007

24 in statistics

  • 114 – The number of people Jack Bauer has killed in five somewhat intense days. That’s an average of 22.8 people each day.
  • 5 – The number of girlfriends Jack has had during 24 (not including his wife Teri). Luckily for Jack only two of them have died because of him, the other three simply chose to get out while the going was good.
  • 6 – People who probably regret knowing Jack Bauer: his wife Teri who died in his arms at the end of Day 1 after being shot by spy Nina Myers (who was also Jack’s lover); his boss George Mason who ended up on a suicide mission flying a plane with a nuclear bomb on it into a canyon at the end of Day 2 having told Jack to parachute out; his partner Chase Edmunds whose hand Jack was forced to chop off during Day 3; his former lover Claudia Salazar who was shot while trying to help Chase escape on day 3; Paul Raines, Jack’s girlfriend Audrey’s estranged husband (yes, it was a bit complicated) who saved Jack from death and was rewarded by being left to die on a hospital table while Jack saved a Chinese dissident on Day 4; his close friend former President David Palmer, assassinated at the beginning of Day 5 just because he knew Jack was still alive.
  • 4 – The number of Presidents America has had on 24 – because no one is safe, not even the Leader of the Free World: President David Palmer, series 1-3, who resigned and was later assassinated; President John Keeler. series 4, last heard of in a coma after Air Force One was shot down, presumed dead; Presidnet Charles Logan, series 4-5, exposed as an evil mastermind who had Palmer assassinated and was subsequently arrested; and President Wayne Palmer, series 6 who doesn’t yet know what he’s let himself in for.
  • 1 – The number of weak spots Jack Bauer has. He can withstand torture, near death, being ordered to shoot an innocent man and even the death of his wife; just don’t talk about his estranged daughter, kidnap magnet and rash descision maker, Kim Bauer.
  • 10 – The number of minutes it apparently takes to cross Los Angeles if you are a member of America’s Counter Terrorist Unit.

The Observer Review – Sunday, 21.01.2007 – Article by Sarah Hughes

Number one with a bullet – Sarah Hughes

January 15, 2007

Me: On why I hate dirty Chav scum type peoples…

I HATE Chavs.

Especially the grubby arseholes who spit – because it is VILE AND DISGUSTING and if I was brave enough (and had a balaclava on) I would kick them in the NADGERS! There just is no need to spit – I blame their parents – they’re obviously cretins – well what more can I say!

Also, what is it with the sports clothing – there are other fabrics on the market now, some of them quite nice, and that don’t rustle like a carrier bag when you walk. Whilst there are also some nice shoes about, brown ones, black ones, canvas and leather ones – see – your obsession with white trainers just isn’t justified – go on (at the risk of sounding like Jamie Oliver…) – TRY SOMETHING NEW TODAY!

Oh, and while I think of it – you don’t have to speak like you have a pair of socks in your mouth all the time- it is ok to ARTICULATE your vowels, and it’s not a crime to do it to your consonants either. Fell free to pepper your words with T’s, which you DON”T have to miss out you know! It isn’t “WAH-EVA” – It’s WHAT EVER” – you see the T there – SEE IT!

I’m nearly done – but not quite – have you also noticed how Chavs swagger – it’s supposed to make them look cool and “hard” – actually, it just makes you look like you’ve shat yourself and you’re waddling like a penguin to a toilet so you can empty your pants before it runs down your leg.

Urgh – I DISPAIR – rant over.

January 13, 2007


January 11, 2007


TV image
5 out of 5 stars

Wow. The series was amazing.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when the series first started. I knew it was written by the legend that is Russel T Davies, so knew it would be something to try, but his description of a grown up Doctor Who isn’t far off! In fact there will be crossover in the next series of Doctor Who, which will be interesting to see.

That isn’t where the overlap stops – there are other things peppered through the series to watch out for. Like the monster in episode 13, and it’s similarities to the monster from the Doctor Who episode, the Satan Pit. The storylines are most excellent, and to a certian extent keep you asking questions, and making links where links shouldn’t ought to be made… ...and the more you try to think about Jack’s travels in time, the more confusing it gets!

Can’t wait for the next series, but I am also holding out for a complete series boxed set, which should hopefully work out cheaper than the three part box sets being released over the next few months!

January 02, 2007

We're all in this together….

Movie image
High School Musical
3 out of 5 stars


No really. I sat down last Friday evening to watch this film, as I had heard a little bit of hype about it (not to mention numerous adverts on telly for the DVD!) Anyway, I had to go to dinner so recorded the film, so I couldn’t use the sing along subtitles available through the red button. :-(

Now, I was aware it would be cheesy and hideous, and I was vindicated in this assumption. However, it’s so cheesy and rubbish – that is actually brilliant. It’s so bad it’s funny, but with catchy tunes, and predictability – all of which make it totally fantastic. I am buying the DVD!

I was also surprised by how many people I know that watched it – and most of them thought it was so tacky it was cool too! Role on the sequel… HSM 2 – Sing it all or nothing!

UPDATE: I am so over this now!

Winging it @ New Year

On Friday Adam and Troë arrived from Bournemouth on the bus, and I picked them up from Exeter Bus station. We spent the evening watching some telly, and then playing cards. I’ve been introduced to some new ones, I think all of which I have lost! We played a few rounds of Newmarket, then Screw Your Neighbour, and then several rounds of Pontoon! I always end up being banker, but I did manage to clear Adam out of pennies!

On Saturday, scandalously, the wings TA ordered for our fancy dress didn’t arrive, so TA did a bit of hunting, but couldn’t find any suitable replacements. So, we had to go as ‘us.’ Anyway, Troë, Adam and I watched High School Musical – oh my god it’s great. (Seriously, it’s so naff it’s brilliant!) I can’t enthuse about it enough. It was dire. Anyway, I might have get it on DVD when it’s in a bargain bin… ...oh but the best bit is they’re doing a sequel! We then watched Wallace & Gromit: the curse of the Were Rabbit, followed by a couple of games of Settlers and cards, before we went out to dinner with TA, to Wetherspoons in Exeter.

On Sunday we played some games, watched some films before lunch (I think, I can’t actually remember,) then we played cards after lunch, before people came round for the pre going out New Years gathering. We (Adam, Troë, TA, Flick, Laura and I.) started about 19:00 with some drinks and stuff, which progressed into full scale drinking, drinking games and embarrassment. We played drinking Trivial Pursuit, and then when Tom turned up we played another drinking game involving a deck of cards and random forfeits (I wasn’t in the room at the start so didn’t really get it…) anyway, after a while Laura and Tom left to go home 9we never did make it into town…), and then we had a beginners guide to poker, followed by a hasty retreat to the den to watch the countdown! Taking the bubbly with us… ..This is where we ran into a problem…

...The cork was stuck fast. TA had spent an age trying to get it out, then Adam tried but snapped the cork off – with all but a few minutes left, I rushed into the bathroom with Troë to try and pop the remaining cork out by shaking the bottle (failed), before I ran to get a corkscrew and remove it – with 34 seconds to go we each had a glass to celebrate!

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