August 21, 2007

Mid August

10th August

So today was the CEH BBQ and Sports day.

It was really good – the intention was to have an event where the people transferring from Banchory could get to know the people at Edinburgh. The sports may have been more divisive but there we are! For me it was ample opportunity to actually learn some people’s names! Hurrah!

The BBQ started at about 1pm, with lots of salad, meats, crisps and puddings, most of which was made by peoples own fair hands. Then everyone was divided into 4 teams for the sports.

Games included, egg and spoon, sack race, three legged race, wheelbarrow race, football relay, dizzy lizzy relay and…. SUMO SUITS!

Three Legged CEH Race

Yes, some people (not I) embarrassed themselves in sumo suits! I however just took part in the three-legged race and the dizzy lizzy relay. Our team came second and last respectively – but it is the taking part that counts!


Well, I was a little unsure about this movie, but thought I would give it a go. I don’t like John Travolta so I’ll gloss over him, and just say that it was really really good – I love musicals! It wasn’t quite as naff as High School Musical – but then I do have that on a pedestal!

Jody Kamali: Backpacker

I went to see this ‘comedy’ at the Edinburgh fringe tonight. Now I didn’t do much research into the show, but I thought the premise was good, and it looked like it would be funny.

It wasn’t. Not really, some of what the guy did was amusing, yes I will grant you, but most of it was just acting and crap acting at that. Not £7.50 worth at all. Moreover it was tipped as one of the top 100 things to see at this year’s fringe, hmmm, if it wasn’t ranked at 100 someone needs a head butt!

1 Star.

Damascus: David Greig

I went to see this play with people from work, which was nice. We met at the theatre (eventually we found everyone!) before going to get our seats. Only the theatre appeared to have overbooked and was packed so we didn’t all end up sitting next to one another.

The play itself was really good. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, as I haven’t seen any other plays by Greig. It was really witty, with some good one-liners, with an over-arching moral tale. It’s refreshingly modern, with references to the current political climate (Iraq, terrorism etc.) but based upon a Scot trying to sell an English foreign language course to the Syrian government. The Ukrainian pianist narrator was a little odd though…

4 Stars.

Alan McD’s leaving evening!

Today was Alan’s last day at CEH before he moves to SEPA. So he organised a bowling / pub evening to celebrate. Bowling was good, Neil was a pain in the arse, but then he has a gob the size of the Firth of Forth so what can I say? Anyway, the first game I was second last, the second game I came first, including 3 strikes. Get me!

We then went to the pub which was really nice, socialising with everyone from work, learning some more names, just generally getting to know people, what’s good in the city etc etc. It’s a shame Alan’s gone now though…

The Threepenny Opera: Bablake Secondary School, Coventry

I love musical theatre and this is a piece of theatre that I have seen before and immensely enjoyed. This was no different.

Although obviously amateur the school put on a really good show, in particular I thought Mrs Peacham was particularly well cast. Boy could she belt out a tune (not always on key, but fantastic none the less.) It was a shame that the girl playing Polly therefore had a relatively weak voice (and distinct lack of singing ability) as she has to sing alongside Mrs Peacham a few times throughout the production and just paled into insignificance.

Mack the Knife was also really well cast with a good voice and acting ability. Not all the cast were of the same calibre. Mr Peacham for example, along with the strange ‘cockney’ accent, didn’t sing well, but I wasn’t sure if it was the actor, or just the way the character was supposed to be portrayed. Never the less, I thought it was particularly well done and had a fantastic time. What I want now is a professional production please!

4 Stars!

The Bourne Ultimatum

This was a fantastic movie! I loved it – especially the action sequences shot in London, which were a little scary. It’s all action, which was great, and in my opinion, far better than the previous 2. I only hope they don’t make a fourth!

4 Stars!

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  1. Beth Mills

    I played Mrs Peachum in that very play! Glad to hear you enjoyed it (mostly anyway)!!


    22 Aug 2007, 17:27

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