January 31, 2007

Bournemouth again!

Hi-dilly ho peeps!

Last Friday, I had the day off work (I took flexi-time so as not to use up my holiday!) and I drove to Bournemouth, it took about 2.75 hours to get there, but only because I got a little lost, by missing an exit! However, my finding of Adam and Troë’s flat was far simpler this time, so I managed to get straight there!

Troë and I went to buy some chicken, cheesecake (I was forced into making an executive decision about pudding by Troë,) and we also rented some DVD’s. Right at your door, some other random one about a superhero called G girl ( My super ex girlfriend ), and Little Miss Sunshine! We got back to the flat short before Adam, and then went to The Moon in the Square for dinner. (I had a tuna jacket potato, Adam had a cheeseburger, and Troë had a chicken burger, all very tasty!) We also played Settlers, and watched My super ex girlfriend. I cannot confirm, but I may have snoozed for a period in the middle…

On Saturday I made another executive decision (Get me!) that I would treat Troë and Adam to a meal at Coriander (the same Mexican restaurant we went to last time, it is indeed still very tasty Alison!) Before we went for a browse around the shops before heading back to the flat. We watched the film Right at your Door, which was about a dirty bomb going off in LA and whether you’d let your contaminated lover in the house – it was in desperate need of Jack Bauer… We also played Canasta; Troë having taught me how to play! We also watched Little Miss Sunshine, which is brilliant! When I first saw the trailers for it, they looked awful, but it truly is hilarious – I loved it!

On the Sunday we played Rummy in the morning before heading off to watch Troë playing football. It was Christchurch Women’s versus Bournemouth Women’s, and unfortunately Troë’s team (Christchurch) lost 2:0. It was still a very good game, and although Christchurch was on the defensive for most of the first half, they bucked up and got a tad more offensive for the second half. Meanwhile, Adam and I froze our arses / asses off sitting in the stands! (I was tempted to get my wheelchair blanket out of the car, but thought I’d look stupid, so didn’t – It’s something I may now regret!)

All in all I had a wonderful weekend, and I made it home in just over 2 hours, which was good going. Hopefully, I might be invited again, and I am really looking forward to saRah coming to visit too!

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  1. TA

    Glad you had a good weekend but I am not altogether pleased with your watching and liking Little Miss Sunshine after it was scratched from our Wednesday viewing schedule since you protested that you didnt want to see it!! Grrr!

    31 Jan 2007, 18:27

  2. Sorry! It was Troë’s choice, and I was fully prepared not to like it and just smile and nod, but it was really bloody good! xxx

    31 Jan 2007, 18:30

  3. TA

    Did I mention Grrrr! ??!! I’ll let you off I suppose since tonight it our first Vue visit! x

    31 Jan 2007, 18:31

  4. Indeed – although am a little concerned we’ve hyped too much, and I am guessing it wont have faux suede seats, which is now my epitomy of high class cinematic viewing!

    31 Jan 2007, 18:33

  5. adam

    in hind-sight, i wish you had got your wheelchair blanket out.

    i would have ben interested to hear what the chav behind would have said about it.

    also, your foot wouldn’t have been numb for three hours afterwards.

    03 Feb 2007, 12:08

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