October 08, 2006

BBC's Robin Hood

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Robin Hood
2 out of 5 stars

I was really disappointed with this programme. I did build it up in my head, but then it had been hyped and advertised by the BBC so much, that it was going to be great. Unfortunately, I don’t think it cuts the mustard.

When it started, it had an air of the BBC’s Casanova about it (although not a hint of Russell T. Davies humour,) but this was quickly determined not to be the case, shortly after the credits. The whole thing was unbelievable, and if you know the story, you could see the whole set up coming. Conveniently those sentenced to hang are members of Robin’s band of merry men, Alan A Dale & Will Scarlet, and then you have Much who he starts out with, oh, and what is this at the end – why it’s Little John of course! Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

Whilst the sets are spectacular, and the archery amazing, the plot leaves little to the imagination. The only way for this show is up surely (it can’t go down – can it?), and I am highly likely to watch the rest of the series, not because it’s compulsive viewing, but due to a lack of anything else to watch on telly.

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  1. TA

    I was expecting more. I thought it was going to be a Casanova-esque adaptation with a bit of cheek & some over the top fights & stuff but nope…bit dull! Although I have to ask what you mean by the plot leaving little to the imagination?!! Lets be honest here – its Robin Hood, the plot is pretty much set in stone isn’t it?!

    08 Oct 2006, 18:22

  2. It was never going to be Casanova, simply because it wasn’t written by Russell T Davies. I also think it left little to the imagination because there weren’t twists and turns to keep you guessing, or much humour, it was all rolled out predictably. You could see how the episode was going to shape up after 10 minutes.

    Also, TA you make the point that the story is so well told it would be predictable anyway. Therefore Casanova shouldn’t have worked, and you may as well write off remakes of classic novels such as Bleak House and Jane Eyre! I don’t think you can. It’s what the new adaptation can bring, and let’s face it – it didn’t bring much in this instance!

    08 Oct 2006, 18:54

  3. adam

    I liked the show, actually.

    I’ve had little to watch or any quality, and I’m still adjusting to British television, so I wasn’t expecting very much from the show.

    I agree that there were few twists or turns in the first episode – and it was mainly predictable. But it was the pilot. And it’s a well known character. You have to allow the first couple of episodes to establish the characters for the masses.

    Wait for mid-season to determine the plot quality.

    09 Oct 2006, 18:01

  4. Hero

    Well, I didn’t see it, but using the sisters of mercy in the trailer turned me right on!

    12 Oct 2006, 12:59

  5. Bill

    Actually I like the program, it’s got a little of everything. Action, Humour, A little farfetched at times. Most of all NO FOUL LANGUAGE. Well done

    30 Oct 2006, 16:17

  6. me

    i tink ur all rong dis show is dedly specialy robbin (jonas) es mad sxc! ha

    03 Nov 2006, 12:39

  7. jonas is massiv!

    4 the people who are usen all these fancy words an sayin all these bad tings about the show just shut up coz if u dnt like the show …just DONT watch it!!! simple as that! get ova it !!!!

    03 Nov 2006, 12:41

  8. Urgh. My blog has been violated by a chav. I might have to make the Anti-Spam question something that only someone with more than one brain cell and a basic understanding of the English language can answer.

    03 Nov 2006, 18:14

  9. TA

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I’m sorry I shouldn’t laugh but Hahahahahaha! Oh, I appear to have laughed not once but twice! (The following bit is to be read in a sing-songy type voice) John’s been violated! John’s been violated! John’s been violated by an Amoeee-Ba Brain!!!

    04 Nov 2006, 17:46

  10. Pierre Schramm

    I watched the Robin Hood first five episodes this week-end (having missed them when they were aired, I had to buy the DVDs)
    My verdict is: entertaining, most certainly. Modern, absolutely (I particularly liked the choice of the words “war on terror” by the Sheriff – sorry if I spell that wrong). Well written… mmmh maybe not; there are some things that just don’t fit in (Robin saying to Marian “I feel you” for instance).
    I also liked the fact that it shows Robin not as 100 % good – he is a show-off, makes mistakes, etc. Granted, he’s a genius with both arrow and sword, at times (well always) unrealistically, but that makes it a more entertaining show (as opposed to story)
    What I did NOT like was the target showing between scenes. And the actor playing the Sheriff overdoes it most of the time – you just don’t feel him as part of the story, rather as someone nonchalantally (?) saying lines.

    22 Nov 2006, 10:49

  11. The Sheriff is actually what makes it vaguely watchable. Keith Allan is great, he plays it so well. It’s just a shame about the rest – and I cann’t believe it has been picked up for a second series of 13 episodes for next year. Urgh.

    26 Nov 2006, 10:26

  12. Stuart

    I thought Robin Hood was a good show. I am looking forwould to the next season. I thought some eps where far too tame for what the show is. (I hope they put it right). I hope they bring in Fryer tuck this year though. There where some grate eps and some very bad it seemed like we where treated to a grate ep then we had to suffer somthing horid. But kept geting better as the show whent on. So I thing it should have it’s seckoned season.

    Bring Back Robin Hood

    02 Jun 2007, 23:58

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