January 21, 2007

24 in statistics

  • 114 – The number of people Jack Bauer has killed in five somewhat intense days. That’s an average of 22.8 people each day.
  • 5 – The number of girlfriends Jack has had during 24 (not including his wife Teri). Luckily for Jack only two of them have died because of him, the other three simply chose to get out while the going was good.
  • 6 – People who probably regret knowing Jack Bauer: his wife Teri who died in his arms at the end of Day 1 after being shot by spy Nina Myers (who was also Jack’s lover); his boss George Mason who ended up on a suicide mission flying a plane with a nuclear bomb on it into a canyon at the end of Day 2 having told Jack to parachute out; his partner Chase Edmunds whose hand Jack was forced to chop off during Day 3; his former lover Claudia Salazar who was shot while trying to help Chase escape on day 3; Paul Raines, Jack’s girlfriend Audrey’s estranged husband (yes, it was a bit complicated) who saved Jack from death and was rewarded by being left to die on a hospital table while Jack saved a Chinese dissident on Day 4; his close friend former President David Palmer, assassinated at the beginning of Day 5 just because he knew Jack was still alive.
  • 4 – The number of Presidents America has had on 24 – because no one is safe, not even the Leader of the Free World: President David Palmer, series 1-3, who resigned and was later assassinated; President John Keeler. series 4, last heard of in a coma after Air Force One was shot down, presumed dead; Presidnet Charles Logan, series 4-5, exposed as an evil mastermind who had Palmer assassinated and was subsequently arrested; and President Wayne Palmer, series 6 who doesn’t yet know what he’s let himself in for.
  • 1 – The number of weak spots Jack Bauer has. He can withstand torture, near death, being ordered to shoot an innocent man and even the death of his wife; just don’t talk about his estranged daughter, kidnap magnet and rash descision maker, Kim Bauer.
  • 10 – The number of minutes it apparently takes to cross Los Angeles if you are a member of America’s Counter Terrorist Unit.

The Observer Review – Sunday, 21.01.2007 – Article by Sarah Hughes

Number one with a bullet – Sarah Hughes

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  1. I can assure you that it takes considerably longer than ten minutes to get across Los Angeles regardless of your mode of transport :-)

    21 Jan 2007, 12:06

  2. Flik

    hmmm i really need to see more than the first 2 seasons!

    21 Jan 2007, 18:15

  3. Chris Doidge

    6 – People who probably regret knowing Jack Bauer

    Er, surely seven? What about the CTU boss who Bauer had to put a bullet in the back of in order to keep terrorists at bay? Ryan Chappelle?

    And after four episodes of Season 6, I think that figure might go up…

    21 Jan 2007, 19:52

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