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February 19, 2007

Me since 3rd Feb

Firstly – Meh
Secondly – Meh
Thirdly – MEH!
I think you can tell what kind of mood I am in!

I have just taken a half-day at work because I was tired and bored (TA is quite jealous, and hungry, due to not having any money on her at work…), but here I am to update you on my wonderful life!

Firstly, HMRC decided I wasn’t for their graduate scheme, which disappointed me slightly. But then I reasoned they would give it to permanent employees who are ‘pre-surplus.’ I.e. there are too many employees for the work available, so they get priority when applying for internal jobs. Poo. Oh well, I have more irons in the fire yet…

Cinematic Viewing

Since I last blogged, TA and I have seen three films, our reviews can be found here!

05/02/2007 – The Queen
07/02/2007 – Notes on a Scandal
14/02/2007 – Babel

The Queen was brilliant, and Helen Mirren was great as the queen, so good she won the BAFTA! Well done her! I thought the film was well done and humorous in places, but it wasn’t a greatly moving experience for me.

Notes on a Scandal was excellent. A fantastic performance from Jame Dudy in this film, (as is always the case,) and only mildly spoiled by Bill Nighy playing himself once again. A must see – even if I do say so myself.

Babel was Pants (note the capital p!) It over two hours long for a start, and in my opinion about 50 minutes too long, it wasn’t in chronological order which just plain annoyed me, and the whole Japanese thread went nowhere really! Urgh – don’t waste your money!


On Friday I went up to Bournemouth again, I took a half day at work (using flexi-time) so that I could set off without hitting too much traffic, and the drive up was pretty pleasant, and I only got caught in traffic between Poole and Bournemouth itself. I arrived before Troë had finished work, so I took myself into town and bought myself some new socks! We played Troë’s new “Atlantis” game that evening, and Troë cooked spaghetti / spaghetti Bolognese / spag bol (Adam’s fussy about what it should be called, so thought I would cater for all!)

On the Saturday we watched a LOT of music videos before heading for a great Indian restaurant for lunch. It was very tasty, and we were the only people in there (other that the staff obviously!) so the service was great! We then went back to their flat to watch the BBC version of Casanova, which is most excellent. They both really liked it, which was good – hopefully proving that not all British telly is ‘rubbish.’

On the Sunday Troë had an away football match, so she left Adam and I at the flat, but not before we started a game of Rummy (we’ll have to pick up where we left off some other time (I was winning you see!) Anyway, Adam and I spent the day watching more music videos, the latter half of The Mummy Returns, and then Happy Days! I also beat Adam at Carcassonne. Fantastic – (Thank you very much for having me once again Troë & Adam, I do always have fun when I come and visit you, and I hope you have an uber fantastic time in London baby!)

Oh – Adam and I also argued about pronunciation of words adopted from other languages – such as fillet (fill-it) in English, and (fill eh) in Canada, and Lieutenant, (lef-tenant) in English, and (loo tenant) in North America.

The drive home was a bit iffy, the roads were foggy and wet, and someone in front of me stopped to turn off at one point, which was fine, and I was a way back from him so started to slow, only for his reverse light to come on, so I was forced to complete a very swift emergency stop! I got home in the end though, about half past eight, which wasn’t too bad.

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