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September 11, 2006

Road trip around the bay…

Ok, firstly, for those of you not in the know, Carcassonne, as well as being a fortified city in southern France, is a tile laying game of German origins. The principle is to lay tiles to make castles, roads, fields and cloisters to score more points at the end of the game. Anyway, I raise this because at the weekend I visited Adam and Troë in Bournemouth, and we played a few games, and Adam stole victory off me by 4 points – 4 points! – But I won the last game we played, more by luck that tactics I think, but I won!

Bournemouth was really cool, even if it did take me three hours to get there on Friday afternoon, getting lost in the town, and asking directions twice before I got to Adam and Troë’s apartment. (But it only took 2 hours to get home on Sunday night!)

On Saturday we went into town shopping, and Adam got a cool flat cap from H&M. They both then treated me to lunch at Coriander, which was really nice. I had a Chili con Carne Enchilada followed by Strawberry Pavlova, Troë had Spicy Chicken Enchilada followed by Mocha Nachos, and Adam had Chicken wings to start followed by Spicy Chicken Enchilada. All very tasty!

Whilst walking through “The Square” we stopped to watch a street “entertainer” – he was pants. And I mean big pants. He was rude to everyone, his jokes weren’t funny, and his routine, which without the tripe would have been 15 minutes (if that) lasted about 40! He was awful, but still people gave him money at the end! We also watched American Dreamz (yes that’s “dreams with a zee,”) which was really funny, and Lucky number Slevin, which after the first blood splatter was pretty tame, but enjoyable.

Sunday was cool too. We went into town again to get “Slushies” which turned out to be not so good – they weren’t how I remember Slush Puppies to be – Adam certainly was disappointed, but he perked right up after we found him a Comic Book store in Poole. He can start to feel at home now!

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