August 19, 2007

July / August

Well apparently things move at quite a rapid pace up here in Edinburgh, so it’s been a while since I last made a blog entry. (Also I am lazy and on dial up – so everything takes an age to load… roll on broadband if I ever get around to ordering it!)

21st July

Harry Potter! Well I didn’t queue up like some people (TA, Mark from work (he even dressed up like Harry for the occasion!), I just went to Sainsbury’s on Saturday morning to buy a copy. By 2am on Sunday I had read it, having exchanged text messages with many people during the day ascertaining where they were up to! To be honest I didn’t really like it, I wasn’t impressed. I’m not convinced she always had a plan of where the books were going, it seems to me she decided after book three, when all the hype had got going. Anyway, I can see it being highly impressive on the big screen – so roll on films 6 and 7!

29th July

Today I went to see the new Transformer’s movie. I can’t say I have watched much of the cartoon (bit before my time, although I did have a transformers backpack when I was at primary school! I digress…) so can’t really compare it. I really enjoyed the first 2/3 of the movie, I thought it was quite funny in places and generally just pleasing.

I absolutely hated the ending, I thought that they should have killed prime making a gutsier ending. I absolutely hated the “Yay America’s Military” and the ghastly voiceover bit by Prime at the end which just made me want to vomit. Bleugh.

Oh and the whole thing was one big GM advert not to mention the apple laptops dotted all over the place…

5th August

Quite upset today – I shrank my £50 Jaeger jumper in the wash! More noteworthy is that i saw the Simpson’s Movie. Quite good, very funny first half, but overall I think I prefer half-hour chunks of the Simpsons!

7th August

Stupid fast ticket machines!

So I am off to Bangor tomorrow, so though that I would book tickets online and collect them from the fast ticket machines at the station. To save time in the morning (what with the early start!) I decided that I would collect them tonight!

So I book them, note the booking reference and set off on the 25-minute walk to the railway station. I get there, (eventually) find the fast ticket machines, and pop in my credit card and reference number. Nothing – doesn’t recognise my booking reference. I try another machine – nothing. So I reach for my mobile phone to check my booking reference, only I’ve left it on the coffee table in my flat, 25 minutes walk away.

50 minutes later, having walked back to my flat, printed my reference (having had to change the ink cartridges in my printer because they were empty!) I put my credit card into the fast ticket machine – only for the blasted thing to print my tickets automatically, WITHOUT my sodding reference number! God damn it!

Stupid fast ticket machines.

8/9th August

I’m in Bangor for the meeting of CEH Local Health and Safety Advisors. It’s a bit weird – everyone else is a) middle aged (nothing wrong with that in itself), and b) vastly more experienced as they have been doing the job for MANY years. I feel I have a lot of work to do on this when I eventually take over from David.

Anyway – a long train journey (6 hours) sees us arrive in Bangor to see the new CEH building (impressive and eco friendly!) and start the meeting. In the evening we went to Beaumaris where the hotel was and sat and had some drinks in the garden before dinner. 4-course meal paid for by the government – thank you – Melon and Prawns to start, followed by Cream of Chicken and Mushroom Soup, Welsh Beef with Potatoes and Vegetables and a Chocolate Fudge Cake desert. All very tasty. This was followed by coffee before a trip to the pub!

More meeting on the Thursday before another 6-hour train ride home! Wales was brilliant though, the weather was really warm and sunny – we haven’t seen much of that in Scotland, so it was a refreshing change!

July 23, 2007

More Kelowna and Vancouver

Well, on the Saturday was the wedding, so in the morning we all went to the store to buy wedding presents. I got Dusty and Paul a cocktail mixer Ferris wheel. It was a wee bit tacky but there we go!

Everyone gathered at Lani’s before the wedding and having spotted Eddy in jeans, Adam and I quickly changed into slightly more formal, but not quite in a suit clothes for the wedding, leaving Curtis in shorts – he wasn’t happy as Adam had told him he couldn’t wear jeans! The wedding was quite brief, but I got some good photos of everyone and then the reception began. Wine, beer and alco-pops abandon much funny dancing was done by all, but was then followed up by an after party at Lani’s involving tequila. I’ve not had tequila before, but thankfully it was strawberry flavour so it was great! (Although sadly I missed the dramatic return of SaRah at 5am, even though I was asleep in the living room!)


Sunday was a very quiet day, with little sleep in mainly consisted of feeling ill, napping, tidying and driving back to Vancouver! Kathleen and I got on like a house on fire, and the journey back was just hilarious – my sides hurt I laughed so much!

On Monday, Kathleen, Troë and I went for a picnic in Stanley Park where we played Frisbee for a while before meeting Adam downtown. In the evening a group of us got together to introduce me to the delights of baseball. (Adam swears I didn’t have fun playing, but I did!) It was great, I’ll admit there was a lot of giggling with Kathleen at how shocking we were at it, but I had fun, it was a laugh – more to the point I am more than up for playing again next time I’m out there!

John and Kathleen Baseball

On Tuesday Kathleen and I hung out at the mall (by the end of the week I had out-malled her!) while Troë and Adam were at work. In the evening Adam, Kathleen and I went on an excursion to the Museum of Anthropology at UBC.

On Wednesday Adam had the day off work so we went into Vancouver, and as it was “7-11” and the 80th birthday of the 7-11 chain, they were giving away free slurpees – so we went to several and while I felt ill Adam kept going! We also went to some cool comic book stores and booked tickets to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on Thursday evening and mooched about in China Town looking at all the weird things for sale.

On Thursday Kathleen and I went back to the mall and I attempted to make a cake. Oh dear. It wasn’t a huge success, I worked the oven ok, thing is what with their stupid cup measurements (and non self raising flour!) I wasn’t quite sure how much mix I was going to be getting, so I just beat it all together and popped it in a tin. It was a little high bake; so some pruning later we had an octagonal attempt at a black forest gateaux (cake). Oh well. In the evening we went to see Harry Potter with Andrew and Lisa and I thought it was most excellent! Only made me want book 7 more!

On the Friday I went off by myself to North Van on the SeaBus to the Lonsdale quay food market. Not as impressive as Granville Island I must say. I then went back to Gas Town, through China town and then up and over Granville bridge to meet Adam when he got off work, a quick trip to get a Green Lantern belt buckle later we went back to the apartment and Erik, Kevin and Kim came over for drinks.


Saturday was a sad day (what with me leaving, I was sad anyway, can’t comment on others really!) and at Kathleen’s insistence we went to the New Westminster food market. Oh dear. It was rubbish! So we walked back to the apartment, had hot dogs for lunch, played ticket to ride and then we all got the bus to the airport, as it was time for me to leave.

July 22, 2007

Vancouver, Vashon & Kelowna

Well, having blogged about my terrible transport experience, I thought it was about itme to start filling you in on the holiday proper!

So I arrived on Sunday evening at the airport, quickly clearing customs to be met by Troë (who flung herself at me), Adam, Kim and Kevin. Kim and Kevin had kindly agreed to pick me up from the airport as I was supposed to have “THE BAG” with me. Oh well. We then went back to Adam and Troë’s apartment in New Westminster, where we played ‘Ticket to Ride Europe’ and went out to watch some fireworks for Canada Day that never came.

Ticket to Ride Europe

On the Monday Troë and I went into Vancouver itself, we saw Adam at work before heading off round about, to Granville Island which has an amazing food market where we shared an Indian meal for lunch. We poked around in some stores, before heading downtown past several comic book stores, along to the waterfront and then into Gas Town. Gas town is the ‘Victorian’ quarter of the city in the sense that it has been restored as the oldest part of Vancouver.

John and Troë in Gas Town

On the Tuesday Dick arrived from Kelowna on the bus and Troë picked up the hire car for the drive down to Seattle. We played ticket to ride a few times and generally hung out at the apartment all day.

Wednesday was an “early” start to head down to Seattle and Vashon Island. The drive took a good few hours (with a trip into US Border Control, where I had my photo taken and my index finger prints for terrorism checks) and we stopped to get food before we got onto the ferry to the island. The view from the ferry was amazing with mountains in the background over shadowing these forest-covered islands. It being the Fourth of July we went to a party with all of Troë’s family and others and had a great time. Even if the bench did collapse with us all on it! Lol. The fireworks were spectacular with many people letting them off from their own gardens and piers from late afternoon with a culmination in the massive organised display from a barge in the harbour. It was fantastic.

For the rest of the stay on Vashon we played a lot of Ticket to Ride Europe, as well as a few other games, but we also went to see Shakespeare in the park and a marvellous performance of Twelfth Night. It was superbly done and very funny. Some of the audience however were a little, shall we say, odd? Never mind. The next day we went to see the house that Wendy and Dave are building as well as going to see Dave’s workshop and music space.


Then we started the ‘long drive.’ We drove back to Vancouver and met Adam at a skytrain station to speed up our journey – of which there was another 4.5 hours to Kelowna. I didn’t envy it, and Troë certainly wasn’t happy about it that’s for sure. For me the drive was awesome though, mountains and forests and all sorts, brilliant. We got into Kelowna quite late and spent an hour with Lani before heading over to Adam’s parent’s house for the night. I really liked Adam’s parents, they’re so laid back and cool – and more importantly Roanne introduced me to ‘Eggo’s’ – they’re waffles and they’re good!

July 16, 2007

Urgh – Travelling with Easyjet / FlyGlobespan

Yay. I have just returned from sunny Vancouver, where I had a most excellent time with Adam and Troë, needless to say I was very sad to leave and can’t wait to go back. Having looked forward to seeing them again since they left the UK in May, I have to say I now feel somewhat upset by the fact that I don’t know when I shall see them again.

The holiday may have been excellent; the travelling however was a nightmare.

Firstly on the Saturday was the Glasgow Airport terrorism incident, meaning that I was up extra early on the Sunday to check the long stay car parks were still open, then driving to the airport, possibly being caught on speed camera, then getting to check in with only minutes to spare. I checked Adam and Troë’s bag in, and took my luggage as hand baggage. The flight to Gatwick was then delayed by 30 minutes because the baggage wasn’t on board. Funny then that when I get to Gatwick the bag in nowhere to be seen! It turns out that about 40 people on the flight had missing luggage left at Edinburgh. Some form filling later, I was checked into my flyGlobespan flight to Canada – also delayed by 2 hours. Eventually I landed at Vancouver airport, 2 hours late – to be met by Adam, Troë, Kim and Kevin.

The flights back were also annoying, my flight from Canada – delayed by two hours. We then had to abort landing at Gatwick only a few hundred metres from the ground because air traffic control miscalculated the speed of the aircraft taking off in front of us. Eventually we were on the ground and having only had hand baggage I got a sandwich to wait for check in to open for my Edinburgh flight – which was delayed by an hour! They also told us the wrong gate at the wrong time causing chaos with people flying to Stockholm! Oh well – I got home and more importantly to the long-term parking with 10 minutes to spare – phew. Now all I have to do is adjust to British Summer Time and go back to work!

I certainly can’t recommend flyGlobespan for their punctuality – the flights weren’t that bad however and certainly cheap. The biggest problem has been with the missing bag – which should be delivered to Vancouver – only it’s somewhere in the ether for the time being…

June 14, 2007

I get my own wellies… …eventually…

To be honest, I am quite glad to be back at work. It has been a really odd few months what with the car accident, working at Teignbridge District Council in the planning office (they’re really pants, so good luck with your planning proposals!), Adam and Troë leaving and then spending the rest of May doing not much. So, I’m back with my nose to the grindstone – or at least, that’s what I want you to think!

I started at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology last Monday, I woke up on Monday morning feeling fine, but I was a little more nervous by the time I set off in my little car. I arrived on time (always a good start / impression) and was introduced (again) to Neil who is my supervisor. (He was one of the people who interviewed me.) Neil then talked me through my role before introducing me to David, who is a) my ‘buddy’ and b) the person I am replacing. He gets the arduous job of teaching me the ins and outs of the mercury analysis programme and more than likely getting me sorted with my health and safety qualification. (That’s the most exciting bit I think – I like getting qualifications, just not PhD’s apparently…)

The first day went fast and on Tuesday and Wednesday David and I went to Auchencorth Moss, which is a very large peat bog just south of Penicuik where we have a remote research station. It’s about a 30 minute walk over the bog from the road – so wellies are required – hopefully I’ll get to order my very own pair soon (a rain coat would be good too!) On the Thursday and Friday, David gave me some reading to do as well as showing me more of the building, introducing me to more people (names? je ne sais pas!) and giving me my health and safety induction. I’ll be giving those to new starters sometime soon – best polish my public speaking skills before long.

The weekend was really good, got myself to Lidl and Sainsbury’s for food, before mooching to Prince’s street to get more bits and pieces for the flat, (frying pan, waste paper basket, pizza tray, telephone extension cable etc etc.) as well as checking out some of the shops on Easter road, right next to where I live. On Sunday I went back to Prince’s street and bought the Fray album – very good, and listened to that while I cooked myself a roast dinner in the evening, watched some telly and read some of my book. (Tom Clancy, The Bear and the Dragon – attempt number 4.)

This week has been much different. David has been away Tuesday through Thursday so I haven’t had much to do at all. Monday he was very busy so I got on with some reading for most of the day, but also finished packing up the sample tubes to send out and put them in the post. Tuesday through to today I have been reading STILL! I’ve read the manuals for the Mercury Analyser several times now. Neil has also been away a lot, so I haven’t been able to ask him for anything else to do. When I did mention in passing my reading was running out he tried to show me a computer programme, only for the network link to be down – so that went nowhere! Oh well. Roll on next week where I should be uber busy!

June 13, 2007

I'm up North (in another country!)

Well I am here – and after much hassle, I have the internet, hurrah. It is only dial up, but it’s better than nout, it’s cheap and I can do what I need to do (now that Heroes has finished!)

Anyway – Mum and I travelled up on the Thursday and we made it to Carlisle before we stopped at ‘The Golden Fleece’ for the night. We then made our way along Hadrian’s wall (Mum had never seen it!) before zipping off at 90 degrees up to Edinburgh. We made straight for my new flat just to see where it was (so we could locate it later,) before we parked up, got some lunch and sat in Waverley Park to eat it.

We then made our way to look and see where I would be working, then headed into Penicuik (penny-cook) to see what that was like – it’s a shit hole, so I won’t be going there again if I can help it! I certianly won’t be living there! It was then time to meet Stephanie and get the keys to my new pad!


You have to be thin to use the bathroom!

Anyway, Mum and I heaved all of my stuff into the flat before setting off to Sainsbury’s for food (I had located the nearest branch on the internet before I left home – have the essentials in place, that’s what i say…)

On Saturday we went to IKEA, and explored the local area, and on Sunday we went to Prince’s Street to buy some more bits and pieces. I went for my first day at work on Monday, and everyone was really friendly but there are a hell of a lot of names to learn! I think I’ll enjoy the job when I get down to it properly.

Mum flew home on Wednesday evening, after we eventually got some dinner cooked and got to the airport. I was a bit sad but now I’m all fine – and I have a trip to Canada in 17 days (as Troë just told me) and TA will hopefully visit in August, as will Hev and Chris – woo!

May 30, 2007

And I'm off…

Well, the last week has all been a bit of a blur really – quite surreal, with a lot of organising. See – I’m moving to Edinburgh – tomorrow!

Last Thursday I gave blood (just so you know,) and I spent the weekend reading Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy – very good – go read them!

Then on Monday things became ever clearer – on Thursday, you’re moving to Edinburgh – so I started to pack. Now normally this is a task I can excel at. I’m uber efficient, make a list, check, double check, spatial awareness – right I’m done. Only not so…

...On Monday I pulled a few bits and pieces out, all the obvuous things; CD’s, Books, Bedding, Duvet, Towels etc and put them on my bedroom floor. On Tuesday I pulled a few more things out, piled them up, stared at them, moved them from one pile to another and stood back in despair – it was 4.30pm and I had achieved nothing.

So today – having been shopping to get some last minute bits and pieces – I started in earnest. I packed a couple of crates, gathered all the clothes I have and methodically went through them for packing, found my universirty kitchen equipment and sorted that and then I enlisted Mum and Maurice to pack it all into the car. Wonderful – it’s all in there now, with a little extra space (that I’m NOT filling,) bar a few things such as laptop, router, toothbrush etc. So, I am all set. EEEEEEEEEEEK!!

Did I mention, I’m moving to Edinburgh tomorrow?

This evening I met TA at the Waterfront Pizza place in Exeter for a last hurrah! We we’re both late, but that wasn’t a problem, we still managed to get in, bums on seats and order before the part of 16, so we didn’t wait long for the food! We ate till we felt ill (and then ate some more,) before we went back to TA’s to watch the Last King of Scotland and browse the t’interweb. I left around 10, and TA saw me off the premises, although she didn’t wave me off so as to reduce tearage!

Oh well – Scotland here I come…!

May 22, 2007

May – Diary Stylee

9th May

Went to the Cinema with TA to see Spiderman 3 today, it was very very good and I was able to watch Spiderman 2 that very afternoon (as Adam had suggested) so that I wasn’t behind on the ins and outs of the trilogy!

11th May

TA came round for dinner and DVD’s tonight. She’s getting a cold so I am glad that I cooked something relatively spicy. I took it upon myself to make Tacos, very tasty. We then watched Casino Royale – and most importantly I didn’t fall asleep – TA did though! Lol.

15th May

Today I picked up my new car from the garage, I say new by which I mean new to me. It is a red Fiat Punto (not my first choice, that being something French, but not a Citröen), which suits my needs, as when it gets to Edinburgh, in all likelihood that’s where it’ll stay!

18th – 20th May

Ah, the farewell weekend at Clare and Dave’s in Salisbury! TA drove up on Friday evening and we got there just before Clare arrived back from work. We went to Waitrose (my first Waitrose Visit – I still need to visit a Morrisons to complete my supermarket set…) to buy some pizza and things before having dinner, and chatting and whatnot.

Salisbury Cathedral

On Saturday we rose late and went into town for breakfast – read chocolate goodness at a fantastic chocolatier! We then went to the Cathedral where we took lots of photos, then into town for a bit, then to blockbuster video and back to the flat. We watched History Boys and ate snacks, before heading back to Waitrose for supplies to make dinner. Vodka + Cranium = Funny, especially when TA spat all over Dave!!! Poor Dave.

On Sunday we went to Burger King for lunch and sat on the green to eat and then we watched / slept through Sideways (the film). TA and I weren’t impressed by it, but to be honest I was asleep for most so can’t really form a valid opinion!

Oh, and only 12 days until I start at CEH Edinburgh, and 39 until I go to Canada!

May 05, 2007

Farewell to the Colliers…

On Wednesday we said goodbye to Adam and Troë, having been through an almost 6 hour packing debacle the day before, they eventually fitted as much as they could into every orifice they had, and had weighed all of their baggage to make sure they it wasn’t over the 32Kg limit for any one piece, and that they were dead on the 90Kg limit that they were allocated / bought as extra. Adam looked really very hankered at the end of it and Troë had to leave her beloved broom behind.

On Wednesday morning Mum and I took them over to Exeter bus station to catch their bus to London, where they went to see ‘Wicked” at the theatre in the evening, before heading to Gatwick the next morning. Their flight was due to take off at 14:40 – I called them to say my final goodbye at about 12:30 to find out that their plane had been delayed by five hours!!! I kept a watchful eye on their flight status, and they eventually took off at 21:32, a mere 7 hours late!

Fistral Beach Three

I am really going to miss them both. I’ve enjoyed all the time I’ve spent with them both in Bournemouth and in Devon and it will be odd not to see them so frequently. For the last fortnight thought, it was like having a brother and sister, and we had a great time watching films, playing cards, chatting and playing cricket in the garden – not to mention the lawn boules, swing ball and water fight! I was really sad to see them go (I managed to hold back the tears, just), but I have plans that are in place for a visit to them in July – hurrah.

May 04, 2007

It's been a while… …but then again, April was a funny month

I know that I haven’t blogged for a while and that no doubt you will have missed my dubious ramblings, but things have gotten away from me of late.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then let’s begin…

31st March

On the 31st March, I set off at about 9.30 to go to Bournemouth to pick up Adam and Troë, as they were moving out of their flat in preparation for their travels around Europe and then going back to Canada. I arrived about 2 hours later, in mum’s yellow beast of a car and we all set about loading it up, and finishing the cleaning of the apartment before we set of back to Devon. It was a very tight squeeze, but with the boot full to bursting, 2/3 of the back seat full and a vacuum cleaner between Adam’s legs, we set off back to Devon, having decided to forgo lunch.

Yellow Car

That may have been a mistake. Just before Bridport, at the Askerswell junction on the A35, the road turns from single to dual carriageway on the climb up a hill. It was at this point that the car accident happened. I wont do the ins and outs but a man in a red car lost control and smashed into us, pushing us into the barrier and writing off the car. No more little yellow car. Mum had to borrow a car to come and pick the three of us and all of Adam and Troë’s stuff up from the middle of Dorset. It was really very surreal, but also really very scary.

3rd April

Today I started the new job.

4th April

Adam and Troë left for their grand tour of Europe by train, and I went to see Amazing Grace at the cinema with TA.

6-8th April – Easter and Hev

Today Hev arrived by train from North Devon to stay for a couple of days, for our long planned visit to Paignton Zoo! On the evening of Good Friday TA set up an Easter egg hunt at her house. Her grandma hid eggs all around the garden for us to search and find. The last few proved a little tricky, but we got them all eventually!

We were up relatively early and upon TA’s arrival, we set off for the zoo – getting there just in time for opening. We took part in the Easter egg hunt trail, but alas no one won the giant tortoise encounter – much disappointment for Hev I feel! We saw elephants, the giraffe, Kangaroos and most importantly – the baby Rhino!


When we got back from the zoo – I found that I had been invited to interview for the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, so a quick flight booking later, and I was all set for that! That evening we watched a bit of telly (Doctor Who) and stuff, whilst on Sunday morning I took Hev to Newton Abbot railway station to catch a train to London. It was brilliant to see Hev again and catch up – and I had a fantastic time at the zoo! We’ll have to go to Living Coasts soon to visit all the sea creatures!

10th April

Today I went up to Chelmsford in Essex for an assessment centre with the British Nuclear Group. I arrived a couple of hours earlier than I needed to, but it gave me a chance to relax a little before meeting the other candidates for the prep talk. After the talk the group had a meal together, providing opportunity to question the interviewers about the graduate programme and the jobs in the industry.

On day two, we started just after 8am, with an interview and presentation, followed by a simulated business exercise, verbal reasoning test, small group discussion, role play, numerical reasoning tests and then a large group exercise. It all seemed fairly standard stuff, but I left thinking that I had done fairly well – being one of the oldest candidates, and having left university and been to assessment centres, I felt pretty confident that I had an advantage – but I didn’t, as they didn’t want me.

17th April

Today is the Edinburgh interview day.

I was up at 5am to get ready, and was at the airport for 06:15 for my flight at 7am – arriving into Edinburgh airport at around 08:30. I hung around until 09:15, and then caught a taxi to CEH at Penicuik just south of Edinburgh.

The interview was in front of a panel of 3 interviewers, but began with my prepared presentation. I was indifferent about getting the job, which made me really very calm about the whole situation, which was good. The presentation went well, followed by some questions to assess my knowledge about mercury, and about Health and Safety (both of which I know relatively little about and essentially said as much,) before having a tour of the facility.

Scottish Parliament

I then left at about 11:30, getting into the city centre just after 12:00. I wandered about, and having been to Edinburgh back in October with Adam, Troë and Pete knew my way quite well. (I’d printed a tourist map just in case anyway!) I got some sandwiches for lunch and then wandered down to Holyrood palace and the Scottish Parliament (blimey it’s ugly!), then wandered over to the shops, and round about killing time. I went back to the airport at 17:30, had dinner in Wetherspoons and got my flight home at 20:30. Quite a late day all in all, but a good one none the less!

18th April

Today TA and I went to see “Days of Glory” at the cinema. It was a film about the French recruitment of Algerians to fight for them during the Second World War, interesting, but way too long to hold my attention successfully. Oh well.

20th April – 29th April

Yay – Adam and Troë are back (although earlier than expected tis true!). I’m so glad that I wasn’t at home when they arrived – they hadn’t showered for a very long time! So it’s back to games and films and very random conversations with Adam, which slightly annoys Troë.

On another note – I’ve been offered the job in Edinburgh with CEH, and have decided to accept it!

On Tuesday the 24th April, we went to Bristol – me for an interview with Solomon Hare (the accountants), and Adam and Troë for a day out. My interview went really well, and I met up with the guys in Bristol city centre, where we had a pizza buffet lunch before heading off to see the Clifton suspension bridge and the SS Great Britain before heading back to Devon. I didn’t get the job, oh well.

On Friday the 27th April I quit my temping role at the planning office – yay – I absolutely hated it, and with Adam and Troë at home I just wanted to have time to spend with them before they buggered off back to Canada. I’ll not miss the role at all – the money, sorry pittance, yes, the role – no.

On Sunday the 29th April TA took us all down to Newquay for the day, which was excellent. We arrived and parked, then walked down to the beach, played a bit of Frisbee, sank in the sand some before heading off along the coastal path and into the town to get some food. We ended up in Walkabout, which was really nice; the food was cheap but tasty too. We headed back to the beach (having purchased a bucket and spade) to make sandcastles (the boys), whilst Troë and TA collected shells and took photos. A lovely day was had by all!


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